Friday, January 20, 2012

Share the Fun Friday: New Country Music Artist!

Today's "Share the Fun" post is going to be a little different than usual.
But first .... I hope you've been enjoying the giveaways this week!
You still have a couple of days to enter to win - just click on the links below:
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(There's also one more adorable giveaway coming this weekend, so be sure to check back for that.)  

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And NOW .... I have a SPECIAL TREAT for you.
I want to introduce you to a fabulous young lady --- and an up-and-coming country music star!

Click on the link below to learn a little bit about my niece, Tiffany ....

Tiffany is a sweetheart ... and she has worked so hard for this!

She recently returned from Nashville, where she recorded several songs for her album .... and today, her new single "Tonight" is being released on iTunes!
(It's the song playing in the background in the above video.)

Tonight is already being played on our two major country music radio stations here (out of Portland, OR), and has been very well-received and highly-requested!

So excited for her!

Would you all do me (and sweet little Tiffany) a HUGE favor???
Click HERE to visit her artist fan page and LIKE it (and leave her some comment love, too!)  And if you like the song, feel free to jump over to iTunes to purchase it ($0.99)!

Click HERE for the direct link to this single on iTunes!

I'm a HUGE country music fan ..... and I'm telling you, whether Tiffany was my niece or not, I'd be buying this single!
(I already did.)
Thanks, friends!
Happy Friday!


  1. Rebecca,
    Your such an incredible person!! Not only inside & out.. but also SO talented!! This is such an incredible blog & I just love it!! I'll be posting this to my FB page! :) Thank you SO much for your love & support! <3 <3 <3

  2. Beautiful girl with a beautiful voice. No wonder you're so proud.

  3. How exciting! Your niece sounds fabulous and is beautiful to boot! I'm sure she will do amazing!!

  4. I just asked The Highway on Sirius xm to play her song! I love her voice.


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