Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday Lovin' ... Fashion Essentials

In light of my 2012 goal of LIVING SIMPLY ..... and the fact that I LOVE to shop (especially at Nordstrom -- or Anthropologie if I'm really lucky!) .... I'm finding myself stuck with some inner turmoil.
I warned you a few days ago that living with LESS in my closet (and being happy about it!) was NOT going to be easy for me!


I've decided a good first step is to focus on my fashion "essentials" -- the must-haves .... the basics .... items that won't go out of style and will work for more than one season ..... and also, items that might be a little bit of a splurge -- a splurge that's worth it in the long run, in my opinion!

If I have these "essential" things .... I have little need for much else. (Notice I said need there -- 'cause want is a whole other story .... but that's what I'm here to work on!)
The LOVIN' that I'm spreading today is a list of some of MY "essential" fashion favorites -- things that are in my closet -- Bec-tested and approved.  (... and not-shockingly, from Nordstrom:)~

If you know me in real life, you will not be one bit surprised that I'm starting my list with these boots!
I have several pairs of boots -- and I should clarify, "fashion" boots.  My REAL boots (i.e. cowboy boots, muck boots, riding boots, etc. are a whole other category!:) ... and these are my favorite ("fashion boots") by a long shot!  LOVE everything about them.  
Boots, in general, are expensive .... but compared to others of similar style and quality, I think these are a steal at $149.95!  
I've been wearing these boots several days a week since September ... and I plan to continue wearing them -- probably until they're worn out!  (And considering I live in cold, rainy, dreary Oregon - I will be able to wear them until at least June! haha!:)~

A good pair (or two!) of skinny jeans .... (to go under THE BOOTS!)
Yes, I fought the skinny jean revolution for quite while.  
So glad I got over it.
And I'm including them in this list because it's not a "trend" I see going away any time soon (at least I hope not!)
I have (and love) these two styles:

BOTH of these pairs of jeans are under $100 (at Nordstrom!).
(and no, my legs don't look anything like that in either pair - haha!)

The other pair of pants I wouldn't want to be without is a good pair of cords.
I love this pair ....
They fit perfectly .... and are LONG enough for my legs!  Hallelujah!

Next up .... good items for layering.  
Essentials for ALL seasons.  
I LOVE this tank .... 
I think it is my favorite tank EVER.
It is SO LONG.  
aka: SO PERFECT for ME!
It is available in a variety of colors, too!

Next up,  my favorite tee...
OK, I don't actually have that particular tee -- the striped versions are NEW!
But I do have a couple of solid-colored shirts, and they are the BEST.
Once again ... LONG.  (are you sensing a theme here!?)
And lots of colors, including several (new) striped options!

And now for a sweater I'm totally lovin' this year....
This sweater is SO soft.  
I love 3/4 sleeves on anything.  
And the sweater is light enough for Fall, heavy enough to layer in Winter.  
Totally gets my favorite sweater of the year award!  
(Oh, and it's available in several colors, too!)

A dress.  
A dress that's appropriate for almost-anything.
I LOVE this dress.  
I wore this to a holiday party with big, flashy jewelry.  
I wore this to church without big, flashy jewelry. 
And I will wear it many more times, without a doubt.  
It is so comfortable and figure-flattering ... and just the right length.
Everyone needs a little black dress, right..?
Well .... this is my "essential" little black dress.
And at just a smidge over $100 ... this was a super-sweet find!

Finally, a handbag.
Ugh.  Perhaps my biggest weakness.
My new handbag (a Christmas gift) is a splurge, but I love it so much I could kiss it.

If you are my real-life friend, 
I promise I will refrain from kissing my handbag when I'm with you.  

At least if we're in public.  
Do you know Kate Spade?  
Me?  I've been admiring her from afar for a good many years now.  
So glad we are finally getting better acquainted. 
I think we're going to be very good friends.  :-)
This bag is a lot more formal than what I usually prefer .... but it actually looks surprisingly cute - and right at home - with jeans.  
And I just decided the Chanel-esque quality of this bag (at a fraction of the Chanel-esque price!) would be the perfect, timeless black handbag.
Totally not regretting spending my Nordie's gift card on this beauty. 

OK, we've made it to the end of my list.  
I must admit, I feel a little contradictory talking about "Living Simply" and Kate Spade handbags at the same time.  

But, the truth is .... or shall I say, MY truth is .... I don't have to sacrifice nice things (especially a few nice things) to live simply.  
Nice things and living simply?  Not mutually exclusive.  
I'm a firm believer in quality over quantity. 
My challenge is to spend less this year -- not because I sacrificed quality -- but because I sacrificed the quantity.  

Now, someone take away my debit card before I'm tempted to use it again!  

(Just kidding!)

Kind of.  

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  1. Love it all, especially with you on Anthrologie. We're finally getting one in my town this year. I'm so excited but I dont think my wallet (or my hubby for that matter) is too excited about it.

  2. I think that quality outweighs quantity every time......saying that I won't pay full price for anything so i am constantly searching for those things I want at the best price. Hubby gave my my favorite coach handbag several years ago and I love it but I also love those little Kate Spade's colorful bags. I love the boots and if you rub them with saddle soap it will make them soft and waterproof and last for years.

  3. You've always had great style...and those boots♥♥♥♥

    Wishing you and your family much happiness in the new year and hope we can see more of each other!!


  4. That black dress looks a lot like shabby apples forbidden city dress...which rings in around $80 if im not mistaken. Love this post!

  5. I must say, Cuz, that I may have seen you sneak a smooch with the Spade at dinner on New Year's...don't worry, I won't tell! :-)


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