Tuesday, February 21, 2012

{knock-knock} ...Housekeeping!

I'm back!

You didn't even notice I was gone, did you....?

I was on a little getaway for the extended weekend with my sweet family. :-)
We went over the mountain .....
(took this photo with my iPhone out the front windshield .... Scott was driving!) the central part of our beautiful state (Oregon, if you didn't already know that!).
It is so gorgeous over there.  In a very different way than the Valley, where we live -- which is full of GREEN grass,  GREEN trees .... and RAIN.
Central Oregon is sage brush and juniper.  And dry.  (Except for snow .... which it did several times while we were there!)
(My favorite photo snapped over the weekend....)

I LOVE Central Oregon.
I want to move there someday.....
But for now, luckily it's only a few hours away -- and we get over there at least a couple of times a year to visit!

Ironically, there were over 100 families from OUR town, staying at the same resort we were staying at!?
(There were several basketball tournaments going on over there, and apparently, we have a LOT of basketball players here!:)~

Because of this, Lucy had some of her favorite "big girls" to play with in the pool!

(Thanks for the fun, Ally and Chelsie!)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch ..........

I've been meaning to bring up a few "housekeeping" items around here lately.
Partly because of the whole "STOP THE WORLD!  Google Friend Connect is going away!" issue ....
And partly because I know there are a lot of my family members and friends who read the blog that may or may not be aware of the variety of ways that you can "follow" along here!

I have some cute new social media buttons ....... did you notice!? :-)
(They're in the upper right of my sidebar, just in case you don't know what I'm talking about!)

One of them looks like this:

This is my facebook button.  If you click on it - or if you click HERE - it will take you to the Little Lucy Lu facebook page.  
(Yes, family .... this is different than my personal facebook page!)  
When you get to the page, you have to click "Like" at the top in order to see the posts on my wall.  I post there almost every time I have a new blog post, with a link directly to my blog.  So this way, you don't have to go to my blog every day to see if there's something new -- you can just be notified via facebook!  (I also post "Lucy-isms" frequently .... all the funny/sweet/cute things she says!)

Here's another option:

If you are a twitterer (tweeter?), then feel free to click my twitter button - or HERE - and follow me there!  I'm not a super great tweeter yet, but I'm working on improving my twitter skills!

And the newest social media option:

Google+.  I am still pretty new at the whole Google+ thing .... not gonna lie, don't totally "get it" yet.  But I am there -- so if you want to click that button - or HERE - and add me to your circles, I'd be honored!

And finally, my favorite:

PINTEREST!!!  Who doesn't LOVE Pinterest.  Seriously.  Anyone...?
I spend a large amount of time over on my Pinterest boards (probably a little too much time!) .... and if you click my Pinterest button - or HERE - you can check out all of my pins, too!

(P.S.  If you are still not a part of the Pinterest world and you need an invitation - just leave me a comment - or send me an email - with your email address and I'll send you one right away!:-)

There are several other social media buttons up there, too .... check them out!

And the NEWEST way to follow along with Little Lucy Lu is Linky Followers.
From what I have read and experienced so far, Linky Followers is AWESOME.
SOOOOOOOO many more options than the "old" way.
My Linky Followers is over in the sidebar, right under the "other" followers .... just click "Follow Me" there!
(I think right now I have 12 ..... count them ..... TWELVE whole followers.  I need help!)

I hope I haven't bored you out of your minds today ..... and I hope to GAIN some of your support in some other places today!
But even if I don't ..... I've said it before, but I'll say it again .....  I truly, TRULY appreciate your support here - regardless of how you choose to follow along (whether "officially" or not!).
Mmmmmwaa!  (That was a great big smooch!:-)
Love ya, friends!


  1. We used to have our family reunions in Bend and I have lots of fond memories from there. Glad you had a nice trip! Following you now on Linky too!

  2. I hope you don't mind but I tagged you in a little question and answer game. Please don't feel like you have to do it, but I thought it was kinda fun. :-)

    Oh and I followed you through Linky Followers!

  3. Looks like a great time!
    I'm following now via linky instead of GFC.

  4. I grew up in the Willamette Valley, so I am familiar with your trips to the east side. We spent many weekends in eastern Oregon, especially Bend area. Once me and my siblings grew up, my parents moved over that way. They don't live there anymore. All of Oregon is beautiful.
    I am sad to see Google Friends Connect going away, and still trying to become familiar with Linky. It's all new to me, but I am now following you that way.

  5. hey Rebecca! I'm curious about pinterest... send me an invite!

  6. hey Rebecca! I'm curious about pinterest... send me an invite!


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