Monday, February 6, 2012

Little Bit of Life: 25 Favorites

If you've wandered around my blog much, you know I have a list of "a few of my favorite things" (above, under the header).   And okay, okay .... it's more than a "few" -- but it paints a pretty good picture of what Bec is all about.

My list of favorites today is a little more generic (but hopefully fun and informative, nonetheless!).

Let's see how much we have in common ....

1. Favorite season:
2. Favorite soda:
3. Favorite candy:
     Junior Mints
4. Favorite animal:
     Horse (duh!)
(the view from atop my horse yesterday!)
5. Favorite movie:
     Hope Floats
6. Favorite band:
     Hmmm.  Right now, probably Lady Antebellum.  
7. Favorite breakfast:
     Dutch Babies
8. Favorite TV show:
     Project Runway
9. Favorite vacation spot:
     Disneyland, of course!!!
(I took this picture when I was there two months ago... I love how the fireworks make a Mickey silhouette!)
10. Favorite veggie:
11. Favorite sport:
12. Favorite restaurant:
     My very favorites are local restaurants that most of you wouldn't 
     know, but for my favorite chain restaurant, I've gotta go with      
     good ol' Red Robin {YUM!}
13. Favorite flower:
14. Favorite Disney movie:
     The Little Mermaid (and this was the hardest question for me to 
15. Favorite joke:
     How did the gum get across the road?
     On the chicken's foot! 
      (my nephew, Austin, told me that joke when he was about 4 
     years old (I think he's 13 now!?)... and to this day, it is the only 
     joke I can remember.  
16. Favorite comfort food:
17. Favorite cereal:
     Lucky Charms (no, I don't eat it on a regular basis!)
18. Favorite footwear:
     Boots (no shocker there!)
{by Frye}
19. Favorite makeup:
    Bare Minerals foundation
20. Favorite iPhone app:
     Pinterest .... I can pin on the go! :)~
21. Favorite game:
22. Favorite cartoon:
     Classic Looney Tunes 
23. Favorite talk show:
     The View 
24. Favorite fast food:
25. Favorite thing in the whole wide world:
     This girl. :-)  I love you, Lucy!


  1. what a beautiful little girl on the last picture! adorable!

  2. I love these kinds of posts!!! Keep those coming! See, you should have a Favorite Things Link Party! I will help you spread the word too.....could be lots of fun.....;)

  3. Oh Lucy is just adorable....and LOVE that sweet headband she has on!! Did you make that???

  4. Ummm yeah. I totally eat a bowl of Lucky Charms every morning. I started doing it when I had my daughter and was so hungry from nursing her, and now that nursing-hunger is all but gone and yet I can't kick the habit!

  5. Hi, Bec

    How neat to learn more about you. My little girl told me Lucy is so sweet. Love the picture of her. Have a great week.


  6. Oohhh. My favorite cereal is Cap'n crunch or Cocoa Pebbles. I can't choose. I buy 'sugar cereal' for myself and make my kiddos eat healthy stuff. Mean, huh?

    I want to know your favorite local restaurant. Mine is Silver Grille. Hands down the tastiest food in my opinion, of course!

  7. Oh how much I LOVE these kinds of posts!! Of course Lucy is the VERY cutest like always! ;) She's growing so big and her hair is so long! I would LOVE to play taboo with you playing games actually! Have you ever played Dutch Blitz?

  8. AHHH! I love Lucy too! What a darling picture of your little girl! ....dont hate me but what in the WORLD are Dutch Babies?!?

  9. Ha, I could have told you most of those ;-) I love that little girl so very much too. I love the picture!!! I wondered if she ever wore the headband that grandma made her. It looks just as cute as I thought it would!!!!


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