Monday, February 13, 2012

Little Bit of Life: Ballerina Girl

Lucy had her very first dance class last week.  
It was the most adorable, hilarious, entertaining ... and chaotic 30 minutes I've witnessed in a long time.
My cheeks have never hurt so much from smiling, but I cannot WAIT to go back next week!
If she is HALF as excited about dance class as I am, then she's going to be a lifelong ballerina!  HA!
And no, I will NOT become one of those "dance moms".  No, thank you!

We got Lucy her new dance clothes a few days before class, and she couldn't wait to get home and try them on.
Getting them OFF of her proved to be much more difficult than getting them ON her.
She danced and pranced and spun and tiptoed around the house for hours in her "guitard" (that's leotard for most of us) for hours!  I'm pretty sure she would wear her guitard and tights all day, every day - if I'd let her.
(Hey, it'd beat wearing her pajamas in public like she does when Daddy's in charge ... did you read about their "date" on my Facebook page this weekend?  Good grief, Daddy!)

Anyway.  When Thursday afternoon had finally rolled around, she was literally squealing with excitement.

We arrived at the dance studio, met "Miss Marta" (her teacher), and then headed to the potty shop (as we call it) so we didn't have any (ahem) "accidents" during class!  (Hey, we all know a little too much excitement can be a challenge where the potty is concerned!)

We got to the bathroom, and the first thing out of Lucy's mouth:
"OH, NO!  My teacher doesn't have a potty seat!"

You'd have thought the world was ending.  That was how serious she was about this.

There's not a potty seat at the mall -- or the restaurants we go to -- or church -- Nana's house -- or anywhere else we go, for that matter ...... so I'm not exactly sure why she was so shocked that her dance class didn't have a potty seat, but anyway.  We got over it.  Thank goodness.

It was smooth sailing from there.

I had no idea what to expect from a ballet class for three-year-olds.
So just in case you're wondering what one does with a class of pint-sized ballerinas, I can now tell (and kind of) show you!
(I didn't have a zoom lens with me ... and I couldn't get very close! .... it was bad enough that I was the crazy-looking Mama sitting on the edge of the dance floor taking pictures like a mad woman through my tears --- caused both by my hysterical laughter and the disbelief that I was watching my baby at her very first dance class!)  

But enough about my out-of-control emotions.

In dance class for three-year-olds.......
you learn to curtsy 

and you learn to say "how do you do" (because "that's what ballerina's say!")

and you shake your tail feathers

and you tiptoe like little mice

and you stomp like elephants

and you listen to directions

and you wait your turn
(this was the hardest part)

 and you choose your favorite magic want

and you dance around, waving said magic wand (hopefully without poking out any eyes in the process)

and you choose your favorite teddy bear

and you walk around with the teddy bear on your head!
 I think this was my favorite part .... 
Who the heck knew walking around, balancing a bear on your head could be so much fun!?  
And who taught my munchkin how to do that before we ever got there...?  
Because she had absolutely no problem with it .... I was quite surprised by that!

And then you learn to sing the goodbye song in first position 
(okay, so we need to work on first position!)
 and you give a group hug!  
Feeling very blessed to have found such a perfect little class (and teacher!) for Lucy's first dance experience.

I'm already counting down the days 'til her next class.  

And I'll try not to flood you with dance class pictures every week ... but it might be hard not to! :)~
Just so sweet!


  1. I can't even handle how precious those pics are! I remember sitting in my daughter's first dance classes and I could NOT get enough. Like you said, both hilarious and precious.


  2. This is so sweet. What a great dance class. My granddaughter started dance class last year when she was 3, also, but her class was much bigger and much more chaotic. I'm glad you found such a great start for her. (If you cried at class, just wait until her recital.)

  3. This is the cutest thing ever. I get a little twinge of daughter envy! My son, 5, will be starting karate so maybe that will alleviate some of this mama's tutu envy. Keep the great photos coming and enjoy ballet!

  4. I don't think I've ever been so sad that I don't have a daughter... this is adorable!

  5. What darling photos! My daughter adored her dance class so much that her big brother joined in too.

  6. Oh my goodness, so darn cute! Thanks for sharing the dance pictures!

  7. O.K. so this post brought back some sweet memories. I took my 3 yr. old grand-daughter to her ballet classes a couple of times while visiting them in Texas. LOVED IT! It was just so fun watching them 'try' to dance around. Just adorable, really :)

  8. Oh how absolutely precious!! She is a doll!! And you must be such a proud mommy!!! Love these pictures...and no, I had NO idea they could balance animals on their heads like that!!

  9. Please share more pictures! Lucy is such a sweet little thing {making me even more excited to welcome our little girl soon!}

  10. Kinda makes me wish I had a little girl! I want wands too!

  11. Thank you sooooo much for posting these! Lucy is a sweet little ballerina and I am honored to teach her, hopefully for many years to come! Please email these to me so that I can post them on the website! Glad your experience has been a positive one! - teacher Marta. :)

  12. Aw, that is so precious! I love watching my 4yr old at her ballet and tap classes. Such a hoot! Thanks for sharing. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse


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