Wednesday, February 29, 2012

{P}in Love: When Lucy Gets Married ....

I sure hope it's in a barn!
Looking through all of this wedding awesomeness, searching for ideas for Dani's wedding is making me CRAZY.

Who knew Pinterest could be so bad for the institute of marriage ....?
I am pretty much ready to get a divorce just so that I can get married all over again!?
(Don't worry ..... I'd still marry Scott.)

Do you think people would bring us wedding gifts again if we got married again .....?

I might be on to something here .....

Okay, Bec.  Back to reality.
Well, someone's reality, anyway.

These barn weddings are RIDICULOUS.

Someone convince my baby girl that she needs to get married in a barn someday....

I am totally {P}in LOVE with .....
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(sorry! no source)
In the words of Rachel Zoe ......
I die.
Horse stalls ... hay on the ground .... HEAVEN. (source)

Call me crazy for wishing I had gotten married in a barn ..... but I. LOVE. THESE. PICS. 
The end.  
(And you can find even more amazingness on my "Wedded Bliss" pinboard!)

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  1. My nephew was married in a barn. It was one of the all time better weddings I've ever been to. Absolutely gorgeous! I'm with you, if I could do it all over again....

  2. A-ha! So this is what those pins are had me a little worried. ...;0

  3. Haha, well great minds think alike! I promise I will convince Lucy to get married in a barn, at least I sure will try!

  4. Ahhhh, yes!! Must admit I wish I had known about Pinterest when I got married. I was SO completely stupid when I was planning my wedding. And it DOES make ME want to do it all over again too. If only...those barn weddings are gorgeous!!

  5. Aww these are all so pretty!! Great inspiration - I think I want my future wedding to be in a barn. Or at least outdoorsey! I've always wanted barrels of hay to be a prop though! Love these pins <33

  6. Not related to this post, but thanks for inspiring me with your 35 by 35. Here is my post related to it!

  7. i love all of these pins... i wish i got married in a barn, too! maybe vow renewal? lol

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