Thursday, February 23, 2012

Random Thoughts From a Waiting Room ...

I have spent FAR too much time in a waiting room over the past couple of days.
And now I just need to vent.
Here goes:

#1 - Do NOT, under ANY circumstance, go to the emergency room if you have an ACTUAL emergency.  You might actually die before you can be seen.  Not kidding.
(I am very thankful we were not there for an actual emergency.)

#2 - If you were to randomly walk into an ER waiting room, you might venture to guess that you are in a hospital of the "mental" variety.
(Though we were at the BEST hospital in our entire state, I seriously walked outside TWICE to check the sign to make sure I hadn't somehow ventured into the mental wing.)

#3 - Emergency room staff members -- particularly those at the front desk and the triage nurses -- need a pay raise.
(I used to think teaching was the most underpaid profession.  Nope.  Emergency room employees are definitely the most underpaid individuals on the planet.  I have no idea how much they get paid .... but I guarantee you, it's not enough.)

#4 - Many people who come to the emergency room have failed to bathe for the past ....... ummmm, I'd say ....... 6+ weeks.
(I do not understand this phenomenon.)

#5 - There are approximately 16 bottles of hand sanitizer strategically placed throughout an ER waiting room.  I now know why.
(And I used more hand sanitizer in the seven hours I was there than I have in my entire life .... which is saying something -- I am a kindergarten teacher, after all.)

#6 - Waiting rooms are not the ideal place for a three-year-old.  Particularly for seven hours at a time.  And particularly when four of those seven hours are post-bedtime.
(Though I have to say, Lucy was a serious rock star.  I was so proud of her!)

#7 - I would be remiss if I didn't mention the ONE positive part of this experience.  Hospital cafeterias have A-MAZing food.  Lucy and I had a YUMMY dinner.
(And boy was that cafeteria a welcomed "field trip" in the middle of our seven-hour stay!)

**And if you wonder what I was doing in the emergency room in the first place .... here's the story:

My hubs hurt his shoulder over the weekend --- actually, to be honest, he didn't DO anything ..... he just woke up Monday morning with horrendous shoulder pain.
After a quick stop at his doctor's office, he was sent to our local hospital's emergency room for his "dislocated shoulder."

Only problem?  His shoulder was not, in fact, dislocated.

They took x-rays and sent him home with pain meds and a sling.

Two days later, the pain had worsened, and his entire right arm was swelling - from shoulder to fingertips.
A phone call to his doctor turned into another trip to the emergency room -- though this time to the "big city" -- and the best hospital in our state.

Little Lucy and I sat in the ER waiting room for the better part of seven hours -- until after midnight that night.
(After sitting on my lap for hours, she finally started getting sleepy about 10:00!)

(Daddy and Lucy ....snuggled in a hospital bed after midnight.)

We went back to the hospital the next morning, (four more hours in the waiting room - though thankfully NOT in the emergency room!) and Scott was seen by SIX orthopedic doctors.

He has a significant tear in his deltoid muscle, some calcificate crystalization in the muscles around his rotator cuff, and some concerning fluid around his rotator cuff that needs to not be there.
If it isn't gone by next week, they will have to do surgery to remove it.

Scott works (HARD) to take care of our family .... not being able to work is not a good thing, for a variety of reasons -- (as you can imagine).
We are praying that the (many) medications he is on now will solve the problem quickly -- and that no surgery will be necessary!

Thanks for all of your prayers and well wishes!


  1. oh no! praying for yall and though i hate that the picture was taken in a hospital bed, Lucy and he look so precious snuggling!

  2. What a horrible experience. I'm really, really thinking positive thoughts and hoping that with a little R&R your hubbie's arm will fix itself!

  3. I just did the hospital thing for my son last week and boy do I agree with you 100%. I'm a true fan of ER workers/nurses but you couldn't pay me enough to do what they do. Good luck to you and your family...I hope your husband's arm will heal without surgery.

  4. oh wow! I'll be praying for him! What a blessing though that Lucy did so good for that long wait. I would have a hard time waiting that long - let alone a TODDLER! Good job, Lucy!!

  5. Oh wow, what an ordeal. ER's are not a fun place to be, for the patient or anyone. And what a tropper your little girl is!

    So sorry to hear about your husband, I'll be praying that he mends and the meds help and surgery is not needed!

  6. Y'all must be exhausted. I pray your husband doesn't have to have surgery.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  7. What a horrid thing to happen, hope your husband doesn't need the surgery. Sending best wishes to your family

  8. I am so sorry about your hubs injury and hope he feels better soon. Your sweet lil' Lucy is so awesome. My Ellie would never have lasted that long. Prayers and hugs from afar. :)

  9. So Sorry about your hubby, and I pray that all is well AND THAT YOU DO NOT GET A SURGERY DATE!!!!
    As far as the Hospital...OMG BEEN THERE DONE THAT..and you cannot help but wonder?????? For me I was the one in extreme pain, and after 4 hrs of this...I wanted to SCREAM!!! SOMEONE HELP ME!!! I have to say, you handled it better than I did ....I was not a NICE person before I finally got some releif!!

  10. I will be praying your husband doesn't need surgery! The whole situation sounds just horrible, and like no fun at all. LOL, though! I cracked up at your whole description of emergency rooms! So true... ~ Jamie Asper

  11. Bec, I am SO sorry you had to go through this experience!! I absolutely HATE sickness of any kind and clinics and hospitals. I sure hope Scott's shoulder heals QUICKLY!! That picture of Scott and Lucy is ADORABLE!! What a sweetie she is and she did a GREAT job...that's a long time for a little one. Above the seriousness of it all, I had to laugh when I read some of your comments...ha!! #2 and #4 ESP. You are hilarious!

  12. What a horrible time all of you must have had. I'm so sorry to hear this has happened to your hubby. (Our hospitals actually have billboards that will tell you the current waiting period in the ER. I'm fascinated by them.) I hope he has a speedy recovery.

  13. My sister went to the ER for severe pain in her stomach/side. Her roommate was so upset that she kept getting push further down the list and devised a plan. When they saw a doctor coming my sister rolled out of her chair and screamed at the top of her lungs. It worked, the doctor stopped to check on her. Her appendix was so swollen, it was about to burst. I guess the nurse was a little off when she said they were just severe menstrual cramps and put her down as low priority.

  14. We had a rough week this week also, thank heavens it wasnt containing a visit to the emergency room.. but was involving 3 visits to 3 different doctors all saying totally different things, my boy suffers with asthma/croup..

    thankyou for sharing your random thoughts of the emergency room - it bought a smile on my face..

    We have gp access here in newcastle, nsw. (aust) where you call up talk to a nurse who put you into appointment to see a doctor, medicare funded and usually they are at clinics or hospitals, its basically to take the pressure off emergency departments.. its a night time service, that is opened from 6pm to midnight - wonderful service.

    i hope your boy shoulder/arm is heaps better in few days time, and not requiring the surgery - too scary.. poor lil boy!

  15. Enjoy your blog and will be praying for a quick recovery on its own - no surgery.

  16. I agree with all of your ER thoughts! I feel like they are no place for kids - but sometimes we have no choice but to take them there! It seems to me that if some of the people had better hygiene practices, they wouldn't be sick! (If they look or smell like this I would hate to see their home!)

    I am praying and hoping that your husband heals quickly and doesn't have to have surgery! There is so much financial hurt right now - that is the last thing anyone needs!

  17. Hope he feels better soon-and totally agree with your ER assessment!


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