Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Recap

Let me tell you ... this was DEFINITELY a Pinterest-inspired Valentine's Day!
ALL of these projects can be found on my XOXO Pinterest board.
Most of themt have already been featured or mentioned on this blog - or the Little Lucy Lu facebook page before ..... but here are my versions!

1. Valentine Pretzel Buttons
2. You Rock
3. I like the way you roll!

4. Love Juice
5. Bear Hugs
6. Hooked On You!
7. Soda to my Pop

I have decided that Pinterest is the BEST .... and Valentine's Day is my new favorite holiday!
I'm all about the LOVE!
And speaking of LOVE ... in case I don't tell you often enough .... I LOVE all of YOU!
Thank you so much for sharing in my fun and letting me share my life with you! :-)

And get your AMAZING projects ready to link up because ....
See you there! :-)


  1. SO much fun and such cute projects!! Yeah, I've gotta say Valentine's is the very best...I am actually REALLY sad it is gone...:(

  2. soooo soooo soooo excited. so so so. :o) How am I sooo lucky to have a friend like you?!?!??!?

  3. ps. bec. I don't know if you know.... but I only really really like you if I make a nickname for you.... andddddd you officially are becs...... I hope that is okay?!?!??!????


Thank you for your comments!
I love EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. :-)