Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday Lovin' ... Be My Valentine

Oh my sweetness, there are a LOT of precious valentines ideas out there!
Just thought I'd spend today showing you my favorites. :-)

--Oh .... and I'm fairly certain I will be doing at least several of these (for Lucy's little friends, kids at school, etc.) ... so if/when you see them, you can totally pretend like I invented the ideas ALL BY MYSELF.   That would be awesome.  

I'll start with the valentines Lucy and I made last year ... 
they were simply adorable. 

Here's another sweet and simple idea from Brown Paper Packages.
I just love absolutely anything in mason jars, so ... this is a winner in my book! :-)

Spread The Love! 
Homemade butter from Maize Hutton.

I like the way you roll!  
HA! Love it!

I've got a crush on you ... 
This totally makes me want a grape Crush!

I am DOING this next one for Scott for Valentine's Day ... 
he loves all things hunting/fishing - and I'm thinking this is about as close as I can get for Valentine's Day!
Hooked On You! .... (from Lil' Luna)

Super simple printable from Oopsey Daisy.  
Add a chocolate heart in place of the "O", and you have a perfectly sweet valentine! 

Blow me a kiss ... 
(gum balls, topped with a kiss ...?  Get it...???)
Love it!

And ideal for toddlers .... (trust me!)

I Dig You!
A sand shovel with goodies .... totally awesome!
(again, from Family Fun Magazine)

Ohmygoodness ... 
These are SO. CUTE.  
You Color My World .... (from Whipperberry).

And finally .... to put all of these sweet treats in:
Ordering one.  

.... All these and many MORE sweet ideas on my XOXO pin board!
Come check it out!
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  1. so cute. you just added to my confusion of which to pick:)! Have a great day, Bec!!

    PS - good luck with your "lean" shopping list;)!! i think you can allow yourself more than two t-shirts, those are kind of crucial.

  2. Love all the V-day crafts, you just gave me an Idea..and now Im following you!

  3. Valentines day decorations are so pretty and cute! Every single one of these pins are adorable! Especially that envelope chair backer!!!

    Happy Wednesday!


  4. So cute !! I love the Idea's ! Thanks a bunch ! Think I found some cute things here for hubs :)

  5. These are all so cute. Last year, my daughter fixed the shovels for my granddaughter. This year she did the goldfish one. I like them all.

  6. I've been stalking your xoxo pinterest board and have been loving everything your pinning for vday! If I'm ever in need for holiday ideas, I know I can always count on your pins-and YOU- to come through for me! :)


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