Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday Lovin' ... the little things

It's been one of those days
..... EVERY.  DAY.  THIS.  WEEK. 

I'm sure we've all had 'em.
Those weeks when you can't do anything right.
Nothing goes your way.
Everyone hates you.
Your luck seems to have run out.

And then you get a speeding ticket.

Those days.
How true is that statement?

One of my favorite sayings nowadays, actually.

And this one's not bad, either .....
I really hate when I start forgetting that God has it covered.
Why do I do that...?

My life is in His hands.  And every day is a gift ..... FULL of blessings.
It's on these days (or weeks), that I force myself to focus on and
......because one day, you'll look back and realize THEY were the big things.
 Yes ma'am.  True dat.

Ten little things I'm lovin' in my life today:

my Disneyland pjs that make me happy every time I put them on

Lucy's morning breath (I know, I sound like I've officially gone crazy .... but I love it)

listening to Scott and Lucy play "tickle me" every night, both laughing uncontrollably the entire time

sharing toast and honey every morning, snuggled in the chair with Lucy and her "blankie soft"

nose kisses

my faithful Stella dog who meets me at the door with a happy face and a wagging tail, no matter what

the smell of the barn and the "good morning" nickers of the horses greeting me (even if they are just telling me they want their breakfast!)

random text messages from some of my best friends

the cutest little ballet shoes I've ever seen ...... all ready to be worn later this week

quiet time after Lucy is tucked in tight

I feel better now.

You guys are such great listeners!

Oh!  And .... I have a super cute project to show you tomorrow!  One of my favorites ever.  :-)


  1. Awesome! I love that second quote. Such a good reminder and one that I've been preaching to myself for the past few weeks. His plans are greater than ours even when it feels like it's not quite right!

  2. Ok so this post makes me want your life now.....I would give anything to smell the barn in the morning. If you saw what I looked at every morning you would definitely agree....outside that is, the view in my home is nice. :)
    Sorry about the traffic ticket and that your week is a little suckish. I hope it clears up soon!

  3. There is a song called "This Is The Stuff" by Francesca Battistelli. If you have never listened to it you should go to youtube and play it. It is a song that reminds me so much of your post today all the way down to the speeding ticket. haha

    1. Love that! I've actually heard that song before ... but kind of forgot all about it (and had never really listened to all of the words until now!)
      Thanks! :-)

  4. I love my daughters' morning breath, too! You're not crazy! You're a mother! <3 Much love!

  5. That was uplifting! I need to remember some of these sayings...Thanks for sharing!! :)
    ~ Jamie Asper

  6. Sorry you had such a bad week:-( What an encouraging post to lift everyone up though, I needed that for sure. And yeah for little ballet shoes! Where did you decide to take her? Here's to things looking up!

  7. Well, not everyone hates you I promise :-) I love all three of you guys more than you will know. And now you are the one who got a speeding ticket???? What the heck!!!

  8. When my kids were younger, I loved their morning breath too:). Thought I was the only one. Unfortunately, something changes when they get older and it turns into dragon breath.

    Thanks for the lift today:).


  9. Oh, so sorry to hear you are having a bad week! I can certainly relate. We ALL have those. Thanks for the simple quotes and inspiration. We all need that too! So much to be thankful for and I love your list.

  10. Thanks for this precious and positive. I think it's so great to find any little positive thing in a situation. I don't have kids but I understand the "Lucy's morning breath". I'd imagine it's akin to "puppy breath"? I'm sure it's just the unique smell of your own child and something a mother will ALWAYS remember.

    I also love the morning nickers of horses. Such amazing animals.

    Thanks for your great posts!!

  11. So true and what a wonderful perspective you have!!! Here's to a great day tomorrow, Friday and a wonderful weekend with your little family!


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