Thursday, March 15, 2012

The "Create Crate"

And I made it!

You saw the washi tape mason jars I made to hold all of Lucy's crayons, twistables, etc.... right?
So the next problem was, we needed something to HOLD all of these adorable jars!

I bought a plain and simple, wooden crate from the craft store.  (I paid about $7.00 for it.)

This might come as a shock to you ..... but I spray-painted it with Rust-oleum's Heirloom White.
(I know.)
I'm sorry .... I just love that color.  It is THE.  PERFECT.  WHITE.

And then .... because it's "Washi Week" around here .... I busted out more fun tapes from my washi collection (some from Washi Wishes and some from Pick Your Plum), and got to work wrapping up the box until it was all kinds of CUTE!
(Lucy had a whole lot of fun "helping" me and sticking the extra pieces of washi tape all over EVERYTHING:)~

When I got down to the "handles" in the sides of the crate, I just wrapped right over them, then cut out around the holes with scissors.  Easy!
I finished it off with some stickers to spell out "Lucy's CREATE CRATE" -- (yes, I am living in the dark ages and STILL do not own a gosh-darn Silhouette!)

No, I'm not bitter.
(Yes, I am.)

Finished product, complete with crayons jars, stickers, paper, markers, paintbrushes, paint smock, and any other art supplies that would otherwise be strung all over the house:

This sweet lil' CREATE CRATE will be going on a "new" metal antique table I scored at a recent "junk" sale .... and it's all going into Lucy's new "art studio" (aka:  the corner of the playroom I'm calling Lucy's Art Studio!  haha:)~

All I know is .... Lucy loves her new art crate.
And I love her.
So I therefore love it, too. :-)
Fun for all!

Pssssst!  You wanna know a little secret?  
..... There just might be a giveaway happening here tomorrow involving -- you guessed it!  -- WASHI TAPE!  See you tomorrow!!!

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  1. This is so cute! You are so creative and I love the washi tape...the uses seems endless. You are going to have to let me know when these "junk" sales you speak of are, I always seem to miss them! We can't wait to see you girls again, give Lucy a love from us...

  2. seriously!!! so cute! i freaking love it. i swear you are the crafting queen. i wanna join you and lucy for crafternoons one day. :) i'm still an avid colorer and i'm 24 lol.

  3. I really want to make one of these for diego! I love your idea. It is ridiculous how excited I've been waiting for today's post. Haha. Looking forward to the giveaway, I want me some washi tape!!!!

  4. you are not alone in the dark ages, my friend (no silhouette here either:)). what a great way to bring it all together! too cute. i love how you've color cooridinated the supplies. smart. makes it so much easier for the little ones to find their color! i just may have to do that so i don't have to hear, "mom, i can't find a red."

  5. Your creativeness KILLS me!! Oh how I wish I had your brain!!
    Thank you so much for sharing all of your clever ideas.
    Love Your Blog!!

  6. You are just so dang creative! I love this :)

  7. Hi, Bec

    I just love this idea. Super cute and the tape you use is lovely! Always enjoy stopping by and seeing what you created. Have a great week.


  8. I love the everything about this! The colors are so bright and happy. I love the name too. I'll make sure to stop back tomorrow for the giveaway for the washi tape. Thanks for sharing!

  9. This is so cute. I love the bright colors!

  10. That is so crazy adorable! I seriously need to do something like that for all Little Crafter's art supplies! Would you consider sharing this great idea at my party?

  11. Cute. I've never used washi tape. I'll check it out now. I found your blog on Tip Junkie. I'm following you on Pinterest now! Looking forward to more projects! -Jess

  12. I'm visiting from Design Dazzle. Thanks for sharing your super cute storage solution.

  13. What a great crate- I need about 5 or 10 of those and then a really great shelving system to store them all ;)- really I love it! I'm stopping by from your {wow me} link

    Robyn @

  14. That's really cute. I haven't played with Washi tape yet, but I've got to get me some!

  15. I need some washi tape!! This is so bright and colorful! Your projects always make me so happy! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

  16. So very cute! I love that you used washi tape for this and that you found such a cute way to organize kid's craft items. I'd love to have you share this on my Kids Crafts linky party -
    Paula at Welcoming Spirit

  17. I have my own little Lucy.. but she's a Luci.. She's a little young for a create crate.. but we've got a total of three girls, and I'm LOVING this idea.. but it has me so excited for my little Luci to be ready to create .. <3 GREAT idea!


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