Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Washi-Taped WHAT...???

Until now, all of my washi tape projects have been for Lucy.  (See HERE and HERE if you missed them.)

So I decided it was about time Mama got to have a little fun, too!

Yep, that's right.  I washi-fied my iPad!

Remember I mentioned (maybe a few times?) that I was pretty excited about my new (3rd generation) iPad!?
Well, I also got the nifty smart cover that goes with it .... it automatically wakes and sleeps your iPad just by opening and closing the cover!  Very cool.

I chose the light gray version.
I picked a couple cute washi tapes from my collection, and smoothed it onto the raised sections of the cover.

Then, because I wanted nice and clean lines along the edges, I got out my nifty exacto knife ....
And sliced (VERY CAREFULLY) around the raised sections of the cover.  (This was surprisingly simple to do -- the washi cuts away so easily.)
I love that this simple addition makes my iPad - MY iPad.  
And if I want to, I can simply peel the washi tape off (SUPER EASY) anytime .... and change colors!!!  I can coordinate with the holidays, the seasons, or whatever I want!
....Not to mention, the washi tape will help protect the cover, as well -- because, who am I kidding?  Little Miss Lucy uses the iPad more than I do! :)~


  1. this is beyond fantastic! I'm SMITTEN! did you announce the washi tape giveaway winner and I missed it somewhere - I've been keeping my fingers CROSSED! xo

  2. So cute! This may be my favorite washi-project yet!

  3. that. is. a. great idea! i don't have one yet, but when i do, i will be adding a little personality to it. was it hard to cut w/o cutting into the pad cover?

  4. I absolutely LOVE it!! so pretty!!

  5. oh my goodness I LOVE it! :o) :o) I NEED some of that tape! Where do you get yours?! :o) Pinning this!

  6. O.M.Word! That's adorable! I made the crock pot chicken recipe then followed with the chicken tortilla soup recipe.....LOVED both! They will both be going on my "Tried and True" pinterest board. Diego even helped me cut the bell peppers for the soup. Thanks Bec!!

  7. That is absolutely ADORABLE! I love it! I need to washi crazy stuff around my house. The stuff is way too versatile. And please forgive me for not visiting lately! Just know I love your blog to pieces. :)

  8. What a clever idea! I think it looks great!

  9. Brilliant! Great idea. I remember how darn excited I was when I got my iPad last year so I know you have to be thrilled with it.

    Have a great day

  10. This looks amazing! Funny how our kids get all the cool stuff, eh?
    Jenn :)

  11. Darling way to personalize your iPad cover... definitely going to make one... just as soon as I get a newer iPad with the magnetic cover!

    -caroline @ c.w.frosting

  12. So much cuter!! Creative, Bec! Pinning and loving (:

  13. So nice!!!! I love it!!!

  14. This is adorable! I love what you did, the pattern is super cute. I featured you today in my Washi Tape post :)

  15. This is really neat! Love the pattern!


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