Monday, March 5, 2012

Little Bit of Life

It's been a while since I just talked here on the ol' blog .... and my brain needs a little chance to vent, purge, and reorganize.
So (sorry), it's your lucky day!  You get to listen to all of this randomness.  :-)

1. Why is it Monday again?
How true is that statement ....?

2.  It was a BEAUTIFUL, sunny, warm weekend here in the Pacific NW.  
Warm is a relative term, of course ... it was in the low 50's.  
Four days ago, it was snowing.  
I'll take sunny and 52 any day over snow ... and especially rain. ... (which is what it will be doing approximately 84 of the next 90 days, until some reprieve comes in June.)

3.  I painted my bonus room for the THIRD time this weekend.  
The bonus room is the WORST room to paint ... it's that room over the garage that has short walls, angled walls, and a low ceiling?  (know what I'm talking about ...?)  Anyway.  That means the WHOLE thing has to be painted.    
And my arms now hurt.  

4.  Have I ever told you how much I DESPISE painting...?  (yes, I have.)
(This painting, of course, refers to walls, etc ... not spray painting or my fun projects!)

5. The bonus room is a combination of Lucy's playroom and the upstairs "family room".  Right now, I'm working on giving Lucy's little kitchen area a mini-makeover ... can't wait to show you!

6. With all the painting and reorganizing came sorting and cleaning, too.  
I now officially have a LEAST-FAVORITE activity (yes, worse than painting):  
Going through Lucy's old things.  

Baby/toddler clothes, itty-bitty shoes, baby toys, board books, wooden puzzles .... all of these things no longer have a place in my home, and it makes me so sad I can hardly handle it.  I go back and forth between borderline-hyperventilating and suffocating ...... and throwing up is a pretty strong option, too.  
It is 100% pure torture.  

7.  Dance class helps.  
Dance class for three-year-olds would make ANYONE smile.  And laugh.  
A lot.  
It's been a few weeks since I posted the last dance class pics, so he's a few more.  
I just can't stop. 

First position is NOT Lucy's strong-point. 
Bless her teacher's heart for trying! :)~

8. Scott is doing MUCH better ... thank you all again for your prayers and concern!  He is still pretty sore and doesn't get his stitches out for another week, but he is headed back to work today, so that is definitely a good sign! :-)

9.  I am SO SO sad about the whole Pinterest debacle running rampant through the blog world .... what is the deal!?  And what is a Pin-addicted gal to do??? (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you can click HERE for a thorough article on the subject.)
Yes, I realize that I would have a whole lot more time if I deleted my pinboards, but ... 
And, sad as it sounds, I would be devastated to lose Pinterest!   .... and for the record, no, I will NOT be suing anyone for pinning my blog images!  Pin away! :-)

10.  Tonight is the Bachelor "Women Tell All" episode, and I'm not one bit excited about it.  Let me guess .... it will consist of (at least) 75% Courtney-related drama, and I'm over it.  I might just have to boycott for the night.  (Dani and I can spend the time talking about her wedding plans instead! ... She got her dress this weekend -- SO beautiful!)

11. Have I mentioned that Lucy is completely OBSESSED with Toy Story?  More specifically, with Jesse.
Jesse goes EVERYWHERE with us.
(Here, out to the barn to feed horses one morning.)
(Jesse is waving "hello" to you!)
 And now she's ice skating ....

12.  Speaking of Disney characters .... I booked our next (and Lucy's FIRST!) trip to Disneyland last week.  December canNOT come fast enough!!!  
That will be the best four days EVER.  

Thanks for letting me empty my brain on you today!  


  1. What don't you make a quilt out of your favorites of Lucy's old clothes? That way you can keep them forever.

    I had NOT heard about the pinterest issues! I thought you were referring to the gift card spam. Hopefully it all gets worked out.

  2. I love these kinds of posts! I am so confused by this Pinterest debacle now. I love Pinterest Wednesday's on my blog. Does this mean I shouldn't participate?? Ugh.....Thanks for the great post this first thing on a Monday morning!!

  3. Oh and I HATE painting too and I am doing my whole basement this week. I will come to Oregon to help you paint if you come to Illinois to help me!!

  4. the pics from dance class are priceless. i didn't know anything about the pinterest stuff, i'll have to go read the link. i'm afraid to see what it says.

    oh, i and i love lucy's little boots peeking through from her jeans! so cute!

  5. Love it! Those pictures from dance class are adorable... the kind you show at her rehearsal dinner. So sweet. Disneyworld will be amazing! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  6. Your little girl is absolutely adorable! Especially with her little doll :) Sorry to hear you've been having a rough time lately!


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