Wednesday, March 7, 2012

(Random) Wednesday Lovin'

Gosh, I'm random this week, aren't I!?

I think it's called Spring Fever.

And speaking of Spring .... that's one of the first things I'm lovin' today:

Spring is a'coming!  Temps are rising to near 60 around here (balmy! :)~ .... and Spring Break is ONLY 2 1/2 weeks away!!!

But I am sure lovin' my kinder cuties this week, too ...
Seems like every year by this time, I find myself getting SO attached to my kids, and I start dreading the impending kindergarten graduation (and saying goodbye to another class!) in June.
Where does the time go???

I'm lovin' my Just Dance parties with Lucy.  We have a blast!  I just broke down a couple of weeks ago and bought the 3rd edition, too .... equally good.  :-)
Do you "Just Dance?"

I'm lovin' my new TOMS ballet flats:
I went with the grey animal print .... though it was a tough choice!  
*Note:  If you plan to buy some of these super-cute shoesies, I recommend trying them on at the store FIRST (and not ordering online).  I had read that the sizing on these shoes is pretty whacky ... and it definitely IS!  
I normally wear a size 10 (hey, don't judge ... I am also almost 6 feet tall, remember!? :)~ and I tried a different color in a 9.5 first .... they were WAY too big.  Then I tried this color in a 10 (because they didn't have a 9 or 9.5 in the store), expecting them to be HUGE --- and they fit perfectly.  Go figure.  Obviously, they are a little inconsistent!   
(*Another note:  this is the FIRST item I have purchased off of my self-imposed 2012 shopping allowance!)
It's been almost 3 1/2 months, and I have bought ONE THING!!!  I am so proud of myself!!! :-)

I must be on a gray kick, because I am totally lovin' the new color I painted my bonus room (Lucy's playroom) this weekend:  
Essential Gray from Sherwin Williams.  
I went for the "Cashmere" option this time, too ... it covered the previous darker color in one coat, like a dream!  

I'm lovin' this new game for my iPhone (thank you, Deana) called DrawSomething!  
It is like playing Pictionary on your phone with your friends!  SOOOOOO fun!  (And SOOOOOO addicting!)  Seriously cutting into my Pinterest time. :)~  
(no worries, I'm a pretty good multi-tasker --- Pinterest + Pictionary!?  .....No problem!)

I'm lovin' Kevin Murphy hair products.  
These two are favorites for my less-than-thick hair:
Anti-Gravity Spray.  Smells DIVINE.  

Powder-Puff Volumizing Powder
If you've never used a volumizing powder, you MUST.
(Well, if you have fine hair like me, anyway!)
These products are a tad on the spendy side, but completely WORTH IT, as far as I'm concerned!  
(You can find them on ... or just Google Kevin Murphy!)

I'm lovin' two new snacks lately --- one healthier than the other!
Trader Joe's Freeze Dried Banana Slices
(SO much better than the ones in those little packs from Costco that Lucy loves!)
G. H. CRETORS Chicago Mix Popcorn.
It sounds weird -- cheddar cheese and caramel corn mixed together.
But I am telling you .... it is DEEEE-licious!
(I don't kid around where food is concerned, believe me!)
I bought mine at Costco .... you just never know what kind of irresistible goodness you're going to find in the aisles of that place!  

And last but not least ... 
I am lovin' my little stall-cleaning buddy!
... And I think she loves cleaning the horses' stalls almost as much as I do! :-)  

Halfway to Friday!
I think I can, I think I can ......

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  1. Love these posts! Umm I wear a size 9.5 and am five foot six...yes I look like a penguin. :) Oh and that Chicago style popcorn mix? Yeah, DIVINE. If you ever get the chance, go to Garretts popcorn online and order from them. They created it and it is sooooooo good and totally worth the price. Of course you could always make a trip to Chitown and visit me while here!!! :)

  2. Oh how much fun!! You're on a gray kick too? LOL!! I have been painting everything gray lately...LOVE it!! Always love those pictures of Lucy. Such a doll!

  3. I was wondering what that app was called Ive been seeing pictures on Facebook. Gotta download it:)

  4. Ha! Our posts are kinda similar today, I even talk about a pair of shoes. :-) I love the new ballet flats. I'm glad you told me about the sizing, I'm always a 10 (right there with ya) and i wouldn't have tried them on. I'm on a popcorn kick too... Kettle corn is my favorite.

  5. Wonderful list! I bet Dance Party 3 will be a BLAST! I had my students play Dance Party for a class party one day, and it was HILARIOUS to see little third graders gettin' down :) And I am LOVING your shopping allowance list. Such a smart way to save money!

  6. omg she is so cute!! :)
    I too love your shopping list- such a great idea to keep yah focused on not buying EVERYTHING i see that I love :)

  7. I'm SO glad I saw this post! I have been wanting some Toms badly and wondered whether to look online or not. Where did you get yours? I know I've heard people say Whole Foods has them, and then I think Sun & Ski Sport (or something like that). Thanks!!

  8. The clothing purchasing allowance is brilliant :) And what and ADORABLE little girl!

  9. I am SO tempted to order some TOMS online, because I don't think anywhere here in New Zealand sells them, but I am really worried about buying the wrong size. Booooo. :(


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