Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ree & Me, v.2

If you missed last week's (the first official) "Ree & Me" post, you may want to go back and read it so that you know why I'm acting as if Ree (aka: The Pioneer Woman) and I are on a first-name basis ....

Last week, I reviewed a recipe from her first cookbook, but this week .... I couldn't wait to dive into my brand spankin' new "Food From My Frontier."
And boy-oh-boy, did I start off on a good one!
(as if there are any bad ones!?  .....yeah, right!)

Mushroom Swiss Sliders with Spicy Fry Sauce 
(page 100 in Food From My Frontier)

Ohmygoodness.  I think I may have a new favorite PW recipe.
Well .... maybe it's a tie with last week's recipe.
Totally different kinds of recipes, but in the "burger" category -- this is the winner!

Click HERE to take you right over to Ree's recipe on her perfectly perfect blog.  (As I said last week, there's no sense in me trying to mess with perfection .... you might as well click over and see it the right way.)

But this is what MY sliders looked like ....

I have a confession ..... before this, I had NEVER cooked a burger indoors!
Is that weird?

The thought of frying a burger in a pan instead of throwing it on the grill out back just seemed so strange.
Well, apparently strange can be A-MAZING.

I am a HUGE mushroom fan.
And don't even get me started on swiss cheese.
Okay, okay .... cheese, in general.

But I want to tell you mushroom haters out there -- don't be afraid!  The mushrooms are chopped up and sauteed first (then smothered with cheese), so you won't even know they're there, I promise!!!
My husband isn't the biggest mushroom fan -- and he said these are the best burgers he's ever had!

And the sauce?
And SO SO SO simple.
Three ingredients that I guarantee you have on hand.
Good on the burgers ..... good to dip your fries in.  Just plain GOOD.

Oh ... and 100% Lucy-approved, as well!

And I would again, like to take this opportunity to throw in a disclaimer to Miss PW .... if you should ever happen to hear about this nonsense .... I promise, I'm not crazy.  I just love you and think we should be BFFs, that's all. :-)  
(Our names DO both have three letters, you know!)


  1. Those look tasty! We had hamburgers cooked inside last night too, except our has onions and pineapple on time I'm trying these:-)


  2. This is such a fun series - great idea! I haven't ever cooked a burger inside, either! I hadn't ever cooked a steak indoors either until I found a pin on Pinterest about it and MAN - apparently the grill isn't the best way to cook steaks, either! I'll have to try inside with burgers, now, too!

  3. So these are the bugers you made!! Now I see! Although I would have to get over my dislike for mushrooms, but if you can't taste them then I guess I would like them. Can't wait till the day when the PW contacts you!! I'm sure she's seen your blog by now : ) It's all just a matter of time!


  4. A mushroom lover too!?!! You are for SURE my BFF now...My family always fought over the mushrooms in everything we cooked growing up...ha!! Now I get as many as I want...Dave doesn't really like them so he's always sharing his. I do think the girls like them though...these burgers look awesome!! My mouth is watering now!

  5. OMG this is so professional looking that I totally think she will find out about this! Oh and I have never cooked a burger inside either so I totally get it. Looks so yummy!!!

  6. that looks delicious, I must try these soon

  7. Well, you and Ree could be on a first name basis if you win her new contest!!! :) *Insert MAJOR squealing here!* your sliders look amazing! We always cook our burgers indoors in a cast iron skillet, they are delicious. I actually have some hamburger meat marinating in the fridge right now :)


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