Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ree & Me :-)

Okay .... so, it's no secret around here that I LOVE The Pioneer Woman (Ree Drummond).  Her blog is the first blog I ever read (long before I even knew it was called a blog), and I read it daily.
I actually learned about her blog from her first cookbook, which was a gift from a dear friend (best gift EVER!), and it has become - by far - my favorite cookbook.

Even though all (or almost all) of her recipes can be found on her blog, I still love being able to pull my cookbook out of the cupboard and lay it's pretty pictures open on my countertop while I cook.  :-)
(Click HERE to order on Amazon.)
When she announced her newest cookbook, I did backflips.
Okay, that was a joke.
(Believe me ...  that would be a joke!)
But I was VERY excited -- and I quickly pre-ordered two copies (one for my sister, too!).
(Click HERE to order on Amazon.)

This beauty arrived on my doorstep last week .... and I've been thoroughly enjoying it every day since.

So has Lucy....
Every time she sees Ree (on the computer screen, on the TV, in the cookbooks...), she hollers, "Look Mama!  It's Charlie the Ranch Dog!"

That's because LUCY is a big fan of Ree's work, too ...
(Click HERE to order on Amazon.)
She LOVES Charlie the Ranch Dog.  :-)

But now for the whole point of my rambling.
Raise your hand if you saw the movie Julie & Julia.....
Meryl Streep and Amy Adams...?

Well, I loved this movie.
And I decided it would be FUN to do as Julie did and cook (and blog!) my way through my favorite cookbook(s).

So .... once a week, I will post about a recipe that I have "tested" from one of Ree's cookbooks.
I'll try to snap at least one photo of the finished dish (although I haven't mastered the art of food photography by a long shot ..... as in, I haven't even tried).  Forgive me.

This first "Ree & Me!" recipe review is my very favorite PW recipe to date.

Penne a la Betsy.  

I love pasta.
I love seafood.
Therefore .... this dish = my best friend.  :-)

I made it once .... then I made it twice and three times within two weeks time (twice when we had company).
Everyone has raved about this dish!
You will not be disappointed!

The recipe is laid out beautifully on Ree's website.
(I won't bother to try to copy perfection, so just simply click HERE for that recipe.)
And meanwhile, here's the photo from MY kitchen ....
Oh, help me.
I want pasta now.

Does Olive Garden deliver ....?

Did I mention that Lucy loves Penne a la Betsy, too!?

Do you all have a favorite PW recipe I should try out soon ....?
I'd love to hear what your favorites are!

Oh, and disclaimer:  
Ree has absolutely ZERO idea that I am alive. 
And I would assume (unless I get my wish and win one of the trips to her ranch to cook with her someday -- or unless she feels so inclined to add the rainy state of Oregon to her book tour so that I can go meet her) that she probably will NEVER know I'm alive.  
But if, by chance, she should ever catch wind that there is a crazy lady (aka: Bec, yours truly) out there, copying her recipes and rambling on and on about her as though they are BFFs .... then I'm coming after YOU people!  

I promise, I'm really not crazy.


  1. Aww this is such a great post! It is so funny, I feel the way about Sarah at TDC the way you feel about Ree. So if she came out with a decor book, I would be all over it. That pasta looks soo good btw. My mama has her first cookbook and I love to read it every time I visit.

  2. I'm on the quest to be prepared for dinner instead of throwing together a mismash, so I'll definitely have to try some of these! Thanks for sharing. I actually spotted her Tres Leches cake recipe and want to use it for my daughter's first communion to go w/a cinco de mayo menu (cause it's on cinco de mayo). I'll let ya know how it turns out.

  3. Oh yum... that looks fabulous. I definitely will be making this soon!

  4. YUM!!! For one thing, that cookbook is the most GORGEOUS book out there...hehe, that's funny...Ally spends hours looking through it...mostly at the horses. I can't WAIT to see the second's on its way to my doorstep as we speak. :) Oh and Ally and Whitney have the Charlie book too! So adorable!! This will be SO much fun because I need to make my way through her books too. I like her baked spaghetti SO much. Well, I'm a cream of mushroom soup fan so anything with noodles and cr mushroom soup is welcome on MY table!! Happy day Bec!

  5. I love Ree too!!! And that pasta looks divine!

  6. I love her! I actually just made her Bowtie Lasagna for dinner last night. I feel like I know her, only because we live in the same state. I'm so lame.

  7. I love her too! I just got her first cookbook from my mom over the, weekend and can't wait to try out some recipes :)

  8. Hi, Bec

    What a great idea! I love Ree too and what a talented woman.


  9. Who doesn't love Ree!!!!! I make her homemade Ranch dressing all the time. Ranch is the "new ketchup" at my house so we go through it quite fast.

  10. I made this last night! It is one of our fav's too:-) She has SO many wonderful recipes...I am looking forward to your Ree posts. Tell Lucy we all say HI, that's especially from Grace!


  11. I love that you are doing this!! Soooo much fun and I'll be visiting often to read your posts about it!

  12. What a FUN idea! I loved Julie & Julia, this will be so much fun to follow, Bec. Love your picture with Ree, too. ;) My favorite is Pot Roast and Cinnamon Rolls, separately, of course. ha!

  13. I can't wait for your weekly posts/reviews!! I LOVE REE too. Whenever my husband makes a face at a new recipe I am trying and I tell him it is a Pioneer Woman recipe he instantly changes his tune! We have come to find that there isn't one PW recipe we don't like.

  14. Ok, I'll get on the "we love Ree" train!! She's my go to site for dinner ideas on a regular basis! My family and I are hooked on her beef and snowpeas, lately! I've never been a fan of ginger in food, but oh my gracious, it's good! I can't wait to get her new book...and I hope you get to meet her someday!
    PS~ I'm an Oregon girl too and am also hoping for a little less "liquid sunshine" and more actual sunshine SOON!!! :)

  15. I love Ree too! One week our entire menu was all her recipes! And they were all fantastic! We had the Herb Roasted chicken, Pork chops with Garlic and Wine (but we substituted the wine for beef broth, YUM! and her 16 min shrimp scampi. DIVINE! And if you can get FRESH gulf shrimp, it makes a world of difference. Here are the links to the recipes, super delicious.

  16. Ohhhh.....SO tempted to forward this link to a mutual friend of mine and Ree's. But I don't want you to come after me. ;) I know she would love to know someone wants to be her "Julie!"


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