Friday, March 9, 2012

Share the Fun Friday {Rainbows}

Rainbows make me happy.
They are so magical.
I still think about the book The Rainbow Goblins every time I see a rainbow .... have you ever read that book?
It's been around since before I was born - but it is an AWESOME picture book with wonderful pictures. I remember being so intrigued by it, for whatever reason ...
(Here is a link to purchase: Amazon.com

Anyway ..... enough about my crazy childhood memories!
I've really been loving all of the rainbows that are shining over blogland lately, too!

(Not that I've had a whole lot of time to enjoy them because I haven't been a very good blog-reader this week!  I've been prepping for report cards and parent-teacher conferences, outside enjoying the SUNSHINE ... and a whole lot of other STUFF!)

But here are some ideas I've been "filing away" to share with you ....

This is the simplest idea from CAN'T STOP MAKING THINGS --
but so practical!!!

LOVE these rainbow-painted mason jars from a girl and a glue gun 
(This kind of reminds me of my Valentine Centerpiece ... I'm thinking maybe this would be the perfect makeover for those jars!:)~

This sandpaper + crayon art project from Come Together Kids is so clever!  

This is such a sweet treat bag from it is what it is blog:

Rainbow Pudding!?!
I want some!!!
(From Craft:)

And WOWie-zowie ... check out these rainbow pancakes from MckMAMA!
Not only are they rainbow-COLORED, but they are made from FRUITS and VEGGIES, people!!!
(A lot of work, but totally RAD!)

I am doing this rainbow craft with my kinder kids next week!
(Thank you Live, Learn, Love!)

I hope your weekend is filled with RAINBOWS


  1. Very cute ideas. I love the puffy clouds.

  2. We LOVE that book! My uncle got that book for me when I was little and now Lallie is reading it (it's duck taped together at this point.) She LOVES rainbows because of this book.

  3. I love all these things but I won't pin them because I am living in fear of Pinterest. ;)

  4. I'm with you. I have an entire pinboard designated to rainbows and talked my friend into having her daughter do a rainbow bday party because my daughter wasn't interested:).

  5. LOVE these! I just read this and my week actually WAS filled with rainbows! lol This is what we had for dinner tonight:

    Happy St. Patrick's Day! :) xo, Reannah


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