Monday, April 16, 2012

Little Bit of Life: A Momentous Occasion :-)

Okay, so this post is going to be a tad-bit pathetic .... (much like my posting, in general, lately, huh?)
Sorry ... I think I mentioned that things are a little extra-crazy around here right now....?
Yep, things are just BUSY!
The beginning of the school year and the end of the school year tend to be that way!  And even though we're still almost two months from kindergarten graduation, it is now that all of the preparation starts -- not to mention lots of field trips and other fun, end-of-the-year activities!
(And hopefully I'll be able to explain more about everything else soon, too.)
Maybe next Monday.
(Maybe not.)

A momentous occasion.
I think I may have mentioned in my Easter post last week that Lucy got her first haircut!?

The sad thing is .... I wasn't even there!!!
Last weekend was super busy for me, and my mom (Nana) was headed to the salon for her hair appointment, so she offered to take Lucy along with her!

My cousin, Sheryl, is our AMAZING hairdresser.  And it sounds like Lucy had no hesitations jumping right up in that chair to get her hair cut!

Nana took this photo with her phone.  Nana hardly knows how to turn her phone on, much less take pictures with it, so it's pretty miraculous that we got a picture at all .... she knew I would want a picture, so I'm glad we at least got this one! 

(Lucy's hair is a little extra wild when it's all brushed out .... afro, anyone?!:)~  

I kind of can't believe I waited three-and-a-half years to get her hair cut, but those curls are just too darn cute!
Thank goodness, they're still there ....
Just a few less inches of them. :-)
...Which, coincidentally, means much less trauma at hair-doing time .... those curls are a nightmare to comb through every morning!
(By the way -- if any of you have great products for detangling curly hair without having to wash it every day -- I'd love to hear about 'em!)

I'll be back tomorrow to tell you about a REALLY cool photo challenge that I get to be a JUDGE for! 
I'm hoping YOU will want to enter!


  1. Curly hair is soooo adorable but from what my friends say it is difficult to manage! Excited to hear about the photo challenge!

  2. That curly hair is precious, but I understand how messy it can be. Try using a detangler that you don't have to wash out. I hear very good things about Tru Kid's Dancing Detangler.

  3. My daughter is almost three and a half with a head full of curls that I've never cut either! I'm so scared to..
    With detangler here though - we just use a TINY bit of conditioner in a spray bottle filled up with water and shake it, and spray away. I find that works just fine and I only wash Evalyn's hair maybe every other day.

  4. awhhhh, her curls are just too cute! :) I love hearing a little about your real life with Lucy Lu!!! :) Hope your life gets to be a little less crazy soon!!!

  5. My lil' bug's fine hair is not nearly as curly has your little button, but I use the California Baby hair detangler. When she wakes up her hair looks like a rat's nest in the back and with a few squirts of CB I'm able to brush/comb with few tears.

  6. Love her curls, my six year old has a full, thick head of curls as well. Thank goodness I do marketing for a national hair salon - I have tried everything and recommend "It's A 10" - we put it in her hair when she gets out of the shower and use it on dry hair on the no shower day as well to detangle (and then I just use a pick so I don't comb out her curls). Any moisture shampoo/conditioner is good and in addition to "It's a 10", we always use curl cream. Right now we're using the Purelogy curl cream and love it! Good luck!! Love your blog!

  7. Love those beautiful curls. :) As the (sometimes proud) owner of curly hair...I have yet to find any miracle product in 26 years...I have to wash every day. :/

  8. Wow!! I have had Ally's hair cut like four or five times now and she doesn't have that much!! Lucy's hair is gorgeous!! Bet she had fun!

  9. Ok so I am giving you the Versatile Blogger Award!!!
    No there is no prize money involved but I thought of you immediately.
    Here is the link:

    Congrats and love ya lots!!

  10. I just finished reading a book called Curly Girl I got from Amazon. I learned a few tricks and I'm way older then Lucy:)
    One I love is not using a towel to dry my hair but an old t-shirt

  11. I love my curls now - even though they often don't cooperate - but I HATED having my hair brushed when I was little. I remember trying to convince my mom that brushing wasn't necessary. At 24, I'm still experimenting with ways to manage my hair. I keep any brushing to a minimum, otherwise, it gets super-fluffy, and if necessary, a little conditioner mixed with water in a spray bottle helps to detangle without washing. Also, washing it less then once a day (I only wash it a few times a week) helps to balance out the natural oils and actually helps keep from getting tangled. (Conditioner is meant to restore oils stripped off by shampoo.)


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