Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ree & Me, v.3

It's time for another tried-and-true recipe from my (imaginary) BFF, P-Dub.
(Click HERE for the backstory.)

This one is a recipe I bet many of you have already tried .... it's an oldie but goodie!

Chicken Spaghetti
(found in her first cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks)

As always, my photos don't do these dee-lish recipes justice, so simply click HERE for Ree's recipe and lots of beautiful pictures!

But just to prove to you that I made it .... here you go:

This recipe has everything that is good ..... pasta, chicken ...... and cream of mushroom soup.
I have a theory:
(Are you ready for this?)
If it contains cream of mushroom soup, it's delicious.
The end.

This casserole is comfort food at it's finest.
My family LOVES it.
Just ask Lucy .... :-)
Oh, and don't tell Ree .... but even though the real recipe calls for a whole cut up fryer to be boiled down, etc .... I just shredded some baked chicken breasts.  (Or you could even use a rotisserie chicken!)
I know.  I'm a rebel like that.
Actually, I just hate boiling whole chickens.
It kinda grosses me out.
I know, I know -- then I don't have the wonderful homemade stock .... but stock-in-a-box seems to work just fine at my house!
And hey, if boiling chickens is your thing ... by all means, have at it! :-)

Give me a holler if this is one of YOUR favorite Pioneer Woman recipes, too!
And click HERE to see past Ree & Me posts!


  1. I'm with you. Rotisserie all the way.

  2. This is my VERY favorite PW recipe!! SO yummy!!

  3. Looks yummy! I'll have to try it for dinner soon.

  4. This is one of our favorites for sure!!


  5. This is my FAVORITE PW recipe. It's my go-to meal for new moms and my husband's most requested meal! (I don't use a whole chicken either - I boil chicken breasts and shred those instead - AND I leave out the pimentos - shhh). Other than that, TASTY TASTY!

  6. I've never heard of this before, but it looks incredible! :)

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