Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday Lovin' ... Kitchen Gadgets Top 10

Centsational Girl has a cool link party happening with favorite kitchen gadgets .... so I thought I'd jump onto the bandwagon!
By the way, if you don't know Centsational Girl -- you have been living under a rock should.
She has lots of exciting stuff happening right now, too!  (New contributor for Better Homes & Gardens!?  Hello!?)

Moving onto the best kitchen gadgets in my kitchen (according to me).
In no particular order...

My KitchenAid hand mixer.  
Yes, I have one of the big suckers, too .... but to be honest, I like my little ol' hand mixer better!
Call me crazy.  

My new KitchenAid immersion blender.  
The model I have (a Christmas gift from my mom!), has two other attachments, too.... a food processer and a whisk.  
Those things come in SO handy!  Almost anything I need to chop up quickly (i.e. onions, chicken, tomatoes, etc.) gets thrown into the food processing attachment!  
It's rad.  

Basic nylon tool set from Pampered Chef.  
I absolutely love these utensils.  
I've had them for YEARS and they still look (more-or-less) like brand-new.  
And I use them ALL THE TIME.  
(P.S.  this will not be my last mention of Pampered Chef ... approximately 85% of my kitchen consists of Pampered Chef, so I'll just apologize for the repetitiveness now!:)~

I LOVE tongs.  
These particular ones are Pampered Chef (I warned you), but I also have two other brands, as well .... and I love them all equally.  
For cooking, for serving .... they're just a handy tool!

Cutco knives.
Before we had Cutco, we had those ones from the department store that everyone has (that starts with an H!?).  
Yeah.  I'm here to tell you .... compared to those?  
Well, there just really is no comparison.  
Yes, these are a pretty penny.  
But they are WORTH every one of those pretty pennies.  

For measuring dry ingredients ... I love this stainless steel set from All-Clad.
They could double as weapons if you get in a bind, too.  
These suckers are HEAVY!
They mean business.  

For measuring liquids .... it doesn't get any easier than these babies.  
Easy read measuring cups (from Pampered Chef!)

For mixing (and storing!), I LOVE the Pampered Chef's batter bowls (the small AND the large sizes!)
It is SO awesome to be able to pop the lid on and put it in the fridge if you have a little extra!

And my other FAVORITE mixing/storage bowls are these (also from PC).  
They have silicone on the bottom, too -- so no sliding around the counter while you're mixing!
I don't think there is a better set of mixing bowls out there! 
I use at least one of these pretty much every day!

And last but not least .... a total luxury item, but --
if you want to make sure your cookies don't EVER burn, you need to get yourself a Silpat.  
These things just rock my socks.  
They are especially helpful for me because I am notorious for not hearing the timer -- or checking the cookies and intending on leaving them for "one more minute" - and in actuality, coming back in 5 minutes!  
The Silpat saves me every time! :-)
Do we share any of the same favorites?  
Got any MUST HAVES I'm forgetting? :-)


  1. I love my All Clad measuring cups and yes, they could double as a weapon. :)

  2. Pretty much have all of that Pampered Chef stuff and I love it!! It's always such good quality. LOVE those measuring cups...they've made my life much easier!! I think eventually I will have all PC stuff.

  3. Cutco ALL THE WAY! Have had some since 1966, and I add one now and then. Now, I'm buying them as gifts for my last 2 daughters.

    1. I have been showing Cutco since 2003. I love hearing peoples stories and how much they love their Cutco. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I can't live without my Pampered Chef little scoop (not sure exactly what they're called). You squeeze it to release whatever you scooped (reminds me of the cafeteria lady from Jr. High..ha!). Anyway, I use them to scoop cookie dough or muffin mix to get the "perfect" amount each time! Love them.

    Anyway, I also wanted to tell you I nominated you for the versatile blogger award! I'm a recent follower of yours and love everything you post!


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