Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Baby Update: 14 Weeks!

{exasperated sigh!}

I promise .... I'm REALLY trying to get back into this blogging thing, but .... I just can't seem to remember how!?!



Well, it doesn't help that ..... you're never going to believe this ..... but I've been sick AGAIN.  No strep throat this time, thank goodness -- just a regular ol' cold.  But a NASTY cold.

I even got to spend my entire three-day weekend in BED!

Aaaaaah!  My bedroom.  How I've missed you.


But, another week brings another exciting update from, reminding me that my babe is another week older!  Yahoo!!!
Apparently 14 weeks means I'm "officially" in my second trimester now.

I promised you a picture last time .... and I do have a bit of a bump now, so at least there's something to show you this time!
(pathetic excuse for a picture ... I hate taking my own picture!)
I'd rather it looked a little more like "pregnant" and a little less like "fat" .... but we'll get there, I suppose! :-)

Baby is approximately the size of a lemon this week.  3 1/2 inches, and 1 1/2 ounces.
This week's major developments:  baby can squint, frown, grimace, pee, and suck his/her thumb!

Having officially entered the second trimester, I'm supposed to be getting some energy back .... which I WAS doing before I got sick again.  I sure wish my appetite would disappear for a while instead of my energy!  I don't think there are enough raspberries on the planet to satisfy my craving right now.  Or cherries.  Or watermelon (my favorite food while pregnant with Lucy ... I may or may not have eaten half of a watermelon a day ... by myself!).
So, basically ... fruit.  Give me fruit, and I'm happy.
And cheese.
But that's nothing new.
My face is also breaking out BAD this past week (just as it did with Lucy) .... my entire face is covered in tiny little bumps.  It is awful.  Can't even stand to touch my own skin!  UGH!
Hmmm..... I'm thinking GIRL this week!?!
Well, whatever IT is, I started feeling IT kickin' around in there last week!  SO COOL!!!  And about a month earlier this time than I felt with Lucy -- (they say that's normal).

Lucy continues to seem unaffected by the baby news.  She randomly brings it up once or twice a week, talks about it for a few seconds, then moves on.  She has been VERY clingy with me though.  I'm sure this is JUST the beginning .... :-)


  1. Aww so good to see you again! You look great and love the bump pic! I felt my second kick earlier than my first as well! I am so excited for you!

  2. Hang in there! I do miss ya, but get some rest and get back on track!

  3. You look great! Hope it gets better from here on!

  4. First, you look awesome and I can't wait to see little Lucy's cute sibling. Maybe try rice paper sheets on your face. You can get them at Whole Foods (I like the ones with nothing on them) but Body Shop sells some too with concealer powder. They help pull the oil from your face without chemicals and they should help. What a pain, but worth it for baby. =0)

  5. When I was pregnant with my boys my complexion was never better, when I was pregnant with my girl my complexion was never so bad!! So I totally believe the saying, "boys give beauty and girls take it away." I have to say though, every zit was totally worth it for my baby girl! :) I am so so so happy for you, here's to a little sister for Lucy!

  6. Sorry to hear you are sick again but that baby bump looks good on you. Miss you and hope to see you soon. Probably won't be until Cholie's graduation....she has been counting down the days:-)

    Enjoy the sunshine!


  7. Bec! You and me both, girl!! I've had a nasty headcold for almost 2 weeks now!!! NOT fun, when coupled with pregnancy!! Here's to hoping we both feel better SOON! ;)

  8. Oh you CUTE thing!! Hope you feel better soon! I miss you!

  9. yay yayyy yayyy you are SOOO cute! I love hearing about pregnancy through friends and family.... I have this fascination with it... maybe that is because I have no clue!!!! I can't wait to hear more! But really, don't worry about blogging... unless you really want to! Because right now is the perfect time to spend focusing on you and your little lemon {and your fruit and cheese} hehe!

  10. Your blog is so cute! I just wanted to tell you that I'm 14 weeks too! I was pretty excited to see we re so close! :) and I'm excited too to be out of the "fat" stage of pregnancy. Bring on the bump!


  11. Hey Bec! Wow! It has been a while since I have checked your blog! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your blog doesn't show up anymore on my blogger home page so I'll follow now by Facebook and hope that all of the changes there don't mess that up. :) I hope you feel better soon!
    Jenn xo

  12. Hey, I found your blog (probably through another blog, or pinterest) a while ago and have bookmarked it on my computer. I really enjoy all the different posts and I love watching your pregnancy grow. I am also pregnant (33 weeks) and I have a ALMOST 2 year old. I hope to read more blogs soon.
    If you want you can check mine out too- I'm pretty new at it.

  13. Love the baby bump...adorable!

  14. I found you via Kim @Plumberry Pie and I can't wait to follow along with all your baby adventures!


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