Monday, May 7, 2012

I'm Alive ... and Working on Well

I know.
It's been awhile.

Where have I been .... ?
Well, first of all, there's the whole pregnant thing.
People, this baby has completely zapped every speck of energy (and creative juice) I may have ever dreamed of having.

I am not exaggerating when I tell you that I have spent more time in my bed over the last 7 weeks than I'd spent in here the previous 7 months.
(Notice I say "in here" .... that would be because I am currently IN. BED.)

Wish I was kidding.

Honestly, the trip from here to my office to unplug my laptop and lug it back to bed with me was a little rough.
(About the only place I've traveled to in the last 48 hours is my bathroom .... approximately 732 times, by the way.)

Which brings me to my latest "excuse" for absence:  strep throat.

If you follow along on Facebook, you probably already knew this.

But yes, I now have strep throat.
I can't tell you the last time I felt so awful.
In fact, I don't know if I ever have .... although I know it seems that way every time you're sick.
(Am I right?)

A fever, chills, the equivalent of a marching band pounding through the inside of my head, and a throat full of shredded glass.
That's what it feels like.

So .... here I lay, in my bed, with nothing to share with you.
Not even a picture.

I thought about showing you a picture of my bedroom, since that's really the only room in my house I ever see anymore .... but considering I haven't left my bed (aside from the aforementioned bathroom trips), the laundry piles have almost surpassed the height of the bed.
(Have I ever told you how much I loathe folding laundry...?)  
Yes, that's a strong word.  

Anyway.  I really didn't want to embarrass myself right now ... I'm a little too emotionally unstable for that in my condition! :)~  So, no picture of my "view" to share.  Sorry.  

I could show you a picture of Lucy .... but I haven't even seen the sweet girl for a couple of days.
Thankfully, Nana took her for the weekend ... REALLY praying this evil bacteria will skip right over her.

And husband, too, for that matter because, let's face it ..... a sick husband is the equivalent of 13 sick kids.
At least.

I do not care to follow up THIS with THAT.
NO, thank you.

So he's been sleeping in the spare bedroom.

Fingers crossed.

I'd love to promise you some new and exciting posts later in the week .... but I'm not gonna bother to pretend that will happen.

If you don't mind, I'm gonna take another week off.

I will be through this life-sucking first trimester by then .... and hopefully, I will be HEALTHY by then, too.

This sick stuff is for the birds.

Thanks to all who have sent messages of care and concern!  I've been reading them from my phone (in my bed, of course), and they are so encouraging. :-)

You guys are the best!


  1. Bec, I have to say that you are still absolutely hilarious even in your sick state!!! ;) I can't stop laughing. Not because you're sick of course, but you are just so funny explaining it. Trust me, if anyone understands "loathing" folding the laundry, it would be me. But if I were there I promise I would help you even just the same. And you are SO right about sick's just NOT worth all to get them sick.

  2. Oh now, strep is AWFUL. I never ever had it until......I started working with kids!! Yay for working with kids!!! Hope you feel better soon dear friend! :)

  3. :-( I pray you are feeling well soon and that it skips right over Scott and Lucy. Hang in there!
    Love, Melissa

  4. Feel better soon! I've been thinking about ya!

  5. Ugh, that's miserable! SO sorry. Will be praying that things get easier for you!

  6. Praying for you to get well soon!

  7. Get Well Soon!!! I have to agree with you on the sick husband being equivalent to 13 sicks kids.....but maybe it is more like 18 or Take care of yourself and get some much needed rest!!!!

  8. Argh! Get well soon. Strep throat is super duper awful. I had it last week and thought I was going to die. At least I was able to take drugs. I feel for you. All four of us actually got it. Maybe you gave it to us! Ha! :)

  9. Just rest!!!!! I know when I have strep throat I feel terrible and I don't even have the energy to turn over! Compound that with the first trimester of pregnancy and you have every right to rest, rest, and rest! You will feel better soon and we will see wonderful, creative things from you! Take care!

  10. Hello there!! Well I hope you are starting to feel better by today, I know how hard strep throat is on the body... yuck! But on a fun note, I just found you via Johnny In A Dress, and realized we are both in Oregon!! I am in Eugene, where abouts are you?

    I would love for you to visit my blog, and say Hello! I am now your newest follower!! Yay!


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