Monday, May 21, 2012

Little Bit of Life: Lucy's Birth Story

I decided since I will be experiencing ANOTHER birth before I know it, maybe it's time to share LUCY'S birth story with you!
(Honestly, I've thought about it several times before, but somehow -- thinking about that day while struggling with infertility was just too tough for me.)

But now .... well, we have a different situation, don't we? :-)

Now I'm totally ready to tell you this (rather entertaining?) story!

Lucy's due date was October 27th (a Monday).
The week prior, I had parent-teacher conferences on Monday and Tuesday (the 20th and 21st) -- mostly just to say my goodbyes and pass my kinders off to their new teacher -- and then I had the three remaining days that week to get last-minute shopping and baby preparations done.

By Friday (the 24th), I was DONE with preparing and READY to hold a baby!!!
I began doing everything I could think of (and everything I could find on Google) to put myself into labor.
I was bound and determined to have that baby by the end of the weekend.
(Not to mention, I knew if she was born over the weekend, I wouldn't have to worry about getting ahold of Scott on some far-away job site  in the middle of nowhere, having to drive myself to the hospital, etc.)

By bedtime on Sunday ..... still no baby.  Still no contractions.
So much for my plan.

I went to bed around 11:00 on Sunday night, and woke up around 2:00 a.m. with some interesting new "pains".
Not cramps - like they tell you contractions feel like .... so, after the pain stopped, I drifted back to sleep .... and WHAM!  Woke up to the same pain a half-hour later.



Finally, at 4:00 a.m., I decided I should probably get up and take a shower "just in case."
By 5:00, I had showered, blow-dried my hair, and even put on some makeup.  (pathetic?  maybe.  but that's just me!)

I think I had one "contraction" in the shower .... one while drying my hair .... and one while putting my makeup on.

Because they drill into your brain that you should NOT come to the hospital before the contractions are 5 minutes apart ... and mine were anywhere from 10-15 minutes apart ... and not even "contractions", if you asked me!, I woke Scott up and told him I was probably in labor and he should probably not go to work that day .... but that we probably wouldn't be going for a while.  

45 minutes later, at Scott's insistence (and by insistence, I mean whining and begging me to just go -- because he was so excited!), I decided we should just go to the hospital.
What's the worst thing that could happen ....?  They send me home, right?

We arrived at the hospital at exactly 6:00 a.m.

Upon checking in, we learned that all of the delivery rooms were full.

Another darn.  

So, they put me in a triage room to check me and see if this was, in fact, "the real thing."

I changed into my hospital gown, sat down on the bed, and began preparing for a long morning of watching talk shows (since I fully planned on getting an epidural as soon as I possibly could!).

The second I sat down on that bed, it was like something snapped.  I was suddenly in EXTREME pain and told the nurse so.
She checked my cervix and reported that I was dilated 5 cm .... and that I probably had at least a few hours to go.
She stepped out of the room for a moment, and in another split second, I was back in the same INSANE pain I had felt just a couple of minutes earlier.

Another nurse walked in with some random equipment (for my iv, etc.), and I started screaming that something was wrong.
By this point I was curled on my side in the fetal position with my upper body wrapped around the underside of my bed.
(Yes, I'm sure I looked like a total freak, and I have no idea why this particular position made me feel better .... not that it actually made me feel better.  There was no "better" by this point.)

Nurse #2 was asking questions that I could hardly even hear, let alone answer, when Nurse #1 came back in.
Nurse #2 tried telling Nurse #1 that I was suddenly in a lot more pain and she wasn't sure what was going on .... and Nurse #1 assured Nurse #2 that she had JUST checked me a few minutes ago and that I was "only" at 5 cm.

As my contractions were now literally coming on top of each other, I promptly grabbed my iv pole and practically wrapped myself around it in an effort to KEEP myself from pushing.  When the nurses urged me not to do that - and attempted to take it away from me - and I screamed at them (like a crazy psycho) that I had to push ..... I think then they realized I might not be joking.

As nurses #3, 4, 5, and 6 hurried into the room (presumably due to the fact that it was approximately 6:15 a.m. and they had a crazy woman screaming bloody-murder in the triage room), Nurse #1 decided she should maybe check me again.

It took two nurses per side to pry my legs apart in order for this to happen.

No sooner had my legs been pried apart than the nurse was frantically letting the other 7 of us in the room that we were going to have a baby RIGHT. NOW.

Two minutes later, a young doctor from the emergency room walked in, introduced himself, and told me that he had never delivered a baby before.
(Gee, that was comforting.)

He broke my water with something that looked like a crochet hook, and then the nurses told me I would push with the next contraction (though I couldn't really tell where one stopped and the next started by this point).

I closed my eyes and prepared to push -- and heard my doctor walk into the room.  (Thank the good Lord she was coming through to make her rounds early in the morning and was able to make it in time -- because I love her .... and the second I heard her voice, I knew everything would be OK.)

I gritted my teeth, pushed as hard as I could ..... and there was my Little Lucy Lu!

At 6:20 a.m.

Yep, you read that right, folks.
One push.
20 minutes after arriving in the parking lot.
10 minutes after being dilated to 5 cm.


The doctors and nurses agreed that perhaps I should consider birthing babies professionally.
I didn't agree .... particularly since I was more-or-less in shock and so scared out of my mind, I couldn't stop shaking!

Then again, by noon, I was asking if I could go home.
(They wouldn't let me.)

Looking back, it still amazes me ... how my life changed so completely in that instant.
The best day of my life, without a doubt.
God gave me the ULTIMATE blessing that day.
The best little person on the planet.

And now ... to think I will have ANOTHER one of those days!?!
I honestly can't wrap my mind around it.
It is kind of starting to terrify me .... how will I ever love another person like I love her?
Is that even possible?

Of course, I know the answer to that.  And I know every mom (of more than one) felt the exact same way.
But it's still hard to believe that it's possible.

.... and don't even get me started on how afraid I am for THIS delivery!
I mean .... how much faster can it get, really!?
And don't they say the second one is usually faster!?

My current plan is to set up camp in the hospital parking lot two weeks before my due date .....


  1. Awww - what sweet baby pictures. They brought tears to my eyes. Or the tears might have been from reading about your contractions and instant delivery. Whoa! That was fast.
    Good luck with the second one. Maybe they've put one of those bright yellow RUSH stickers by your name/chart in the hospital computer. hehehe

  2. Oh my goodness, that was FAST!! Lucky girl, but I know it still hurts even when it's fast, maybe even worse! And yes, I think every one of us wonders how in the world we could EVER love anyone as much as that first one, but trust me, you do!! There is always that special something about the first one though, since they are the only one you've ever gotten to spend time with all by themselves. SO excited for ya! {I worried sick both times about labor, I think it's normal to. Labor is just no fun no matter how it happens!!}

  3. I love the "I wanted to go home by lunch" part. I felt the same way when my second was born after a whopping 52 minutes of labor. I Everyone kept saying "you just had a baby. Relax!". But I was much more wired than tired, and felt like I hadn't done any work at all!
    This time will probably go pretty quickly for you as well, but you might want to tell the nurses they aren't allowed to check you until your Dr. & husband is on site.(That was what jump-started my labor both times) Good Luck!

  4. I love Lucy's birth story! I was smiling while I read the whole thing...not because you were in pain but because I could actually hear your voice while I read it...and I knew the ending! I can't wait to here your next birth story and see your precious little one:-)

  5. Great story but the fact that you look THAT amazing after giving birth?? Even better. My pictures wont ever EVER make it onto my blog. Or maybe in the interest of me being more real they will but I look like I ate another person in mine...huge and bloated. :)
    And Lucy still looks the same!!! :)

  6. Wow! What an amazing story! :) Just beautiful! :) I am due with #2 in 5 weeks and thought that my 3 pushes was quick etc. You sound like you'd better set up camp just in case!! :) We're planning a home birth so hopefully we'll be in the right place at the right time! :) Good luck with your next birth x

  7. Lucy is a gorgeous baby and you look fab for just have given birth!!! My delivery was more complicated than yours but I am the same in saying that I am more terrified of round two cause I now know what to expect!!!

  8. WOWZA! You are a birthing machine! :) When my doctor broke my water with my youngest daugther (currently 7 months old), it took 13 contractions for her to *literally* fall out of me! by the 12th contraction, I shouted, "I NEED TO PUSH NNOOOOOWWWW!" to which my nurse replied, "DO NOT PUSH! THE DOCTOR IS NOT HERE!" "I'M NOT PUSHING!" By the time she ran to my bed from only 2 feet away, she caught my little lady, Vivian Rane. It was that fast. My doctor came into the room right as I saw Vivian's feet! Easiest delivery for him... ever! :) I wish you all the best of luck with baby #2! God truly works miracles, and you and your children are some of my favorite examples!

  9. Well I sure hope that your are blessed with a quick delivery for this one as well! Great birth story! I have to agree with you, October 27th, 2008 was a wonderful day indeed.( Little Ronnie:)!!

  10. Bec, My first was not nearly as quick as yours, about 8 hours. However, my second, I went through the same thing. From start to finish I was in labour for a total of 3 hours. We moved during my pregnancy too, so the hospital was 45 minutes away. I was pushing in the car, and as soon as I got out at the hospital my midwife looked at me and said "you're pushing already!" Little one was born 20 minutes later, and it would have been sooner, but she held off breaking my waters because my hubby was parking the car! That's some fast labour, lady! Thank you for sharing your story!


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