Friday, June 29, 2012

Baby Update: 18 Weeks!

Wow .... how two weeks flies by!
Hard to believe I'm already at 18 weeks! (+ a few days, but who's counting?:)~

I am now officially on VACATION!!!
Got my kinders all graduated and my classroom all wrapped up ... for 14 whole months!  WOOHOO! :-)

I've spent the last week looking at the beautiful part of my state that looks like THIS:
So ... once again, missing in action.
I'm thinking my blogging mojo might be returning soon though ... I'm kinda feelin' it...???

(In fact, stay tuned for a very important post LATER TODAY with a giveaway attached!  More on that later ....)

Anyway.  On to our baby update.

Here's the picture.

Ugh.  This still isn't getting any more enjoyable.
(The taking pictures of myself thing, I mean.)

And no.
I'm still not looking any more pregnant than I was two weeks ago.
Or the two weeks before that.
LESS so, if that's possible!?!
Ridiculous, I tell you!
Maybe it's the different mirror....? (I was on vacation.) Or the iPhone instead of the "real" camera ...?
(I knew I loved my iPhone....)

Well, regardless ....
Baby is about 5 1/2 inches long and 7 ounces ...  about the size of a bell pepper!
His/her bones are starting to harden, and reflexes are now more fully developed -- lots of hiccups and yawns!
Baby's genitals are now fully visible ... and speaking of that ... we will be finding out in just a few days whether Lucy is getting a little brother or sister!!!  (Pray for a cooperative baby on ultrasound day, will you friends??:-)

I am feeling GREAT!  Aside from my still-yucky skin, I have absolutely zero complaints!
I really have no specific cravings ... just love to eat all the time (but this is nothing new for me - EVER).
I am LOVING feeling this little one move ALL THE TIME!  He/she not only kicks and jabs VERY often, but now I'm feeling lots of rolling around in there, too!  So crazy!  And so cool!!!

Still wearing my regular clothes ... but anxious for this bump to show up!
And even MORE anxious for the ultrasound!  I go back and forth between what gender I'd rather have ... but the truth of the matter is, I really don't care, one way or the other!  How can I care when we're talking about a MIRACLE baby?!!! :-)  I'm just 100% THRILLED, either way .... but still ANXIOUS to find out!  I want to get planning -- and painting!!! :-)
How could I forget that one??? :)~

As far as the baby goes, Lucy has REALLY changed over the past two weeks!  She has gone from briefly mentioning the baby every few days .... to talking about it ALL the time.
Every meal, I hear: "Mama, your baby is hungry!  Mama, you need to feed your baby!  Mama, your baby's tummy is growling!"
She loves to kiss my tummy and talk to the baby now, too .... and she just cracks up doing it.  She is so excited, it's just awesome.
MOST of the time, she still insists it's a girl ... though a couple of times, she has said it's a boy.  She is VERY excited to go to the ultrasound with us next week!  I think it's going to be such a fun experience!

So .... you wanna hear more about my SECOND POST, LATER TODAY!?
I know.
Don't fall over.
Two posts in ONE day.
On Little Lucy Lu.
Hard to believe?
But true.

It's going to be a GENDER PREDICTION post .... with a chance to win a VERY cool prize if your guess is the winner!
So ... if you'd like to weigh in on what you think this baby is ....
Or if you just want a chance to win a very awesome gift ....



  1. I am so excited for the gender prediction post! I will even break my once a day computer rule for this one!
    You look radiant! I showed right away with my second but it took me three years to lose all of that weight so enjoy the slow bump. :)
    Big hugs!
    And Bec is BAAAACK!!!! Yay!

  2. I too can't wait to hear if its a "he" or a "she". I still think boy, but I'm no expert by any means. Just excited to know!

  3. I'm going to guess girl, and give you a tip that my ultrasound tech gave me. My first ultrasound, baby wouldn't give up the goods, which is apparently more common for girls, boys tend to splay their legs out (not news, right? lol). So for the 2nd one, the tech told me to sugar up, so I had a chocolate and a couple of swigs of coke. Enough to wake up baby and have her moving around so we could find out - girl!

    Good luck!

  4. Glad to hear everything is going well! I bet it feels good to know that you've gotten everything wrapped up and freed up for baby's arrival.

    Also, you're looking GREAT! I know it's annoying when you feel chunky and would rather have a sizeable bump, but really, you look great. Hope everything continues to go smoothly!

  5. My guess is girl! The Chinese calendar was right with Claire! Plus who wouldn't live another little girl!! Can't wait to hear! :)

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