Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Baby Update: 22 Weeks!

Can someone please explain to me how two weeks manages to go by (over and over) ... and somehow, these baby updates are the ONLY posts I can manage to squeeze out!?

If you are annoyed by this, don't worry .... I'm much MORE annoyed with MYSELF, I promise!!!

I HAVE been working on a few things though ... and I WILL be sharing some of them very soon, if it's the last thing I do!

How about a baby update!?

Well, first of all ... let me tell you ... this baby is SHOWING UP now!!!


Baby Max is now 11 inches long and weighs about a pound!
He is looking much like a miniature newborn now. :-)  SO EXCITING!!!
He continues to be a very active lil' guy ... he loves trampolines as much as his big sister, and unfortunately, he thinks my bladder is one. :)~
But actually, just over the past week, he has finally moved UP off of my bladder much more.  I'm feeling him hanging out more around my belly button now!

Well, as you can see above, I have GROWN.
I know it's a good thing ... but boy-oh-boy, saying "ta-ta-for-now" to my regular pants has been a little frustrating.
(Mostly because this didn't happen until about 26 weeks with Lucy.)
(And don't tell me it's supposed to happen faster the second time ... that was FOUR years ago, folks.  I don't think that counts.)
On the upside, at least I think I actually appear "pregnant" to random people on the street, rather than just extra-chubby.
At least that's what I'm telling myself.  
Also on the upside, my skin is doing much better!  Still not great ... but much improved!
And overall, I'm feeling GREAT!

Lucy has definitely adjusted to the idea of having a little brother.
She rubs my belly and talks to Max every night while we're snuggling before bedtime.
And she always has to give him a kiss and tell him goodnight, too.  :-)  SO CUTE!
She's also been referring to "her brother" multiple times a day ... "when my brother grows up, I'm going to teach him to walk", "when my brother comes out, I'm going to give him an ice cream cone", etc. :-)
She's also started telling me she "CAN'T WAIT!" until he comes out.
This is what I was afraid of!  These next 4 months could get very l-o-n-g if this keeps up! :)~

Hopefully I'll be seeing ya'll back here again sooner rather than later (i.e. sooner than the next baby update in two weeks!:)~


  1. Look at your little belly! Too cute! Is this one lower for you than Lucy was? My little guy is L-O-W!!! Cant believe you are over half way! :D

  2. You look radiant as always, Bec! I'm with Lucy, I can't wait to see some pictures of that sweet little boy!!

  3. Four years doesn't mean anything. You just show sooner. Ha ha. You look beautiful and healthy! Looking forward to seeing what things you are working on.

  4. You look so cute! I always found the first half of the pregnancy were so much worse than the second half. Hopefully it will just get easier from here!

  5. Umm I was wearing preggo pants in my 8th week of pregnancy with my second and my girls are 7 years apart! I think its because of my before mentioned Chef Boyardee habit while pregnant. What?!?! Its sooooo goood when you are hormonal, can't keep anything else down and you don't have to count calories. :)

    You look amazing!
    Big hugs friend!

  6. Oh, you look so cute. I love pregnant ladies. And I love everything that Lucy says. She sounds just like my granddaughter with her little brother. So happy for you.


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