Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Baby Update: 26 Weeks!

I'm a day or so late getting this posted, but yep -- 26 weeks pregnant, I am!

I've been working on lil' Max's room like a crazy person lately ... (but still have a long way to go, so don't look for the big reveal anytime soon:)~
This lazy, pregnant lady can only go so fast, ya' know!? :)~

Let's get to the picture (and get it over with!) ...
You'll notice there's no little smiley face graphic ... I decided it's become pretty clear that there is, in fact, a baby in that tummy! :-)

Max is growing like a weed (as you can see!).  He weighs around two pounds and is about 14 inches long!  He can hear our voices a little better this week ... and his taste buds are very developed now, too.  (According to my "What To Expect" iPhone app, if I eat spicy food, baby can even taste the difference in the amniotic fluid!  Crazy!:-)
He's been getting hiccups quite often lately, too ... maybe I'm eating too much spicy food!? :)~
He continues to be such an active little guy!  It is pretty cool to watch my stomach rock and roll ... not something I ever experienced with Lucy!

I'm still feeling great ... definitely not "uncomfortable" yet, so no complaints from me!  (Oh, who am I kidding ... I can always find something to complain about!:)~  I haven't been sleeping too well again lately, which is pretty annoying, but I've gotten good at taking at least a short nap while Lucy takes a nap every day, too ... so that helps!
I've got the big glucose test coming up at my next appointment, which I can't say I'm looking forward to ... just makes me nervous!  I have no reason to believe I have gestational diabetes, but I don't think many people ever do!
Following my next appointment, I'll be going to the doctor every two weeks (instead of once a month), too ... so I know that means I'm getting closer!  So hard to believe Max will be out here with us in just a few months!
Oh ... and did I mention how happy ecstatic I am NOT to be working away in my classroom right now, preparing for the school year!?  .... Because that's what I would normally be doing right now!  I am SO thoroughly enjoying my summer -- ALL of it -- and I love not having the stress of preparing Lucy for me to be leaving again every day.  It is such a wonderful thing to "just" be a mama!  (You ladies who get to do that every year are LUCKY! ... and yes, I realize it's a choice -- just not one I have been brave enough to make as of yet...)

Lucy gets to be more of a character every day.  I sometimes wish I could just record everything she says so that I will always remember what she sounded like at this stage.  It is SO entertaining.  And she has the cutest little voice.  :-)
She is SO excited about Max.  As I type, she is currently walking around with her little stuffed monkey under her shirt so she can "have a big tummy like Mama."
Lovely. :-)
She's done lots of fun things lately ... the Children's Museum in Portland, the Enchanted Forest (our miniature version of Disneyland around here), family reunions, playing at the park, a camping trip with Daddy ... but she's just as happy picking tomatoes in our garden, playing in her sandbox, or walking around collecting sticks with Stella (the best dog in the world).
She is the BEST ... and I love her to pieces.  :-)

Believe it or not, I've got a little (mini) tutorial/project for you in the next couple of days!  (Don't be too shocked!:)~
See you soon!


  1. You look fabulous Bec! And I'm sure it's SO nice to not be feeling like summer is over quite yet with having to go back to work! ;) Enjoy the time off!!!

  2. So exciting to see that you and Max are doing so well! :) I cannot wait until his room is revealed!

  3. You look wonderful, Bec. It almost makes me miss pregnancy. I love the top you are wearing in your pic. The ruched sides look feminine and give you lots of room for growth!

  4. ADORABLE as always Bec!! Can't wait to meet that little man! ;)

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