Thursday, August 16, 2012

Light Fixture ... Help Wanted!

Hi, friends!

Okay, so I hate to be one of those kind of friends who only comes around when she needs something .... but I really need your help.  Or at least your opinion.

(Although, if you want to come HELP, I wouldn't mind that, either ....)

I'm working on Max's room (hooray!), and I keep going back and forth about whether or not to share along the way .... or wait until it's DONE to show you the finished product.
I guess I'm gonna have to give a little away today because - like I mentioned - I need some advice.

I'm doing a vintage/industrial/western/farm theme (not that it's really a "theme" like those nurseries with jungle animals or sports paraphernalia or Winnie the Pooh all over the place)....

(sorry, I've got nothing against Winnie the Pooh or anything, I just don't really want him all over one of the rooms in my house!)

.... but I want Max's room to have that vintage/antique feel (ya know, kinda like the rest of my house!:)~

So .... I've arrived at the process of picking a light fixture, and I'm having a tough time deciding!
And I knew YOU would be the perfect people to ask!

Tell me which of the following you like best:
(the simplest -- and cheapest! option)
Industrial Cage Ceiling Light from Etsy Shop LampGoods, $69

(SO creative and unique -- and very vintage-esque! ... perhaps too much so?)
Chicken Feeder-turned-light fixture from Etsy Shop Vintage Artindustrial, $120

(more refined -- and very decently priced, for Pottery Barn!)
Depot Ceiling Lamp from Pottery Barn Kids, $99

(biggest "statement piece" ... and most expensive ... but SO cool!:)~
Industrial Sphere Pendant from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child,  $199
Okay, my peeps.
I would LOVE to hear your opinions!!!  You can comment here or on my Facebook page, if that's easier for you! :-)
Thanks a bunch for your help!


  1. Because it is a kid's room, I vote for the Sphere Pendant. Playful and industrial looking. However, the way it is designed, it will place shadows all over the room

  2. Ok so you know I am really cheap, so one would think I would choose #1 but I think it would cast too much light for a baby's room. Especially when getting up at 3 am for a feeding. :) So I am going with the Pottery Barn one. Its only 30 dolla more and I think it looks a lot like your style! Ok, when can I come help you install it??? :)

  3. I like the chicken feeder, turned light fixture. How much more vintage 'farmhouse' can you get?

  4. My vote is for #3! It's newer AND vintage at the same time!

  5. The last one! That is SO cool:-)
    We hope to see you this weekend!


  6. For the price I like the first or third options! I think they give the same feel without breaking the bank!

  7. #2 Speaks vintage farm to me more than any of the others, I would love to have that in my own house. That round thing looks like a dust collector.

  8. I'm kind of a pottery barn type of that one best!

  9. #3, its cute, not too much more than option 1 and it won't make the room so bright when the light is on. :) Hope this helps!

  10. #2 fits your "theme" perfectly and I love it.

    I like #1 next then #3.

    #4 reads more entryway then any type of bedroom.

  11. I like lamp #3! I think it is the most versatile and can grow with Max as the theme of his room may change! Good luck, can't wait to see the progress!

  12. I agree with Loulee,#3 seems like it could go with several different design themes. Whatever you decide will be perfect, it always is!

  13. Love love love #3!

  14. # 3...that would be my vote. Definitely could grow with him...and unlike #1, the bulb would be easier on the eyes.

    Good luck!

  15. I was going to say #1, but I love everyones opinions on #3 it would be a really good choice too. I like the balance of the old look with the new cleaness of it. I agree with however say #4 would cast weird shadow...the less shadows the better when he is 2ish!

  16. #1!!!! #1 is super fun, and still feels like a child's room(but could easily transition to a big kid's room). I really love it!

  17. Hi. They are all super cute, I totally get your indecision! For the last option, I don't know how DIY you are, but thrifty decor chick did something similar and it seemed very easy and inexpensive.

    Good luck! I just redid my girl's playroom. It is so fun, but agonizing over some of the details!

  18. #3 = shiny and industrial - and transitional for when you change the "non-theme" in the future.

  19. I love all of them, but my vote is for #2! I think it is masculine, has the look you are going for and is the perfect size for a bedroom!

  20. I vote 3 or 4. I think 3 might fit better though : )


  21. I like #3 or #1. They're all really nice, I don't think that you can go wrong with anything that you end up choosing. ~ Jamie

  22. #2 is my first choice, #3 is my second!!

  23. I like 3.. I am not a fan of 4 since those lights are really trendy and I don't think it gives a "vintage" feel but more of a contemporary one.

    Good luck! None of them would be a total miss!

  24. I LOVE #2, but you probably figured I would, huh? Can't wait to see what you've come up with:-)


  25. I like #2 the best. Can't wait to see the room all put together!

  26. Loving #2--it has country written all over it!!!

  27. I dont know if you watch craft wars on TLC but just a few weeks ago a lady on there made a pendant light just like the last one out of blinds!!! Regular cheap everyday blinds!! She took apart the blinds, took a single blade and made a circle around a light (kit from Michaels) then slowly added more, drilling and using pins?

    If you really want #4 I would look online at TLC's website to see if they posted anything about it!

  28. Number 1 and number 2 are my favorites!! Either of those give the feel that you are looking for to me.


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