Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Baby Update: 28 Weeks!

I'm seven months pregnant!!!
Things are gettin' serious now!
And seriously exciting! :-)

We've had an exciting couple of weeks .....
And yes.  I'm still growing.
God bless my iPhone.
Somehow or other, it manages to make me look not-quite-so-big..?

Max currently weighs about two and a half pounds and is approximately 15 inches long!
He now has eyelashes and can open and close his eyes.
He is gaining more fat, so the wrinkles in his skin are smoothing out.
Wanna see his sweet face?
Here's a peek from our 3D/4D ultrasound last week!
So precious!
Especially that sweet nose ... just like his big sister's! :-)

Oh, and did I mention, Max really likes to beat on his mama, too?  OUCH!  This guy can KICK!
His feet have managed to make it up to my ribs now, too ... which is a feeling I remembered well from Lucy's pregnancy.  (I was constantly trying to push her feet OUT of my ribs!)

My uterus has now passed the basketball-sized stage.
My stomach is feeling very s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d out these days.  People keep telling me how "HUGE" I look, but today at my doctor's appointment, I discovered that I'm actually measuring a week behind (which is what I measured all through my third trimester with Lucy, too).  So that made me feel a little better! :)~
I got to drink that lovely glucose yuck today, too ... so fingers crossed for no gestational diabetes!
I didn't have it with Lucy, but have heard from LOTS of women lately who didn't have it with their first, but did with their second!? ... that makes me a little worried, but worst case scenario, I'll need to alter my diet a bit -- (which could be interesting, considering 75% of my diet these days is sugar and carbs!  Yikes!  I know ... it's terrible.  But fruit and pasta and bread is about all I want to eat!).
My hips have started to bother me a bit the last week or so, too.
I've been forcing myself to walk for a while each night, despite my lack of energy ... it doesn't feel so great while I'm doing it ... but afterward, I'm glad I did.  It seems to loosen things up in the ol' hips! :)~  Plus, I sleep better, which is definitely a bonus!

This week, Lucy is gearing up to be a flower girl (again!).  She should be a professional at that by now! :)~
Dani's wedding is coming up in a couple of days, and Lucy is very excited to DANCE!  (Forget about throwing flower petals!  She just wants to get to the reception and dance!:-)
Here she is, wearing Dani's veil the other night ... (I realized it's been a while since I posted a picture of sweet Lucy here - so sad! ... and sorry for the semi-blurry phone picture!:)~
Aaaah!  Does it get any cuter, really...?
I vote no.
I know ... I might be a little biased.

Is it weird that this morning ... on the first day of school (where I am  NOT, which is SUCH a strange feeling!), I was having my own little panic attack, just thinking about two years from now when Lucy will be off to kindergarten!?!
I am truly pathetic.
.... Did I mention she will be coming WITH me to school?  And that I will be her teacher?
And I'm STILL freaking out about it!?!
I might need therapy.

Tell me I'm not crazy.

Oh!  And if you didn't see my really cool "DIY Faux Metal Letters" project the other day, go check it out! :-)


  1. You look great! Lucy is so so cute! We need to see more pics of her :-)

  2. That US picture is so sweet and Lucy is such a doll! I went to the same school that my Mom taught at as well and she was my grade 2 teacher {my Dad also taught at my high school!} You look great in your picture - hope the glucose drink went down well and the sugars were under control!

  3. Could YOU be any cuter?! I think not!!
    I love your posts!!
    Love Max's little nose!! So stinkin' cute!!
    And Lucy in that veil?! Faaaahhh-get-about-it!!
    Overloaded on cuteness here!!
    You just made a bleak day so much brighter!
    Thank You for Being You!!

  4. So exciting to see baby Max's face in the ultrasound! I love how technology has advanced so much that now we can get a sneak peek at our little ones before they enter the world! Lucy is so gorgeous! I LOVE her hair! And her skirt! I want one for my girls! I am so glad that you are glowing and growing! Praying everything for your glucose test goes well and you pass! I've had three girls and I've never had gestational diabetes! Best of luck! And God bless! :)

  5. You DO NOT look huge silly! Just compared to me (because I'm apparently a freak of nature) you actually look pregnant! I just look like I ate too much for lunch! I would rather look pregnant than have everyone around me tell me that there is no way I'm as far along as I say, or just think that I have been eating too much cake!

  6. You are absolutely DARLING!! ;) I'm so stinkin' excited for ya! And I can't wait to meet Max! Loves!

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