Monday, September 3, 2012

DIY {Faux} Metal Letters

In keeping with the whole vintage/industrial look I'm going for in Max's nursery, I knew I wanted some of those nice, big metal letters to spell out his name somewhere in the room.
Here's what I came up with:

So, why did I GO FAUX, you ask ...?
Well ... have you ever shopped for those suckers!?

Let me show you what I found on my shopping endeavor:

These are from Anthropologie, for $18.00 PER LETTER.
 These are from The Land of Nod, for $34.00 PER LETTER.

And these are from Pottery Barn Kids, for $14.00 PER LETTER.

I thought to myself, "Thank the Lord, MAX only has THREE LETTERS!!!"
But then I thought ..... hmmm ..... how could I do this myself?  (aka: CHEAPER!?)

And here's what I came up with:
I went to the craft store and purchased these giant papier mache letters and a can of RUST-OLEUM Satin Nickel Metallic paint.
(The letters were around $5.00 each, but I had a coupon, so they ended up being about $4.00 each.)
I used a gray primer (which I already had at home) first ... then the metallic paint.
I didn't love it.
This particular paint was a little to "sparkly" for what I was going for ....
Luckily, I had this MODERN metals paint in my paint closet already:
(If you haven't tried this brand of spray paint .... you're missing out!  Aaahh!  Love it!  And I even love the smell!  ... okay, maybe that's a weird pregnancy-related thing, but seriously, it smells GOOD!)

Anyway.  This was a much better option in this particular project. :-)
Here's an after shot:
And one more:

They're lookin' pretty darn metal-like to me ... how 'bout you?

I decided to take it one more step and add some distressing to my "metal" ....
I just used my walnut Distress Ink and a paper towel and smudged them up a bit.
Kinda more the look I was going for!

And here's the finished product!

And the best part .... for LESS than $5.00 per letter!
SO easy to do.
Gotta love a cheap 'n' easy project that looks cool and expensive!

See you tomorrow for a baby update! :-)


  1. so so sooooo cute!!! I have been wishing for letters like these for a long long time! Thank you for the inspiration!!!! :o) I hope you had a wonderful long weekend sweet friend!!!

  2. Hi, Bec

    They look great! Love! Hope you and the baby to be are well


  3. Becca, you are so darn CRAFTY, Wow, love these letters too!!! JoNell

  4. lookin good. the distressing was just the right touch. can't wait to see the rest. BTW, I just love his name, meant to tell you that before. so cute!

  5. Easy peasey - and effective. Love them and so will MAX (someday!)

  6. :~) As I'm reading this in my office, the green on Max's wall is almost a match to the green in my office! Now when I think how much I still love my office green (after 8+ years!) I will think of you and sweet Max. Too cool!

    Kim Cathcart

  7. $34 per letter insane, yours look better! I have a Max although the M fell off so it says Ax, about to change it! Love the letters, love the name :)

  8. These look really neat!! And super affordable, love it!

  9. I love this! Visiting from the linkup!

  10. awesome looks really sharp and charming come see what I shared at

  11. Wow - those look great! I love the idea since I am into anything monogram lately!


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