Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Baby Update: 36 Weeks!

I'm throwing my usual "baby update format" out the window this week because ....
Well.  Just because.

But here's your picture -- and PROOF -- that I'm now officially NINE MONTHS pregnant!!!

At the end of this week, lil' Max will be considered "full term".  Such a huge relief to be at this point!!!
This past week or so, I've spent so much time thinking back to the beginning of this pregnancy.
The initial SHOCK.  I repeat SHOCK -- that I was actually pregnant...
...after 9 months prior, when the fertility doctor told us he didn't have an explanation for how we already HAD a child (Lucy), and that we had about a one-in-a-million chance of having another without the most complex (and expensive!) form of IVF procedure (ICSI).
(And we gave up.)
And then the many complications and scary moments that accompanied those first few months.
Multiple trips to the hospital for emergency ultrasounds.
Blood tests ... and more blood tests.
Progesterone suppositories.  TWICE A DAY.
Spotting, spotting, and more spotting.
Tears, tears, and more tears.
Meltdown after meltdown.
Being in constant fear.

In fact .... I realized about a week ago ... I had FINALLY stopped checking the tissue after using the bathroom with dread at what I might see.

Deep breath.
This has been quite the journey.

Overwhelming - in both happy AND sad ways - to almost be at the end of my second miracle pregnancy.

Meanwhile .... Max is now the size of a bowling ball (and it kinda feels like I'm lugging around a bowling ball, too!:)~  He's been head-down for a while now, and his little bum seems to be a couple of inches lower the last few days ... (I don't find myself pushing it down out of my ribs anymore!:-)
I've been having a lot of cramping and contractions, and I'm anxious for my doctor's appointment on Friday to see if all of that has resulted in any dilating yet.  (I dilated super-early with Lucy, too, so it wouldn't be very surprising - or alarming!:-)

The nursery is officially DONE (minus the last big project I keep mentioning).  I've actually decided to give up on that project for now, so I WILL be posting his nursery pictures within the next week, I PROMISE.
Max's diaper bag is packed.
My hospital bag is half-packed.
I plan on installing the car seat this week.
It feels good to be almost-ready!

Now ... the question is ... will there be a 38-week update!?!
I would assume so, but I guess we never know!
Stay tuned ..... :-)

And also, stay tuned for the nursery reveal, Lucy's cowgirl birthday party pics, and a few other things!
(IF I can get myself motivated to post them all this week!  Sure gonna try!:-)
See you soon!


  1. CUTE, cute and CUTE!!!! And SO super excited that your miracle baby is about to arrive!! WOW Bec, what a story you have to tell!! LOVE and hugs!

  2. Can't wait to hear the news!
    So happy for your family and now you can take a deep breath and get ready for Max.
    Big gigantic hugs!!

  3. I JUST pulled out all of Zeek's baby clothes tubs and sorted through (all 4 of them!) last night to pull out any gender neutral items. :) I feel better knowing I have some clothes out and washed for this little one now. :)

  4. SO excited for you to have reached 36 weeks! I remember reading your post about the miracle that happened when you got pregnant with Lucy and how she would probably be your last baby... and then your pregnancy announcement! I shouted for joy and praised God for his tender love! I wish you the best in your upcoming labor and delivery! Hopefully Max stays put a little longer, but if he decides to come early, I pray all goes well! I am way excited to see his nursery! :) HUGS and LOVE!!

  5. You haven't heard from me in awhile, but I had to comment on this post to let you know how very thrilled I am for you and your second miracle baby. I can't wait to see pictures when he arrives!

  6. You look SO pretty!! Hang in there... boys are fun, and the second baby is so different and special. Good luck with your dr's appt!!

  7. You are so sweet, Selena!!! Thank you!!! :-)

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