Saturday, October 27, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday, Lucy!

Well ... it's getting late, but I didn't want to let the night end without a quick post (for my own sake) recognizing the 4th birthday of my most favorite girl ... my little Lucy Lu!
I say this every year ... but I don't know where time has gone.
I remember 10/27/2008 at 6:20 a.m. as if it was 15 seconds ago.
The best moment of my whole life, by a long shot.

And the craziest part is .... little did I know then that I would love her MORE the next day .... and MORE the next day .... and MORE the next day (and you get the idea), which means that today -- 4 years later -- I love her 1,460 times more than I did then.

Though I don't know how you could possibly measure.

I love this little girl so much it's indescribable.
(I know every mom out there feels the same, and yet -- somehow -- I don't believe it.)
(Every mom probably feels that way, too.:)~

This fourth year with Lucy has been even better than the third (and the third was better than the second ... and the second was better than the first).
I guess because of the aforementioned loving her 1,460 times more today thing ....?  
I really don't know.
But somehow, it just seems to get MORE fun and MORE special every year.

(And yes, it terrifies me that at some point, I fear this pattern will stop -- or reverse.)

Lucy is such a special girl.  And not just to us, her parents -- but to most people who know her -- (and I believe ALL people who REALLY know her.)
She exudes joy and happiness.  She is SO funny and entertaining.  She is sweet and considerate.
(Most of the time.)

She loves to sing and dance.  She loves to play dress up.  She loves to "bake" in her kitchen.  She loves to bake with ME in the (real) kitchen -- and especially with Nana in Nana's kitchen.  She loves to be outside.  She loves her animals (stuffed AND real:)~.  She loves playing with her friends and going to church and being the center of attention.

I know this next year, that whole "being the center of attention thing" will come to an end.  She'll have to share the spotlight a little bit with her new baby brother.
It makes me sad in ways, to think that next year - on her FIFTH birthday - my time with her will have been so much less, because it will have been shared.
(I know that sounds silly.)

I have SO LOVED spending every single day with JUST my little Lucy.
How blessed we have been to have these four whole years, JUST US.
Thinking back over the last three years, and the infertility struggles we have endured ... I am humbled to realize that God's plan was so much better.  (Of course it was!)

Thank you, Lord!  For this amazing miracle (that we didn't even KNOW was such a miracle to begin with!).  And for four of the best, most special years imaginable.

If I could rewind backwards four years and do it all over again ... I would do it in a heartbeat.
So I could soak it all in even more....
My best four years.

I love you, Lucy.  To the moon and back a million times ... and then some more.


  1. Awwww. Little Lucy Lu. Happy birthday!!!! :)

  2. So so sweet! Happy Birthday Lucy!

  3. Aww Happy Birthday Lucy! Its been so much fun seeing you grow up and can't wait to see you become an amazing big sister! Love and hugs from Chicago!

  4. Oh this is precious!! I know just how you feel!! Be SO happy that you were able to have the four years just with Lucy!! You will always treasure that!

  5. So sweet! Both your post and Lucy, that is! I believe that she is full of joy and sweetness, just by all the super sweet pictures that you post of her. She is always beaming and looks so giggly. :) Full of life and love and joy, which she has to have learned from her parents... so be proud. You've obviously done well. :)

  6. Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl! :) What a blessing you have had in being able to spend the last 4 years with just Lucy! You will find that your heart is capable of loving another little person just as much as you love Lucy! Max is a lucky little man to have Lucy as his older sister! I wish Lucy all the best and many more birthdays to come! God Bless!


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