Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Meet Zip!

We recently added to the family!
No, not with a baby (yet!) ... but with a new horse.

Lucy has been talking about wanting "her own" horse quite a lot lately ... and we needed another kid-safe, (and husband-safe!) horse around here, anyway!
Zip kind of fell into my lap.
(Not literally, thankfully!:)~

So ... we surprised Lucy a couple of weekends back.
"Zip" came from about 6 hours away.  The former owners brought her 5 1/2 of those hours .... so we only had to travel about a half-hour to go get her (while Lucy stayed at Nana's house).


Here she is walking into the barn after we told her we had a surprise for her ...
 And peeking into Zip's stall with Daddy ...
 Hooray!  It was love at first sight! :-)

She couldn't wait to get up there!
(And somewhere along the way, she snagged Daddy's hat, too ... :)~

It was dark out by the time we brought Zip home (in the photos above), so we had to wait until the next morning to take her out and let her run around a little bit.

....Welcome home, Zip!

Zip is an 11-year-old Paint.  SUPER sweet and gentle.

And then Dani came over to go for a ride!
(I obviously can't ride while 9 months pregnant!)

Lucy helped me saddle her up.
(Well, mostly she just hugged her leg!)
Zip doesn't seem to mind the hugs! :-)

(When I asked Lucy if it would be okay if Dani came over to ride her horse, Lucy replied with ... "well, if she bes verrrrry careful, she can!")

 For the first five minutes Dani was on Zip, all we heard from Lucy was ... "Mama, can I ride now?  Can I ride YET?  I can't wait!"

 I'm pretty sure she didn't stop smiling the whole ride. :-)

(Sorry .... lots of pictures .... but I just love them all!:-)

(Thanks, Dani .... for walking around and around and around ..... and around the arena!)

I think Zip is going to be the perfect equine addition to the family.  (So far, so good!)
Lucy is loving "taking care" of her and giving her treats every day.
And Zip seems to love Lucy about as much as Lucy loves her!

I'm sure there will be many more "Lucy & Zip" pictures in the years to come!
Next item on the agenda:  finding a saddle where Lucy's feet come somewhere close to the stirrups!:)~

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  1. Oh how beautiful Bec!! You know how much I love horses!! And Ally would love to ride with Lucy!! ;)
    LOVE the paint are SO stinkin' lucky!!

  2. What awesome parents you are!! Every little girls dream. Don't ever apologize for photo overload - the more the better. ;)

    And LOVE the looks of your farm/barn in the backgrounds of these pics. Be still, my heart... someday I'll have a farm too... ;)

  3. These pics are so beautiful! Seriously where do you live? It's gorgeous!

    1. Thanks, Jamie :-)
      We live in Oregon -- the Willamette Valley. :-)
      Very beautiful this time of year ... despite the rain! :)~

  4. The pictures of Lucy hugging Zip brought tears to my eyes.
    So stinkin' cute!!
    What a lucky little girl!!

  5. Wait, you live on a farm?? That is totally cool!! :) Such a pretty horse - your daughter is very blessed. :)

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