Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pumpkin Patch #2

This week, we didn't have to venture far to go on our Pumpkin Patch outing ....
About five minutes down the road is the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm (yep, you've seen me post pictures from their GORGEOUS tulip fields several times before!).
As of a few years ago, the tulip festival isn't their only one.  In the Fall, they host a fun little Pumpkin Festival, too ... and it's just perfect for little ones like Lucy!

Check out some of the fun that was had at Wooden Shoe. :-)

Playing in the sand bins .... 
 Heading up the haystack to a tube slide ....
The giant spider web!

 Mini-sized hay maze .... 
 Roping some straw steers ..... (Go, Cowboy Cam!) 
 A tossing game ....
The giant bumpy slide .... (a favorite, for sure!)

As you can see .... it was another beautiful Fall day in the Pacific Northwest.
I'm glad we got out to enjoy the nice weather while it lasted, because the forecast for the next week says RAIN, RAIN, and more RAIN!

Tomorrow morning:  Shabby Apple Giveaway!!!  Don't miss it!


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