Thursday, November 8, 2012

Max's Nursery: The Details.

I hope you saw Max's Nursery reveal the other day!  If you missed it, please click HERE to check it out in much more detailed pictures!
(Thank you to you sweet folks who commented, complimented, and pinned!  I really appreciate it!:-)

I know I gave most details in that post, but I thought I'd spell 'em out one more time, just in case you care. :)~

First thing first:  the paint color.
Pickle by Sherwin Williams.
I went with a pretty bold color ... mostly because I felt like it was the best way to keep this space a baby/little boy's room, amongst all of the vintage decor that isn't typically associated with such a space.
Plus, with the vintage/farm thing I was going for -- I couldn't help but think of John Deere.  (My hubs was happy about that -- he is a John Deere man, all the way :-).

#1 - Wooden "Chalkboard" Map, from World Market. (I got a GREAT deal on a sale day + a coupon ... paid about $40.00.)
#2 - I took an old barn wood frame, cut a piece of chipboard to fit, wrapped (and hot glued) a piece of burlap around it, and affixed a painted black "M" from the craft store - cost me about $3.00?
#3 - Vintage bronze horse, purchased at an antique store.
#4 - Small, natural-colored globe, also from World Market. (Also used a coupon, paid $15.00.)
#5 - Vintage cubby cabinet that came out of an old tool shed.  Found at an antique store in Redmond, Oregon.  I put on a coat of beeswax and added little alphabet decals below each cubby.  
#6 - Old metal bucket, found at an antique store -- then I added the "TRASH" decal with stencils and black paint.  Paid $5.00 for the bucket.  

#1 - Awning we made from a simple wood frame -- and some rusty corrugated metal we found at a salvage yard.  My handy hubby cut the metal with heavy-duty tin snips and screwed it to the frame.  Then we simply screwed it to the wall above the window frame!
#2 - You Are My Sunshine print on a wooden block, purchased from Goodnight Room
#3 - Natural Bamboo Roman Shades, from Home Depot - $70.00.
#4 - Custom made upholstered rocker by Best chairs , purchased from Goodnight Room, $529.00. (Yes, this is a splurge - but well worth it!  It is SO comfy -- and will easily be usable in any other room in the house after being used in the nursery:-).
#5 (which you can't see well in this picture) - an old bushel basket, used for storing rolled up vintage quilts.  
#6 - "MAX" faux metal letters, made for just a few bucks.  You can find my tutorial HERE.
#7 - Old wooden ladder (from a junk pile), painted red and used to hang an old burlap sack.  (I will use it to hang blankets and quilts, also.)
#8 - Old Radio Flyer wagon used to hold Max's little shoes, and an old wire basket full of worn baseballs - just for fun! :)~

#1 - Three custom made vintage farm prints (on wooden blocks), which I mounted on two old barn wood boards.  (I'll show this project a little more in depth in the future.)  The whole piece cost about $100.
#2 - Hudson crib by Babyletto, purchased from Goodnight Room, $399.00.
#3 - Super Star Scout (fawn stars) crib sheet by Aden & Anais, $29.95. (*Notice I have no other crib bedding -- bumper, skirt, etc.  I had all of that hoopla in Lucy's nursery -- and found it pointless.  Plus, I like the simplicity of just the sheet anyway ... and saved myself a whole lot of money because of it!:)~
#4 - "Cortland" Bronze lamp base, from Pottery Barn Kids ... and burlap shade from Target.  (Mixing spendy and cheap helps keep the cost reasonable!:)~
#5 - Old table I found at a "junk sale" for $5.00 and painted.
#6 - Old bushel basket used to store stuffed animals.  
#7 - Rusty old bed springs I found, spray painted (antique bronze), and am using with mini clothespins to display photos.  
#8 - Vintage wire basket I painted red, then added a burlap sack for a liner - for dirty laundry!

I'm sure I'm probably forgetting something ... but of course, if you have any questions, just leave me a comment and ask!  (If you are an anonymous commenter - or a noreplyblogger - please makes sure to leave your email so that I can reply to you!:-)


  1. OMG I love every single detail about Lil'Max's room!!! SOOO CUTE (: one of my favorites is the wood and metal above the window..wouldn't look bad in any rustic themed room of the house!

  2. I cannot believe that map was only 40 buckaroos! That is amazing!!!

  3. do you have dimensions or instructions for the s=awning? thank you'Tammy B

  4. I had to come back because I'm totally stealing that corrugated metal awning idea for my boys' room. In the midst of a make over right now :)
    I want a WHOLE house tour from you, Bec!

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