Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Shopping Allowance, 2012

I have mentioned more than a few times that I am a shopaholic.

{Time out.}

If you don't happen to be a shopaholic .... or don't have any idea what I'm talking about .... please feel free to click the little X in the corner of your web browser and stop right here!  'Cause otherwise, this post might seem pretty superficial and petty to you.

Now that everyone has been properly warned (and there are no haters left out there, I hope!), I will say it again.

I love to shop.

Nordstrom and Anthropologie are my drugs of choice.  

I could easily (and happily) visit these establishments several times a month.
And it wouldn't be all that shocking for me to buy things each and every trip.

It's pathetic, seriously.

Not something I'm proud of.

But I'm striving to change that!

Because of my SIMPLIFY mantra this year (per my New Year's post),  I am on a quest to have less.  And want less.
And a big part of that is shopping less.

A whole LOT less.

I have a partner in crime.
My partner in more than one capacity, in fact.
Sherry is my teaching partner (she teaches in the mornings, I teach in the afternoons), my friend, my neighbor, my shopping accomplice.
You've "met" her here before (as well as her little guy and Lucy's buddy, Cam), but just in case you forgot ...
Here we are in Disneyland (she's Grumpy, I'm Goofy).....
(She's not really grumpy, by the way.)
 Here we are at the rodeo last Summer 
(with the Kenny Chesney look-alike behind me).....
 Here we are as Thing 1 and Thing 2 for Halloween this year .....

And here are she and Lucy.  
I love this picture. 
It's hanging in my Mom Cave

Now that you know Sherry (again)....
back to the point of this post!

The BOTH of us are shopaholics.
And since we kind of tend to (poorly) influence each other where shopping is concerned .... and since we see each other practically every day of our lives .... I decided we might as well be in this together.

So I made us a SHOPPING ALLOWANCE for the year!
Yep, that's right.
I said THE YEAR.
As in ALLLLLLLL of 2012.

This is going to be ONE.  TOUGH.  CHALLENGE.

The reality of it kind of makes me shake in my boots (of which I am allowed ONE pair this year, by the way!)

It could be a long year!

So.  I'm putting this "out here" so you gals can help keep us accountable!
Don't be afraid to ask me every now and then how I'm doing with my NON-shopping!
Believe me, I'm gonna need all the HELP I can get! :-)

I'll keep you all updated, too .... as I check items off my list.

Dare I ask .... are there any other crazy, obsessive shoppers out there???
Please tell me we aren't the only ones!!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Little Bit of Life: In the Dark

Last night,
just about the time I was starting dinner,
the power went out.

Lucy thought it was absolutely hilarious and spent the first few minutes laughing hysterically.
Scott built a fire in the fireplace (for light AND heat!).
And I was just irritated and hungry.
See?  A less-than-happy me.

After sitting in the dark for a few minutes, I asked, "well, what should we do now?"
Lucy's answer?
"Let's watch TOY STORY!" 
Of course that was her answer.
It is, after all, her answer to everything.

Sorry, sugar .... no power, no movies!

(This took her a few minutes to grasp.)

But she quickly recovered and decided to spend her time rolling around on the floor, laughing
using Mama as a jungle gym
...and thanks to the middle-of-nowhere,  hole-in-the-wall burger joint a few miles down the road ...
eating grilled cheese out of a styrofoam box by lantern light.


Her word, not mine.  

I sure am glad we have power again this morning.
I love light.
And heat.
And flushing toilets.

And sorry for this semi-pathetic, thrown-together-in-five-minutes post --- a Little Bit of (REAL) Life!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Share the Fun Friday (3)

Hooray for another Friday!
I'm excited to share some of my favorites from the week .... but first:  we have a GIVEAWAY WINNER to announce!
One last HUGE thank you to Brandy of baybee-dahl boutique for giving one lucky reader a new bit of burlap awesomeness!
SO CUTE!  Be sure to remember Brandy's sweet shop for all of your future burlap banner needs!!!
And the winner is ....

True Random Number Generator  10Powered by RANDOM.ORG
... who left this comment:

SaraJan 21, 2012 05:40 PM
Added shop to favorites!! Now you are making ME want to do a giveaway too! ;)

Congratulations, Sara!  Please email me so that I can get your info!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Now for some other FUN stuff!
Have you noticed washi tape EVERYWHERE!?  
I love it!  
And I love these jars covered in it, too!  

I am totally in love with this idea for a Valentine Advent Countdown ....

Hmmmm .... I wonder if I could manage to bake these mini apple pies (in a jar!)
What a fun gift this would be!

And speaking of things I can't do (bake pies!), how about sewing!?
I think I might even be able to pull of these adorable felt heart bookmarks.  

Lucy loves rock collecting ... and I saw this idea and instantly knew we had to do it!
I can't wait to let her paint rocks with me -- and I'm thinking we'll add some Bible verse references on the back -- and leave them in random places for people to find!  
So fun!

And last but not least, in case you haven't heard, Google Friend Connect will be disappearing in the near future .... (I know.  EVERYTHING is changing around here!  I'm SO NOT excited about it.)
Anyway.  Songbird blog has a great series on blog-following alternatives.  Go check it out!

I hope you ladies have a fabulous weekend!  I am just enjoying the SUN today!!!
Rainy Oregon gets a wee bit depressing this time o' year!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Valentine Centerpiece

Just want to quickly show you my sweet lil' Valentine centerpiece ....
You've probably seen the mason jars, wrapped with hearts and baker's twine ALL over Pinterest.

I wanted my own version!

I used several sizes of glass jars and milk bottles, wrapped them with paper doilies and cut-out hearts, and tied them up with red & white baker's twine.

Then I punched out some little hearts and glued them together on the tips of some bamboo skewers (you know ... the shish-ka-bob ones!?).

Finally, I slid them inside some hot-pink and white striped papers straws ....  totally cute!

This took me maybe 30 minutes .... and cost me literally nothing, as I had ALL of these supplies on hand.
Simple.  Cheap.  And Cute!  
It's a triple WIN, ladies! :-)
**And they would be perfectly adorable for drinks at a Valentine's party (without the bamboo skewers!).

Monday, January 23, 2012

Little Bit of Life: What's in Lucy's Purse?

It's all fun and cuteness for today's Little Bit of Life.
(Note to self:  do not post a very personal story AND three giveaways in one week unless your email inbox is prepared for over 600 emails.  Wowee!  That was a little crazy!)

Lesson learned.

But welcome to a new (and undoubtedly, quieter) week around here!
 .... have you ever seen those Us Weekly articles about "What's in {some random celebrity's} handbag?"

Well .... on this here blog, Lucy is about the only celebrity we've got.

You just never know, really.  
It varies (greatly) from day to day.  
But this past weekend, on our shopping adventure, here is what could be found in her (high-fashion, Tangled-inspired) purse:
  • Apparently, we couldn't decide between Woody and Flynn Ryder (aka: Eugene), so we threw them both in.  (Personally, I'm just amazed Jessie (the cowgirl) wasn't in there!)
  • Blue sprinkles .... because you never know when you're going to find a naked cupcake, just begging for decoration.
  • One single, solitary block ....?  
  • My current favorite Essie nail polish (master plan).
  • Dora toothbrush .... Aunt Steph, the hygienist, would be proud. 
  • Guitar pick .... in case we run into Taylor Swift and she needs some backup.  
  • And my personal favorite .... the dirty sock, with 11 cents inside.  And might I add, that THIS was the item she insisted on holding in her hands the entire day. 

Apparently girlfriend needs a wallet.  Or maybe a coin purse.  

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Good morning!!!
The winner of the Purple Lemon Stamp has been selected via .... and posted at Little Lucy Lu's Facebook page!

I am THRILLED to say we had 259 entries!
THANK YOU to all of you who commented .... and congratulations to the winner!
I wonder which one of these cute stamps she'll pick!?

The winner of the personalized planner from Much Ado About you will be announced early this evening - be sure to check the Facebook page later!  ... And yes, that means you still have time to ENTER!
See you soon!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Burlap Banner, Anyone? {Giveaway!}

What!?  Another giveaway!?

One last giveaway to celebrate 1,000 followers at Little Lucy Lu.
Because I love you so much.  

I've told you before, but I'll tell you again ..... I won't give away anything on this blog that I don't LOVE or wouldn't use myself.
I've also told you before that half of my house is covered in burlap by this point (at least it seems like it!).  I LOVE burlap.

So .... given those last two statements, this next gift is PERFECT for Little Lucy Lu.

Adorable burlap bunting from this awesome Etsy shop:
I'm telling ya' ..... sweet Brandy from baybee-dahl boutique has a burlap banner for just about any occasion!
Valentine's Day.....

Easter .... 

Wedding .... (or engagement photos!?)

Or ... just plain cute for anytime ....

And how about in TURQUOISE!? 

And friends .... this is seriously just a FEW of the fabulous options.  
You MUST head over to the shop and check out all of the others ....... BECAUSE you are getting your choice of a burlap banner if you win!!!  


Brandy was SO SWEET to send me this one:

In case you haven't figured out how to enter a giveaway around here .... allow me to explain one more time!
You leave a comment!!!
You may leave up to SIX comments!
The more comments you leave, the more chances you have of WINNING!

1.) Visit baybee-dahl boutique and tell me which banner you would choose if you won.
2.) Visit baybee-dahl boutique and add it to your Etsy favorites by clicking the heart in the sidebar - (and comment, telling me you did).
3.) Visit baybee-dahl boutique and pin one (or more) of your favorite banners to one of your Pinterest boards (and comment, telling me you did).
4.) Follow Little Lucy Lu on Twitter. (and comment, telling me you do)
5.) Like Little Lucy Lu on Facebook. (and comment, telling me yo do)
6.) Follow Little Lucy Lu on Pinterest. (and comment, telling me you do)

The winner will be announced next week!

(And if you haven't entered to win the custom address stamp from Purple Lemon Designs .... or the personalized planner from Much Ado About You .... you need to do that ASAP -- winners will be announced tomorrow!)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Share the Fun Friday: New Country Music Artist!

Today's "Share the Fun" post is going to be a little different than usual.
But first .... I hope you've been enjoying the giveaways this week!
You still have a couple of days to enter to win - just click on the links below:
Customized Address Stamp from Purple Lemon Designs

Personalized Planner from Much Ado About You

(There's also one more adorable giveaway coming this weekend, so be sure to check back for that.)  

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And NOW .... I have a SPECIAL TREAT for you.
I want to introduce you to a fabulous young lady --- and an up-and-coming country music star!

Click on the link below to learn a little bit about my niece, Tiffany ....

Tiffany is a sweetheart ... and she has worked so hard for this!

She recently returned from Nashville, where she recorded several songs for her album .... and today, her new single "Tonight" is being released on iTunes!
(It's the song playing in the background in the above video.)

Tonight is already being played on our two major country music radio stations here (out of Portland, OR), and has been very well-received and highly-requested!

So excited for her!

Would you all do me (and sweet little Tiffany) a HUGE favor???
Click HERE to visit her artist fan page and LIKE it (and leave her some comment love, too!)  And if you like the song, feel free to jump over to iTunes to purchase it ($0.99)!

Click HERE for the direct link to this single on iTunes!

I'm a HUGE country music fan ..... and I'm telling you, whether Tiffany was my niece or not, I'd be buying this single!
(I already did.)
Thanks, friends!
Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Much Ado About You {Giveaway!}

***UPDATE:  Winner has been chosen!  Congratulations, Elspeth!  Enjoy your new planner!

Alright, friends .... time for another giveaway!
This one is equally AWESOME.  

You've actually seen one of these here at Little Lucy Lu before ..... back on my
Share the Fun: Getting Organized post a couple of weeks ago.  
A personalized planner from Much Ado About You!
Here's your chance to GET ORGANIZED in 2012!!!!
(Not to mention, this has got to be THE. CUTEST. planner ever.)  

I LOVE the layout of this planner .... and you can't tell from the picture -- but the little tabs are the CUTEST, with sparkles and everything! :-)

AND I love the hour-by-hour columns for each day AND the extra spaces at the bottom of each day.

I was pumped to get the planner that Emmy made just for ME:
 {squeal!}  SO CUTE!
(and yes, I am totally using the extra spaces at the end of each day to plan my blog posts!)

And now .... I am even MORE thrilled that sweet Emmy has offered to give one of YOU lucky gals a personalized planner, as well!  

Once again .... entering is easy!
Simply visit Much Ado About You's Etsy shop .... add it to your favorites (by clicking on the heart in the sidebar!) and COMMENT, telling me you did OR tell me which product is your favorite!  

For additional entries: 
1.) Pin a product from Much Ado About You to your Pinterest boards (and comment, telling me you did).
2.) Tweet about this giveaway (and comment, telling me you did).
3.) Follow Little Lucy Lu on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest (up to three comments for three entries!)

The lucky (and soon-to-be-organized!) winner will be announced on Sunday .... a little later than the stamp winner!

***Important Note:  Emmy is also offering all Little Lucy Lu readers 10% off their order for the next FIVE days.  Enter code LUCYLU10 at checkout!  AND if you ARE the lucky winner, but you've already purchased a planner, you will be completely refunded for your planner!  So if you want one of these cuties, there's not sense in waiting!  Go snag one now before they're gone! :-)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A few thoughts.

I know I promised you another giveaway today, but I'm gonna put that on hold 'til tomorrow for a few reasons.
First, I need a little more time to get the next giveaway organized (sheesh!  it's been kinda crazy around here this week ... just keeping up with the comments has kinda been a full-time job, if you know what I mean!).
Second, I want to give you a little more time to enter the Purple Lemon Designs custom stamp giveaway.  
It is just TOO GOOD to pass up!  
(If you already tweeted about the giveaway, you can tweet it again today ... and comment for an extra entry!)

And finally, I feel like I need to take a moment to thank many of you here - on my blog - for your sweet comments on my very personal Little Bit of Life this week.

Many of you took the time to comment on the post, to send emails, or to send personal facebook messages.
Some of you I know in my real life - many of you I do not.
Some of you even chose to remain anonymous whilst sharing your heartfelt stories with me - many of you I've been able to chat back-and-forth with.
But the majority of you are "noreply-commenters",which means I cannot reply to your sweet comments via email!  (If you want to change that, let me know --- I'll tell you how!)

That is what I'm doing now .... replying to all of you wonderful women who have taken the time to share words of kindness, support, and encouragement.
I know my story pales in comparison to many of your stories, infertility and otherwise.
But it is my struggle ..... and I thank you for letting me share it with you.
(My lesson in faith label has several other related posts you might be interested in reading!)

I found this lovely printable the other day on Pinterest .... (by the way, if any of you wants to be invited to join Pinterest, please let me know!)
This printable describes so many things that you all have done for me ....
you have been honest
you have been kind
you have comforted me
you have been proud of me
you have looked after me
you have loved me
and I am counting YOU in my blessings.

Thank you, friends.
Sending you all big hugs today!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Purple Lemon Designs {Giveaway!}

***UPDATE:  Winner has been chosen!!! Congratulations, Casey!  Enjoy your new stamp!

It's here!
1,000 followers have jumped aboard the Little Lucy Lu wagon .... and now, it's time to CELEBRATE!

I'm THRILLED to tell you about this first giveaway.
This is one of the first products I purchased after discovering blogland, a little over a year ago.
(Yep, this EXACT same stamp ... with a big ol' K right in the middle ... in the middle font, to be exact!)
I saw a giveaway for one of these on one of the "big" blogs I loved .... and even though I didn't win, I purchased my own, anyway!
Well ... one year later, I am working my way into the "big" blog category -- and the lovely Kelly from Purple Lemon Designs has been SO kind to collaborate on a giveaway here at Little Lucy Lu!

There are a lot of custom rubber stamps out there ... but I dare you to find some cuter than these!

See what I mean!?


You already have an address stamp?

How about a gift for someone else!?

OR .... if you're a teacher like me .... how about THIS one!?

There are so many options, and sweet Kelly is giving ONE lucky winner 
your choice of a Medium-Sized Custom Stamp!
 .... all you gotta do is enter!
How to enter?
Well, first ... you HAVE to be a Little Lucy Lu follower.
And then?
Just leave a comment!  Simple as that!
AND you can even enter more than once!

For each of the following things you do, leave a comment (up to FIVE comments possible!)

1.) Visit Purple Lemon Designs' Etsy Shop .... and comment on which medium-sized custom stamp YOU will choose if YOU win.

2.) Visit Purple Lemon Designs' Etsy Shop and add it to your favorites by clicking the heart in the sidebar (and leave a comment here, telling me you did).

3.) Add your favorite stamp (or more than one!) onto one of your Pinterest Board (and leave a comment, telling me you did).

4.) Tweet this giveaway (and leave a comment with your Twitter ID).

5.) 'Like' Little Lucy Lu on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.

The winner will be chosen via on Sunday!
But don't be gone that long .... there are more awesome giveaways to tell you about!
Meet ya' back here tomorrow! :-)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Little Bit of Life: The Dreaded Question

Well, I promised you a "Little Bit of Life" once a week.
And let me tell you, this week -- you're getting WAY more than you bargained for.

Sorry, in advance.

What IS the "dreaded question".....?
It goes something like this:

So ..... when is Lucy getting a little brother or sister?

That question, my friends, brings me to a very long story .... one that not a whole lot of people are familiar with.  And one that I probably shouldn't be sharing on my blog.

But then again ... why not?  It is part of me ..... my life ..... our life ..... Lucy's life.
Yes, I know SHE, herself, will probably be asking me that question someday -- probably sooner than I'd like to be answering it.  So, it is an (unfortunate) reality for her, as well.

And to be honest, I know my wonderful readers will have some insight for me.
Some encouragement.  Some words of wisdom.

You always do.  :-)

So, here goes nothin'.
To answer the dreaded question:  she probably won't.

And I hate even saying those words "out loud" because I BELIEVE with every inch of my heart, that God can do absolutely anything He sees fit.

But according to the doctors, it would be pretty much miraculous for a pregnancy to occur -- especially since one already did.
Yes, Lucy is truly a miracle.

As is every child ..... that goes without saying.
But Lucy?  Maybe even a little MORE miraculous than most.... (especially if you ask her mommy).

Going back in time ....
Scott and I were married almost eight years before we were blessed with Lucy.
For the first few years, I was taking birth control (biggest waste of money EVER!), but after that we just sort of had the "when it happens, it happens" attitude.  After a few years of that, we began to get a little concerned .... and I proceeded to go through every test possible to figure out what could be wrong.

The answer?
Absolutely NOTHING!

Might sound like a good thing ..... but actually, it was the most frustrating answer imaginable.

If there is nothing wrong .... then WHY am I not pregnant!?!

Many more months went by.

Hmmm....well, there was that one doctor who suggested Scott be tested, too ... perhaps we should try that?

So, off to the doctor Scott goes.
He came home with the cup that no guy wants to have to think about.
You know the one.
Well, maybe you don't .... but you can imagine.

The cup sat on the kitchen counter for about three months .... then got moved to a kitchen cabinet for three more months.

At that point, I suggested perhaps he should do what he was supposed to do with said cup -- just to get it over-with and cross one more possible explanation off the list.

And then.....?

I found out I was pregnant.

Of course ANYONE finding out they are pregnant (especially for the first time)- is ecstatic.  But ecstatic did not begin to describe it.  We had been waiting for this moment for YEARS.

The first couple of months was pretty scary.  We thought I was having a miscarriage more than once.

But for the most part, I had the easiest pregnancy possible.
And being pregnant, and then welcoming Lucy into this world was a joy like I never could have imagined -- as has being her parents and just getting to BE a part of her life every day.

So ....
(Because we were apparently still in denial), I went back on the mini-pill after Lucy's birth .... but then, a few months later, realized that was probably not a good idea, in the event that it take as long as it had the first time to get pregnant.  Although we didn't really want to have our children very close together, we figured - if it happens, it happens!
So ..... no more birth control.

That was three years ago.
After about one of those years, we started realizing that maybe the word INFERTILITY might actually apply to us.

Shortly after coming to that realization, we decided to get more serious about the matter.
We went to a specialist.
A good one.
He's even been on the Today Show!

After reviewing our records, he told us that he saw no reason why we would not be able to (easily) have another child...

 ".... oh, and even though you have a child (which, therefore means there's almost no possibility of Scott being the "issue"), he should probably get tested, anyway ... just to make sure all bases are covered."

Scott went to their lab later that day and did what he had to do.
(Sorry, Scott.)
(Don't worry .... he's since gotten over it ..... in fact, he's probably become a professional by now!)

By the end of that same day, we had our answer.

Much to our (and the doctor's) surprise, Scott's sperm count is ..... well ..... almost non-existent.
(Sorry, I know this is way TMI!)
The doctor's exact words, after explaining what Scott's numbers were vs. what "normal" numbers are .... "and the fact that you were able to conceive a child .... ?  I really don't have an explanation for that, other than a miracle."

Yes, that was a hard phone call to take.
Not one of my favorite days, for sure.

We have since spent months and months (and way too much money) on unsuccessful fertility treatments.

And these last few months, I have simply resorted to trying to accept it.

Now you have my story.
Whether you wanted it or not.

If I lost you somewhere along the way, I don't blame you.
But if you're still with me here .... can I ask you a few favors....?

#1) Please don't tell me that adoption is always an option.

We are VERY open to adoption.  In fact, adoption has been something I've been talking about since long before I was even married -- but we have also come to the realization that adoption is extremely expensive!  Not to mention, the 2-3 year process is daunting, to say the least.

At this point, I can barely wrap my mind around reality - much less throw myself into a 2-3 year, $30,000 process!

Why can't normal, hard-working people just walk into an orphanage and adopt a child that wouldn't otherwise have a family???  Why does it have to be SO. DARN. DIFFICULT???

#2)  Please don't tell me to be thankful for the one child I DO have because there are so many couples out there who aren't so lucky...
Believe me.  Thankful does not even begin to describe what I am.
There are literally not adequate words to describe how blessed I feel to have Lucy.

What is so difficult is that SHE is the reason we so desire to have another child!
(I am not one of those women who has this unceasing urge to be pregnant, experience the beauty of childbirth, yadda yadda yadda, again and again ..... although, my doctor DID tell me I should birth babies professionally after delivering Lucy exactly 20 minutes and one push after arriving at the hospital.)
But that's another story.  

Since having Lucy, more than ever, we want another child.  Lucy deserves to be a big sister!  She deserves to have someone to share (or not share!) her toys with, to play with, to be silly with, to laugh with, to argue with, to stick up for, to take care of.
She deserves to have someone to make memories with and share memories with.
And the feeling -- the reality -- that we (theoretically) cannot give her that is the most heartbreaking thing I've ever felt.
To say that it feels worse than back when we didn't know if we'd even have ONE probably sounds harsh, but in a way, it does.
Back then, we only had ourselves to worry about.
But now, it's HER that we worry about.
Her happiness is our #1 priority .... and I can't help but feel that she is going to be missing out on something.

#3)  Please don't assume that I have some sort of problem with only children - or couples who choose to have only one child.
I know there are only children everywhere.
I know some of them.
I teach some of them!
They are all perfectly normal, wonderful, happy people.
I am absolutely NOT judging anyone who chooses to have one child.
But I guess that's what it comes down to .... in most cases, (at least the ones I know), it was their CHOICE.  Their PLAN.
And this  ...... this was NOT. my. plan.

But I digress.
I am also very aware that THIS ... whatever THIS is .... IS God's plan.
And God is sovereign.  All-knowing.  Almighty.  And the one who planned out every detail of my life.
I know it is my job, as a believer, to abide in this perfect plan.

But if I'm telling you the truth?
What I really want to do is ask Him why He decided to let everyone else have babies without even trying, while I get to be heartbroken month after month.
(You do know that EVERYONE else is pregnant, right?)
Particularly the drug-addicted, welfare-receiving, homeless, teenaged, unmarried, ungrateful women.

Pardon my little pity party.
Just had to get that out.
It was kind of meant to be a joke.
Kind of.

No, but really ....
I don't want to be bitter.  I don't want to be resentful.  I don't want to be jealous.
Which brings me to my last request:
#4) If you are my family member, my blog buddy, my co-worker, my acquaintance, or ESPECIALLY my friend ..... PLEASE do not assume that because I am not pregnant - nor will likely ever be pregnant again - that you cannot tell me if/when you ARE pregnant ... or that I will be any less thrilled for you than I would have been if I had a dozen children of my own!
Because believe me, THAT just makes me feel a hundred times worse.
At least.

Okay.  I'm going to stop typing now.
Just as soon as I thank you for reading my story today -- and for being there.
And to the (very) few of you out there who already knew this .... thank you for your prayers and your encouragement along this journey.
It is appreciated more than you know.

Now..... come tomorrow, we're going to LIVEN things up around here and get HAPPY because there is an AWESOME GIVEAWAY coming your way!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sweet & Simple Valentine Decor: Burlap & Hearts

As the title says, this little project IS sweet and simple.  
(Especially for me, since I did a pumpkin version of this back in the Fall, so I just took off that burlap piece and replaced it with a new one, adorned with hearts!)
Not much explanation needed here .... 
-burlap cut to fit in an old chippy frame.
-hearts punched out of cute vintage-y craft paper with my (Martha Stewart Collections) heart punch.
-glue dots.
-the end.

We'll start with the pictures I took outside, on the porch.
(I've told you before, but I have a problematic dining room where photo-taking is concerned.)

Now, to the dining room ... where this cute little project actually lives.  
(It is hanging in an iron wreath stand, in front of a large tin ceiling tile.)

And the beauty of this project is .... when it's time for a new holiday/season, I just take out that piece of burlap (and save it for next year), and replace it with something else!

I'll see you in the morning for a special Little Bit of Life .... and then GIVEAWAY, GIVEAWAY, and GIVEAWAY for 
I promise. :-)