Wednesday, February 29, 2012

{P}in Love: When Lucy Gets Married ....

I sure hope it's in a barn!
Looking through all of this wedding awesomeness, searching for ideas for Dani's wedding is making me CRAZY.

Who knew Pinterest could be so bad for the institute of marriage ....?
I am pretty much ready to get a divorce just so that I can get married all over again!?
(Don't worry ..... I'd still marry Scott.)

Do you think people would bring us wedding gifts again if we got married again .....?

I might be on to something here .....

Okay, Bec.  Back to reality.
Well, someone's reality, anyway.

These barn weddings are RIDICULOUS.

Someone convince my baby girl that she needs to get married in a barn someday....

I am totally {P}in LOVE with .....
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(sorry! no source)
In the words of Rachel Zoe ......
I die.
Horse stalls ... hay on the ground .... HEAVEN. (source)

Call me crazy for wishing I had gotten married in a barn ..... but I. LOVE. THESE. PICS. 
The end.  
(And you can find even more amazingness on my "Wedded Bliss" pinboard!)

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Medicine Cabinet Door ... Makeover!

This project has been in the works for a while (thanks to too much hospital time the past week!).
It started with an old medicine cabinet door I found at a junk sale a couple of weeks ago ($12) .... and an empty spot on my laundry room wall, just begging for something old.
("x" marks the spot!)
Old windows and doors are my favorite ..... so when I saw this old  medicine cabinet door, I fell in love with it's uniqueness.  :-)
LOVED the old glass knob, too!
The knob was attached to a large hook on the back, so I just beat the hook down flat with a hammer.
It felt good.
Hitting things with hammers is fun.
Ever tried it....?

Next, I flipped the door over and spray primed and spray painted the whole thing (I used an etching primer because I was spray painting over a mirror, too), and then painted the inset mirror part with chalkboard paint.
(tin foil worked GREAT to cover the glass knob while spray painting!:)~
To finish it up, I screwed in some bronze hooks along the bottom, too!
Finished product:

And here it is, hanging on that bare wall in my laundry room:
Happy in it's new home! :-)

Perfect spot for leaving reminders and messages .... and hanging our keys!

I had to bite the bullet and face my chalk-o-phobia to use some "real" chalk (as opposed to my usual chalk ink markers!) so that I could use that sweet color of turquoise chalk ...... which, of course, matches my Ladder Laundry Rack!

(I've spray painted it again since I originally posted it .... it's a little softer shade of turquoise now than the original color, shown in original post HERE.)

I'll show you some other fun stuff in my laundry room soon ....
Stay tuned!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Little Bit of Life: Guilty Pleasure

It's Monday.
Monday = my guilty pleasure TV night.

Don't judge.
I watch this (semi-ridiculous) show.
Okay, it's probably more than semi-ridiculous.

But here's the thing.
It's become a tradition for Dani and I to watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette together EVERY Monday night for the past (?) years!

You've "met" Dani here before a few times.
Here we are in Disneyland a couple of months ago.
We have a mutual love obsession with Disneyland.  We've already been together twice, just in the last couple of years!  (no, that is NOT her real hair .... and no, I do not make it a habit of wearing hats with sparkling hoses sticking out of them, either)

Dani is my honorary littlest sister.  
I was actually her volleyball coach when she was in high school .... and then she started riding/showing one of my horses....
(There she is with Lucy on Ace!)

.... and somewhere along the way, she became like family around here.  
And she is one of Lucy's most FAVORITE people on the planet.  

Now that Dani is "all grown up" and in college, we don't get to see each other as much anymore .... and so we totally look forward to our Bachelor/ette nights!

We wait until Scott and Lucy are in bed ..... and then we shut ourselves up in the bonus room -- armed with brownies, ice cream, popcorn, Cocoa Puffs, or whatever other junk food strikes our fancy that night -- and watch our show on the big screen.  

And we love it.  

This particular season, however....?
I'm disgusted.  
First of all, Ben just doesn't do it for me.  
(Not that that really matters .... but it's just my opinion.)
And second of all, Courtney?  
She makes me want to throw things at my TV.  

But I have decided that perhaps they deserve each other.  
We'll find out if I'm right about that soon enough!  

Any other crazy Bachelor-watchers out there...?  
(Or should I say .... any others willing to ADMIT they are crazy Bachelor-watchers!?:)~

P.S.  Guess what?  Dani just got ENGAGED!!!  She is getting married (which I canNOT believe!?) and I am SO SO SO excited for her ..... so if you follow my Pinterest boards -- especially my "Wedded Bliss" board -- Dani is the reason for all of my new pins lately!  I'm so thrilled to be helping her plan her wedding! :-)

P.P.S.  Today is my hubby's birthday - and he is STILL in the hospital.  In case you haven't "liked" the Little Lucy Lu facebook page and therefore, haven't seen the updates .... he ended up having to go into emergency surgery on Friday evening.  The infection in his shoulder was much worse than the doctor's originally thought.  (They even said there could have been a very real possibility of him losing the use of his arm permanently!  YIKES!)  Thank you all for your sweet comments and your prayers and well-wishes!  :-)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Random Thoughts From a Waiting Room ...

I have spent FAR too much time in a waiting room over the past couple of days.
And now I just need to vent.
Here goes:

#1 - Do NOT, under ANY circumstance, go to the emergency room if you have an ACTUAL emergency.  You might actually die before you can be seen.  Not kidding.
(I am very thankful we were not there for an actual emergency.)

#2 - If you were to randomly walk into an ER waiting room, you might venture to guess that you are in a hospital of the "mental" variety.
(Though we were at the BEST hospital in our entire state, I seriously walked outside TWICE to check the sign to make sure I hadn't somehow ventured into the mental wing.)

#3 - Emergency room staff members -- particularly those at the front desk and the triage nurses -- need a pay raise.
(I used to think teaching was the most underpaid profession.  Nope.  Emergency room employees are definitely the most underpaid individuals on the planet.  I have no idea how much they get paid .... but I guarantee you, it's not enough.)

#4 - Many people who come to the emergency room have failed to bathe for the past ....... ummmm, I'd say ....... 6+ weeks.
(I do not understand this phenomenon.)

#5 - There are approximately 16 bottles of hand sanitizer strategically placed throughout an ER waiting room.  I now know why.
(And I used more hand sanitizer in the seven hours I was there than I have in my entire life .... which is saying something -- I am a kindergarten teacher, after all.)

#6 - Waiting rooms are not the ideal place for a three-year-old.  Particularly for seven hours at a time.  And particularly when four of those seven hours are post-bedtime.
(Though I have to say, Lucy was a serious rock star.  I was so proud of her!)

#7 - I would be remiss if I didn't mention the ONE positive part of this experience.  Hospital cafeterias have A-MAZing food.  Lucy and I had a YUMMY dinner.
(And boy was that cafeteria a welcomed "field trip" in the middle of our seven-hour stay!)

**And if you wonder what I was doing in the emergency room in the first place .... here's the story:

My hubs hurt his shoulder over the weekend --- actually, to be honest, he didn't DO anything ..... he just woke up Monday morning with horrendous shoulder pain.
After a quick stop at his doctor's office, he was sent to our local hospital's emergency room for his "dislocated shoulder."

Only problem?  His shoulder was not, in fact, dislocated.

They took x-rays and sent him home with pain meds and a sling.

Two days later, the pain had worsened, and his entire right arm was swelling - from shoulder to fingertips.
A phone call to his doctor turned into another trip to the emergency room -- though this time to the "big city" -- and the best hospital in our state.

Little Lucy and I sat in the ER waiting room for the better part of seven hours -- until after midnight that night.
(After sitting on my lap for hours, she finally started getting sleepy about 10:00!)

(Daddy and Lucy ....snuggled in a hospital bed after midnight.)

We went back to the hospital the next morning, (four more hours in the waiting room - though thankfully NOT in the emergency room!) and Scott was seen by SIX orthopedic doctors.

He has a significant tear in his deltoid muscle, some calcificate crystalization in the muscles around his rotator cuff, and some concerning fluid around his rotator cuff that needs to not be there.
If it isn't gone by next week, they will have to do surgery to remove it.

Scott works (HARD) to take care of our family .... not being able to work is not a good thing, for a variety of reasons -- (as you can imagine).
We are praying that the (many) medications he is on now will solve the problem quickly -- and that no surgery will be necessary!

Thanks for all of your prayers and well wishes!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

{P}in Love ... Fab Furniture Edition

It's Wednesday .... that means it's time to talk about what I'm loving this week - particularly in the wonderful world of Pinterest ...... ergo "{P}in Love".

I have been "collecting" ideas (via Pinterest!) for fabulous furniture projects for a while now.

One of these days, I swear I'm actually going to get inspired enough to make one of them -- (or attempt to make one of them) -- myself!

Maybe today will be the day!

Check out some of these FAB FURNITURE ideas:

A lamp shade, covered in some sweet "junk" - from Four Corners Design.

LOVE the idea of using mattress springs as a bulletin board, etc. from Funky Junk Interiors.

I am on a mission to build my own bed (it's even on my 35 by 35 list!), and I am in LOVE with this idea for vintage doors as the head/footboards (from Junk Restore).

Or how about this reclaimed wood headboard from Being Brook?  
Totally neat-o!

Similar to the last one, also love this pallet wood headboard from Lovely Crafty Home.

Now .... can we just talk about lockers for a second?
I have been on a mission to find me a set of lockers for years! 
Still haven't found 'em.  
(At least not for the right price!)
But ... check THIS out (sadly, with no source, but found HERE on my Fab Furniture Pinterest board):
I would pretty much stop eating cheese for these. 
(That's huge, people!)

Or these (from Meridian Road):

Here's a little different style, but every bit as awesome (from Maple & Magnolia):

I mean ..... c'mon!  How do these people get so lucky to find these beauties!?

This next gal had hers made (out of wood) to look like lockers! 
Coolest thing I've seen all day.  
Totally brilliant.  

I have to stop now.  
The locker-envy is killin' me.  
Someone ..... please find me some lockers.  
You could be my new best friend.  

P.S.  You can find these pics and many more Fab Furniture ideas on my Pinterest boards HERE!
P.P.S. I'm linking up with The Vintage Apple for Oh, How Pinteresting! and This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

{knock-knock} ...Housekeeping!

I'm back!

You didn't even notice I was gone, did you....?

I was on a little getaway for the extended weekend with my sweet family. :-)
We went over the mountain .....
(took this photo with my iPhone out the front windshield .... Scott was driving!) the central part of our beautiful state (Oregon, if you didn't already know that!).
It is so gorgeous over there.  In a very different way than the Valley, where we live -- which is full of GREEN grass,  GREEN trees .... and RAIN.
Central Oregon is sage brush and juniper.  And dry.  (Except for snow .... which it did several times while we were there!)
(My favorite photo snapped over the weekend....)

I LOVE Central Oregon.
I want to move there someday.....
But for now, luckily it's only a few hours away -- and we get over there at least a couple of times a year to visit!

Ironically, there were over 100 families from OUR town, staying at the same resort we were staying at!?
(There were several basketball tournaments going on over there, and apparently, we have a LOT of basketball players here!:)~

Because of this, Lucy had some of her favorite "big girls" to play with in the pool!

(Thanks for the fun, Ally and Chelsie!)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch ..........

I've been meaning to bring up a few "housekeeping" items around here lately.
Partly because of the whole "STOP THE WORLD!  Google Friend Connect is going away!" issue ....
And partly because I know there are a lot of my family members and friends who read the blog that may or may not be aware of the variety of ways that you can "follow" along here!

I have some cute new social media buttons ....... did you notice!? :-)
(They're in the upper right of my sidebar, just in case you don't know what I'm talking about!)

One of them looks like this:

This is my facebook button.  If you click on it - or if you click HERE - it will take you to the Little Lucy Lu facebook page.  
(Yes, family .... this is different than my personal facebook page!)  
When you get to the page, you have to click "Like" at the top in order to see the posts on my wall.  I post there almost every time I have a new blog post, with a link directly to my blog.  So this way, you don't have to go to my blog every day to see if there's something new -- you can just be notified via facebook!  (I also post "Lucy-isms" frequently .... all the funny/sweet/cute things she says!)

Here's another option:

If you are a twitterer (tweeter?), then feel free to click my twitter button - or HERE - and follow me there!  I'm not a super great tweeter yet, but I'm working on improving my twitter skills!

And the newest social media option:

Google+.  I am still pretty new at the whole Google+ thing .... not gonna lie, don't totally "get it" yet.  But I am there -- so if you want to click that button - or HERE - and add me to your circles, I'd be honored!

And finally, my favorite:

PINTEREST!!!  Who doesn't LOVE Pinterest.  Seriously.  Anyone...?
I spend a large amount of time over on my Pinterest boards (probably a little too much time!) .... and if you click my Pinterest button - or HERE - you can check out all of my pins, too!

(P.S.  If you are still not a part of the Pinterest world and you need an invitation - just leave me a comment - or send me an email - with your email address and I'll send you one right away!:-)

There are several other social media buttons up there, too .... check them out!

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From what I have read and experienced so far, Linky Followers is AWESOME.
SOOOOOOOO many more options than the "old" way.
My Linky Followers is over in the sidebar, right under the "other" followers .... just click "Follow Me" there!
(I think right now I have 12 ..... count them ..... TWELVE whole followers.  I need help!)

I hope I haven't bored you out of your minds today ..... and I hope to GAIN some of your support in some other places today!
But even if I don't ..... I've said it before, but I'll say it again .....  I truly, TRULY appreciate your support here - regardless of how you choose to follow along (whether "officially" or not!).
Mmmmmwaa!  (That was a great big smooch!:-)
Love ya, friends!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Share the Fun Friday

So .... just in case you haven't noticed, there's been a GIANT link party happenin' here this week!
Nearly 400 posts linked up ... WOW.
Even though this party was all about celebrating Jaime, my buddy at Crafty Scrappy Happy -- I thought I'd feature some of MY very own favorites, too!
(Hope you don't mind!)
First of all ... never in my life did I EVER think of saving plastic bottle lids.  
Well, now .... I might just have to!  
Check out this AWESOME rainbow at Mollie's Mom!
Such a FUN project for kids!

We should all do this for someone we love.  
The end. 
Check it out!

Holy moly ... brace yourselves for this freakin' AWESOME wooden typography collection at Thistlewood Farm.  
Gotta be one of the coolest things I've seen in a while .....

You know me .... I love me some pallet projects!  
This one is sweet and simple - from I Should Be Mopping The Floor.

No more boring barstools at Lovely, etc
I love how simple stripes completely took these barstools from "average" to FABULOUS!

....And thanks to this next post, I now officially want NEED a vintage dress form.  
And I might just have to call it Mrs. Pearl, too!  :)~
Too sweet!
(from Ruby Jean)

Be sure to click back and look through some of the other nearly-400 projects from the link party!  Inspiration for days!
Thanks to everyone who participated in our celebration!