Friday, June 29, 2012

Gender Prediction ... & Giveaway! {Much Ado About You}

Hi, friends!
It's me again! 
(I know, I know ... this is SO exciting.  I'm here TWICE in one day!)

But with our big ultrasound coming up in just a few days, I wanted to see what you all thought about this little baby o' mine!  
BOY or GIRL?  

And you could even be rewarded for your guess!  
Remember a while back when I did a fabulous giveaway from the wonderful Emmy at Much Ado About You??? 
She's the one who makes the ADORABLE day planners I've mentioned a few times!?  

I'm telling you ... I live with my personalized planner from Emmy practically attached to my hip!  

Her new designs are out for her August 2012-September 2103 planners, and YOU could win one!  
Just for guessing the gender of this here baby! 
What a deal, eh!? :-)

So .... let me give you the arguments in favor of both gender first.  
You know, just so you can make a semi-educated guess ... :)~

Arguments in favor of this baby being a BOY:
**The heartbeat is considerably lower than Lucy's was ... hers was always 160 or higher.  This baby is right around 140-145 every day (and I do check pretty much every day, thanks to my very own fetal doppler - LOVE this thing!).  

**This baby is a million times more active than Lucy was. 
I know it's common to feel movement from baby number two before you did with baby number one, but I started feeling this baby between 13 and 14 weeks!  And it's not just every now and then, either!  
Also, at our 12 week ultrasound, that baby did NOT stop wiggling around the entire time!

**I had some nausea in the first few months this time around.  
I know they say nausea is generally more associated with girls, but I had ZERO nausea with Lucy, so just based on the fact that it was different, perhaps that means boy ...? 
(Mind you, my sickness is hardly even worth mentioning ... I think I threw up a total of three times.  REALLY not bad compared to what many of you have experienced!)

**Scott INSISTS it's a boy.  
(Not that this is really a viable argument, but hey -- thought I'd throw it out there. :)~

Arguments in favor of this baby being a GIRL:
**My skin is worse than a twelve-year-old's.  It was EXACTLY the same way with Lucy.  

**I'm showing (or not showing!) the same way I did with Lucy .... gaining plenty of weight, yet not really showing it in my belly.  (You can see my pic HERE in today's earlier post.)
With Lucy's pregnancy, I gained over half of my weight in the first half of my pregnancy ... kinda unusual! 
And it looks as though this one will be the same way.  I think I've gained almost exactly the same amount of weight that I had with Lucy at this point.  (Too much! ... and if I'm wrong about remaining in the same pattern, I could end up gaining WAY more this time ... ugh!)

**I just feel like it's a girl.  
Then again, I was 99% SURE Lucy was a boy until my ultrasound.... so this is really not saying much.

**The Chinese Gender Predictor says GIRL.  (It said girl with Lucy, too!?)

That's all I got.  

Now it's your turn to tell me what you think!
The winner of this giveaway will win YOUR CHOICE of a medium-sized personalized planner from Much Ado About You.  (This is the one I have and LOVE!)
Please go HERE to pick out the planner you would pick! (Oh, and did I mention they also make fabulous GIFTS!?  I have two of them, just waiting to go to their unsuspecting new owners!:-)
The two I chose look like this:

SO CUTE .... right?
And a $38.00 value!
Totally worth it.
At least I think so!

So .....

FIRST, leave a comment at the bottom of my blog post with your guess -- BOY or GIRL???
THEN, sign in to the Rafflecopter box using your email and click that you commented! (I PROMISE it's super easy ... and they will not send you emails or anything, I've entered TONS of Rafflecopter giveaways and have received no spam or junk mail from them whatsoever!)
BONUS:  You can earn up to FOUR bonus entries for liking Little Lucy Lu and Much Ado About You on Facebook! (Just follow the prompts in the Rafflecopter box!)

The lucky winner will be announced next week on Wednesday!
Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Baby Update: 18 Weeks!

Wow .... how two weeks flies by!
Hard to believe I'm already at 18 weeks! (+ a few days, but who's counting?:)~

I am now officially on VACATION!!!
Got my kinders all graduated and my classroom all wrapped up ... for 14 whole months!  WOOHOO! :-)

I've spent the last week looking at the beautiful part of my state that looks like THIS:
So ... once again, missing in action.
I'm thinking my blogging mojo might be returning soon though ... I'm kinda feelin' it...???

(In fact, stay tuned for a very important post LATER TODAY with a giveaway attached!  More on that later ....)

Anyway.  On to our baby update.

Here's the picture.

Ugh.  This still isn't getting any more enjoyable.
(The taking pictures of myself thing, I mean.)

And no.
I'm still not looking any more pregnant than I was two weeks ago.
Or the two weeks before that.
LESS so, if that's possible!?!
Ridiculous, I tell you!
Maybe it's the different mirror....? (I was on vacation.) Or the iPhone instead of the "real" camera ...?
(I knew I loved my iPhone....)

Well, regardless ....
Baby is about 5 1/2 inches long and 7 ounces ...  about the size of a bell pepper!
His/her bones are starting to harden, and reflexes are now more fully developed -- lots of hiccups and yawns!
Baby's genitals are now fully visible ... and speaking of that ... we will be finding out in just a few days whether Lucy is getting a little brother or sister!!!  (Pray for a cooperative baby on ultrasound day, will you friends??:-)

I am feeling GREAT!  Aside from my still-yucky skin, I have absolutely zero complaints!
I really have no specific cravings ... just love to eat all the time (but this is nothing new for me - EVER).
I am LOVING feeling this little one move ALL THE TIME!  He/she not only kicks and jabs VERY often, but now I'm feeling lots of rolling around in there, too!  So crazy!  And so cool!!!

Still wearing my regular clothes ... but anxious for this bump to show up!
And even MORE anxious for the ultrasound!  I go back and forth between what gender I'd rather have ... but the truth of the matter is, I really don't care, one way or the other!  How can I care when we're talking about a MIRACLE baby?!!! :-)  I'm just 100% THRILLED, either way .... but still ANXIOUS to find out!  I want to get planning -- and painting!!! :-)
How could I forget that one??? :)~

As far as the baby goes, Lucy has REALLY changed over the past two weeks!  She has gone from briefly mentioning the baby every few days .... to talking about it ALL the time.
Every meal, I hear: "Mama, your baby is hungry!  Mama, you need to feed your baby!  Mama, your baby's tummy is growling!"
She loves to kiss my tummy and talk to the baby now, too .... and she just cracks up doing it.  She is so excited, it's just awesome.
MOST of the time, she still insists it's a girl ... though a couple of times, she has said it's a boy.  She is VERY excited to go to the ultrasound with us next week!  I think it's going to be such a fun experience!

So .... you wanna hear more about my SECOND POST, LATER TODAY!?
I know.
Don't fall over.
Two posts in ONE day.
On Little Lucy Lu.
Hard to believe?
But true.

It's going to be a GENDER PREDICTION post .... with a chance to win a VERY cool prize if your guess is the winner!
So ... if you'd like to weigh in on what you think this baby is ....
Or if you just want a chance to win a very awesome gift ....


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Baby Update: 16 Weeks!

So ... the first few lines of my last post?

You could pretty much just re-read them .... not much has changed, has it?

Boo.  :(

This time, my best excuse is that this is the LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL!
So, my world has consisted of report cards, slide shows, kindergarten graduation preparation, field trip craziness, and all the other end-of-the-year hoopla that comes with being a teacher!

Not that I'm complaining ... I LOVE this time of year!  Of course I'm always sad to see my cute lil' kinder cuties go, but it is SO rewarding and awesome to look back over the year and realize how much they have learned!  Makes it all worth it ... and makes you realize you could do it all over again next year.

(Even though I WON'T be doing it again next year -- yippeee!!!)
Yep.  I'm THRILLED about my extra-long break, not gonna lie.  Particularly because of the REASON for the extra-long break.

Which brings me to the purpose of this post.

I'm 16 weeks pregnant already!!!

Ugh.  Here we go again with the picture.
Is there anything worse than taking a picture of yourself???

I think not.

But here you go.
You're lucky I love you.
And yes, you're right.
That little bump looks no different than it did two weeks ago!?
What the heck!?

Oh, well.  Soon enough, I suppose.
(And yes, I'm wearing the exact same shirt - in a different color - as the last picture.  I have about four of them, and I love them.  I've talked about them here before ... you know? --back when I could be considered a "blogger"!?:)~
The "Shirred V-Neck Tee" from Caslon (at Nordstrom, of course!).

Anyway ... in case you're dying to know what's new with this little babe o' mine ....

Baby is approximately 4 1/2 inches long, about 4 ounces, and the size of an avocado.
(I love referring to my baby as a different fruit or vegetable each week -- so funny!:)~
He/she has taste buds and toenails now!
And finally, if I were to have an ultrasound today, we would probably be able to determine the sex of the baby!  (But alas, the "big day" is July 2nd!)

I am happy to be well FINALLY.  (Well, mostly, at least ... I'm still congested pretty much ALL the time, but I've decided that's just going to be a part of this pregnancy.)
Little by little, I'm finding my energy again ... and I even PAINTED something this past weekend!  Woohoo!!!  I might even try to BLOG about it!  (Shocking, I know.)

As you can see from the photo, my bump hasn't grown much ... still wearing my regular clothes, for the most part - although I did break down and wear maternity jeans one day last week .... and it was GREAT.  Aaaahhh!  Such a good feeling not to have your jeans digging into your tummy!  Made me wonder why I didn't do that sooner!  :)~

My skin is still terrible.  :(  I'm just trying to ignore it and not pick at it!  (which is hard for me since I'm part orangutan when it comes to picking, if you know what I mean!)  (Sorry.  Is that too gross...? :)~

Lucy seems to be getting a little more into the whole baby brother/sister idea.  She brings it up at least a couple of times a day now.  She insists the baby is a girl.  (Although when I tell her it may be a boy, she seems fine with that, too.)
Yesterday, she told me ... "Mama, your tummy is getting big and fat.  And pretty soon, the baby is gonna pop out your head!"

Ummmm.... yeah.  
I'm just gonna let that one go ..... smile and nod moment.  :-)

Thanks for checking in on us!
Hopefully, I'll be back with a little something besides a baby update SOON!
Just let me get through this last crazy week ....