Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lucy, via iPhone

I have been so awful about posting Lucy pics here lately . . .

I'm feeling extra Lucy-lovie-dovie today because it was five years ago today that I discovered she was on the way!
How is that possible?
Wasn't I still in high school 5 years ago..?
No? That was 15+ years ago?

I was looking through my iPhone photo roll the other day . . . and smiling. :-)

At her first rodeo . . .

Jamba Juice on her 2nd birthday . . .

Her first dentist appointment . . .

Helping Mama make cupcakes . . .

Snuggling with her favorites . . .

Caught white-handed in the pantry! (powdered sugar!) . . .

One sock on, one sock off, shoes on hands . . . ?

Princess Lucy . . . 

Helping Mama clean stalls . . .

First day of dance class . . .

Looking through Mama's favorite (Pioneer Woman) cookbook . . .

Her favorite TV-watching spot -- the inverted bench lounge . . . 

She's soooo fashionable . . . :-)

Riding with Collin . . . 

Chillin' on the back deck . . .

Swimming at Eagle Crest . . .

So excited to be a big sister . . . 

Playing with Mama's phone camera . . .

First trip to the aquarium . . .

Pretty proud of her very own Nordstrom shopping bag . . .

Playing in the sand at the beach . . .

Practicing for her wedding day . . .

I love my beautiful . . .

goofy . . .

entertaining . . .

joy-filled, precious girl . . .

Five years ago today was most definitely the beginning of the BEST days of my life . . . the days that included my Lucy girl!
Little did I know then just how much I would love her. 


  1. The veil and dentist pictures are priceless!!!!

  2. Wow, I can't believe how much our girls have grown since we started getting acquainted!! My would they have fun with each other!! Love these Bec...such a cutie!

  3. Oh my gosh, she is just so beautiful AND growing up so fast.
    I have so enjoyed reading your blog over the last two years and seeing her grow up as well.
    By the way, she does look so much like your husband but the one where she is in the veil looks soo much like you.
    Thank you for sharing these.
    Big hugs!
    BTW- on day 6 of the Shred. Will start doing every day next week but every other seems to work for now. AND I am thinking of starting level 2 next week...slap some sense into me, will ya! ;)

  4. Adorable Bec!!! I often love to look back through my phone pics of the kids, because sometimes you get the best most random shots, but it totally sums up who they are as a tiny little person!! And seriously just about teared up on the wedding one! GAH! Have fun celebrating birthday #5!! ~Bre

  5. First time visitor courtesy of Kari and OMG! Your daughter is a real-live breathing doll! It goes fast, right?

  6. Lucy's wonderful spirit comes through in your pictures! So fun to see her!

    I've been craving buying my little one cowboy boots, but I'm forcing myself to wait until she can walk (which should be any day now!). I love Lucy's style!

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