Monday, February 18, 2013

Max = 3 Months!

My little miracle man hit the big 3 MONTH mark yesterday!

He is getting sweeter and more entertaining every day ... I could stare at his adorable smile and listen to his little voice "talking" to me all day long.
Oh right.  I kinda do ... 

Looking at these pictures, I realized, he really hasn't changed much since last month!
Thank GOODNESS every month he doesn't grow as much as he did from month #1 to month #2!
It's bad enough the way it is, after all!

Here's Max @ 3 months!
(He wasn't feeling so smiley today ... )

There's not a whole lot of new milestones this month .... 
His most impressive talents these days are stuffing his fists in his mouth, blowing spit bubbles, and "running" while laying down! (Seriously, if he was upright, he'd be running laps around the house!  His little feet and arms just go a mile a minute!:)~

He only gained a little over a pound this month, but he moved up 2% . . . to the 49th percentile.  And he grew 3/4 of a inch in length, too ... he's right at the 50th percentile for height.

Finally captured ONE little smile on camera . . . .

..... annnnnnd, let's not forget the laundry basket photo.
Already getting a tad-bit squishy at the bottom of the basket ... no room for his legs!

Here are the first three months!

Even though he looks bigger last month, he's wearing the same jeans . . . and you can see they were rolled twice @ 2 months and only once this month -- (and actually, one leg wasn't even rolled because he was kicking like crazy and unrolled it!:)~

I love my little man!
I just wish he could stay like this forever -- there's nothing better than snuggling with your baby!
I'm off to do that now, in fact . . .


  1. Ladies lock up your daughters!!! He is the cutest thing ever!!!! OMG!!! I want to take him home!!!

  2. So cute Bec! It is amazing how fast time goes! Looks like he is an awesome little sleeper too - what a bonus!! xo

  3. So so adorable! Such an adorable face he has! He's gonna be a lady killer someday! Just want to give him kisses!

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