Friday, February 1, 2013

Max's Newborn Photos! {Lacey Meyers Photography}

Yep, I realize he's over 10 weeks old already and I'm JUST getting around to posting his newborn pics (which were taken when he was exactly 1 WEEK OLD!).

Oh, well.  We've long-ago established I can't manage two kids AND a blog lately.
Sheesh!  Who do you think I am, anyway!? :)~

Anyway.  The incredible Lacey Meyers of Lacey Meyers Photography took these (IN OUR HOUSE!) .. I'm going to post the details of that photo shoot and show you just how easy and relaxed this was for us tomorrow.  (Or the next day .... or the next day:)~

I know many of you (Facebook fans) have already seen these first few . . . .

And now I'm going to go sob into my pillow because my baby is already two-and-a-half months old, and I can hardly stand it.
Just kidding.
What I AM going to do is feed him .... because he's waking up, and my 45 minutes of "me time" is about to end! :-)

You can find Lacey's wonderful blog HERE.  You will not be disappointed.  I promise.
And if you are local and having a baby anytime soon ... please keep Lacey in mind.  (And come back here tomorrow so I can show you just how sweet our photo session was!)


  1. Bec, these are precious and Max is precious. LOVE the one of him leaning on his hands!! And all of the rest of them too!! And I love the one with you holding him in the nursery!

  2. Oh my preciousness....I can't stand it....just so tender. xo

  3. Oh, these are the sweetest pictures ever. I want to just reach in the computer and snuggle with him.

  4. I was tearing up when the picture of you holding Max in the nursery came up! Then I lost it with the last two photos. Yep. I'm a bawl-baby! But my heart gets so full when I think of the road you've been on to even have both Lucy and Max. God truly has blessed you and your family. Max is such a handsome little man! He's a lucky little man to have you for his Mama! <3

  5. These pictures are amazing. She captured such beauty in your children. The best shot is by far the one with the lights in the background.

  6. These are SO incredible. Seriously, amazing! I love the pictures with Lucy in them too. She holds him so gently, it's too sweet for words. I loved reading the behind the scenes. She is incredibly talented. What a gift.


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