Saturday, February 2, 2013

Newborn Photography: A Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes

That pretty well describes what I'm about to show you . . .
A look inside a newborn photo session.
The photo session that produced Max's newborn shots that I showed you yesterday.  (Look HERE if you missed them!)

To back up a little ... when I contacted Lacey Meyers to inquire about her taking Max's newborn photos, I chose the "in HER home studio" option.
I didn't feel like my house had good enough lighting inside, nor any great backdrops or spaces that would be sufficient for a professional photo shoot!

Well . . . when Max was born a little ahead of schedule . . . and Lacey had out-of-town guests staying with her, she suggested we do the photo shoot in OUR house instead.

Ummmm . . . dang.
(That's what I thought about that.)

Not gonna lie, I was a little hesitant about how these pictures would turn out . . . but Lacey assured me that she does MOST of her newborn shoots this way . . . and that all she needed was a big window or sliding glass door and a warm house!

Well . . . I guess I could provide those things . . . so, I went with it.

Boy, was I ever pleasantly surprised when, not only did we end up with beautiful photos, but the entire process was SO easy and relaxed and enjoyable!

So, I thought I'd show you. :-)
Just in case you ever have a baby and want to try it out. :)~

First of all, Lacey brought EVERYTHING that was needed for the shoot.  (You'll see what all that includes in the following pictures!)

She set it all up very quickly and got started within about ten minutes.

We used two places in our house ... downstairs in front of a big window and sliding glass door (okay, okay . . . so I guess maybe there is plenty of light in here).

 And upstairs in Max's room.  With her space heater, cranked up to about 90 degrees!  (seriously!)

I didn't realize before that HEAT is a key factor in keeping those sleeping babes . . . ASLEEP!

And who knew a backdrop was as simple as a roll of paper on a stand -- or blankets clamped to a crib!?

The big, awesome beanbag (above) was also a MUST . . . it made the snuggle "nest" for Max in the shots like this . . .

And made a good resting spot for Lucy, while she watched patiently . . .

For the shots with the lights in the background . . . 
Lacey and Scott strung up some white Christmas lights over the backdrop. :-)

You can see from these next photos just how much Lacey LOVES her job . . . 

Lacey just has love in her eyes while she's "working" . . . and I had no doubt that Max was in capable and loving hands.  

She did a great job of keeping Max sleepy and happy, too . . . 
with his binkie. . .

his nice, warm blankie. . .

and very loud sssshhhing!

Max didn't seem to mind any of it a bit!  He was the perfect little model. :-)

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, you can find Lacey's business page AND her awesome blog HERE.  You can also find (and like!) Lacey's business facebook page HERE.

And most importantly, if you live in the area and are in search of a great newborn photographer . . . look no further!  I can't imagine a better experience.

Thank you, Lacey! :-)
We will treasure these photos forever!


  1. I want to cry, these are perfection.
    That photog is amazing, AMAZING.
    Does my use of caps help me enuciate how much I love this whole post??
    His sweet little behind? The adorable poses?
    And sweet little Lucy.....oh my word.
    That is just adorable.
    I literally have tears in my eyes.
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful post.

  2. Thanks for this wonderful behind the scenes! So much fun, and you got beautiful shots out of it!

  3. Beautiful photos! very cool to see it from the behind the scenes perspective!

  4. And I officially need to have another baby after reading this!!! OMG what an amazing photographer you have. Of course, her subjects are pretty darn cute too!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this, Rebecca! I am so touched to hear how much you enjoyed our session. Hearing about the session(and seeing it, too!) from your perspective is a wonderful gift! :)

  6. Fantastic post! Great to see how Lacey goes about her work.

  7. Wow Lacey is an amazing photographer! I love all the precious pictures of Max!! Very well on Lacey!! I think you have found a treasure in Lacey, good for you! These pictures will be heirloom treasures when your children are adults and they will love having them down the road.

  8. These are beautiful and I just got even more inspiration for my first newborn shoot!

  9. I found your blog hop through Marta@Petite Raisin and thought I'd link up too. Most of my photos are iPhone photos lately, but I do love photography so I'm looking forward to finding some great blogs through the link up ;) Ocean Photography Prints

  10. Beautiful! What exposure did you use to get the blurred light effect?

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