Friday, March 29, 2013

Bunny Eggs ... A Family Easter Tradition

Perhaps I should clarify . . . "Bunny Eggs ... MY Family Easter Tradition."

I posted this picture on Instagram and Facebook earlier ... and the response was so surprising, I decided a blog post was in order!
No one seems to know what bunny eggs are!??
(Isn't it funny how you just assume everyone shares the same traditions?)

Easter mornings in my childhood were just as much fun as Christmas mornings . . . my sister and I would wake up early, pester our parents until they got out of bed, grab our baskets, and head out the door in our pajamas.  
We found the eggs that we had dyed the day before, but hidden along with those eggs were always the "mysterious" brown eggs, which my mom always said were bunny eggs!  

We absolutely, 100% believed the Easter Bunny had laid those eggs . . . and we thought they were the COOLEST thing!  Finding the bunny eggs was a BIG DEAL in our household.  

So . . . now that I have a kiddo old enough for egg hunts on Easter morning, you better believe the bunny eggs are happening!  

They are quite simple to make (and yes, I had to ask my mom what the secret was to making them brown!) -- just boil the eggs, as you usually would, but with onion skins in the water!

At the time I was making this batch of bunny eggs (and taking this picture with my phone), I had no idea I would be writing a blog post about it, so these pics are kind of pathetic . . .  but you get the idea!

I don't know if we're the only family hunting for "bunny eggs" on Easter morning . . . and it might be a silly tradition, but it's certainly a special tradition to me, and I can only assume my kids will feel the same way!

Happy Easter to all of you, whatever your traditions may be!  
He is Risen!


  1. Funny that you have to dye them brown! I'm from Australia, and all of our eggs are already brown! :/ weird.


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