Friday, March 8, 2013

From Bi-Fold to Barn Doors - Max's Closet!

I showed you Max's nursery way back HERE -- and I mentioned then there was one last project I was hoping to complete in the room.
Well, it's finally done!
The barn doors on the closet . . .

This is what Max's closet doors looked like before:
Boring ol' bi-fold doors.
Because of the vintage farm theme in his room, I knew from the get-go I wanted barn doors on the closet -- but we had a couple of obstacles.
First, the sliding track and hardware for a "barn door" is EXPENSIVE.
And second, even if we were prepared to fork over the money for it, there wasn't room to slide the doors completely open because of the placement of the closet (very close to the door!).

So . . . my next suggestion was to make barn doors that would swing open (into the room).  But doors swinging into the room wasn't the best idea, either, as that would take up a lot of space (and the room isn't THAT big to begin with).

Finally, we decided on building bi-fold doors that - when closed - would look like barn doors!
Not my first choice . . . not my second choice . . . but the only choice that would actually WORK well in the room.
Gotta go with what works, peeps.  

I'm very fortunate to have a carpenter for an uncle -- and after a quick explanation of what I wanted, he was able to bring my vision to reality.  :-)

Here are the finished doors . . .

You can see, he added the thinner boards on top of the 2x4s to add the frame and X details . . .

We stained the doors with "Vintage Walnut" by Minwax . . .

Here is the end result:
(Because the doors are bi-fold, we had to place the handles closer to the middle than you would on a "regular" barn door.)
We just used the hinges from the old bi-fold doors . . . and yes, in a perfect world, I would have thought ahead and spray painted them black before attaching them. : )~
Oh well!  You can only see the WHITE hinges when the doors are open . . . and I highly doubt Max will care, anyway! :-)

I think the barn doors just add a little more character to the room and helped to complete the overall farm theme!

I added the barn pics into the initial nursery reveal post, also . . . if you missed it and want to see the rest of his room, click HERE!

Bottom line:  this is a very simple and affordable way to get the barn door look on a closet with existing bi-fold doors.  (Simple, if you have some basic carpentry skills -- or a carpenter in the family, that is! :)~

I love Max's room!  And I'm glad it's finally complete!
(Until I dream up another project . . . )


  1. Fabulous transformation, splendid work - the doors look great, good job! :)

    Joe @ Creative Doors

  2. That's absolutely adorable!! What a creative idea Bec! You are amazing! ;) LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! Amazing! :) You should be an interior designer! Seriously!

  4. Those look amazing! Great job!

  5. wow! you really do have an eye for design and are so creative!

  6. WOW! Those look FANTASTIC!!! And they are perfect for the theme of his room! Good job!

  7. I love how these turned out and can't wait to seethem in person! Let me know when you are available after the conference break.

    Aren't you loving this weather???


  8. Oh my gosh, these look amazing and definitely complete Max's room!

    Definitely keeping this as inspiration for if we ever need a boys(or girls) room!

  9. Wow! They are so cute! You are very lucky to have a carpenter uncle for sure!! Little Bit from

  10. This is such a fantastic makeover! Just wanted to let you know that we'll be featuring this on Someday Crafts tomorrow. Be sure to stop by and check it out!

  11. Love it! That turned out SO cute, wonderful job!

  12. I have always wanted to do this. Adorable! I am your newest follower. I would love it if you would follow me back at

  13. Wonderful project! These look amazing.

  14. FABULOUS!!! I love your creativity and your uncle's carpenter skills!

  15. Bec,
    A M A Z I N G!!! Especially on bi~fold doors!!!
    "Mr. Ed" built a single barn door at the entrance of the storage space under the stairs, but bi~folds are not an easy task!!! Great accomplishment!
    Visiting from Amy's "Girl Time"!!!

  16. Brilliant! Just brilliant!!! I love this whole idea!! My husband and I just built some barn doors for the guest room closet and used by-pass track systems for it. You can see them on my February post entitled "Shabby Prairie Chic Remodel". I'll be pinning your idea, however, for future renovations! Thanks for sharing, Bec!!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  17. Hi Bec, I'm Becky :)
    Amy from All Things Home sent me!
    I love your idea to make the barn doors...fabulous!!
    New follower :)

  18. SO perfect for a boy's room! Wish I could get my hubby to agree our son "needs" these for his closet!!

  19. I love it Bec! Great solution for the room - and yes it definitely pays to have a carpenter for a relative! :) I'm sure Max is enjoying his space - he sure is a cutie!! It was great to see you back out to the party this week. I'll be featuring it tomorrow. Enjoy your Sunday!

  20. Great blog posts about bi fold doors!

  21. Did you just use the previous doors as a template for building entirely new ones? I can't quite tell if part of them (other than the hinges) were reused or not.

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  25. We love the doors, my husband is going to attempt to make them. We have a question for your Uncle. Did he do a groove in the 2x4 for the 1x6 to make it flush? Any help would be appreciated.

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  27. These are exactly what I want to do to my son's room! I'm creating a "vintage" train and want to make train shed doors... Can you please let me know how your uncle attached the 2 x 4s to each other? And where to find the thinner top boards? Thanks your project looks fabulous!


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