Sunday, March 24, 2013

Max = 4 Months!

Baby brother is growing up!
(I keep telling him he can stop doing that any time now ... )
I even had to move his monthly picture out of the big chair in his room . . . because he and the chalkboard just don't both fit in there very well anymore!  So ... to the floor we went.  (That's a safer place for him these days, anyway!: )~

This month seemed to bring lots of new tricks for Max.  :-)

His most exciting new trick is probably rolling . . . but Mama's favorite is giggling! :-)  
Makes my heart melt!

He gained almost two pounds since last month!  He seems SO big to me -- although, he's really only in the 50th percentile for weight, 65th percentile for height.  So technically, I guess he's not really that big.  Lucy was exactly 12 pounds and 24 inches at four months though, so Max is definitely much bigger than his sister was!  (Probably why he feels HUGE to me!)

One of the other big differences between them is how AcTiVe this little bugger is!  Everyone has told me their boys were much more active than their girls . . . now I understand!

Case in point:  when buying for Max's nursery, I chose not to buy a crib bumper.  Why?  Because I took Lucy's off to wash it once -- and never put it back on the crib!  She never got anywhere NEAR the rails of her crib!  I would lay her down at night . . . and that's exactly where I would find her the next morning.  No joke.  
So . . . as far as I was concerned, why spend the extra $100+ dollars on an item I didn't even need???
Crib bumpers are a waste of money!  

I stand corrected. 

Max has certainly proved to me WHY they invented crib bumpers.  
He is ALLLLL over the place.  
(And yes, I paid a visit to Pottery Barn Kids yesterday, so his crib is now adequately bumpered. : )~

We love to watch him scoot and roll around on the floor . . . and big sister is finding him more and more fun to "play" with every day, too.  

Just look at this cuteness!

He currently has his very first cold, so he's not super happy . . . but I did capture one little grin!

Hug the cow...
 ... or EAT the cow!

EVERYTHING is in his mouth these days.  I keep expecting to see a tooth, but it seems like the "teething" process is often a long one!  Lucy didn't get her first tooth until around 7 months, so if he follows in Sister's footsteps, we've got a ways to go!

The laundry basket is getting smaller, I think!? : )~

First 4 months!

Oh, how I love this little guy!
Yesterday was the anniversary of the day I discovered I was pregnant.  
Biggest and BEST shock of my life!
God is so good . . . and miracles DO happen!

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  1. oh my gosh Bec! He is seriously the cutest! Especially that little grin - so precious. :) I bet you're just loving and soaking in your school year off with him! What a sweet bundle of joy.

  2. He is SO adorable! What a sweet little face! Love these pictures.

  3. What a handsome little guy!

    That basket seemed to shrink fast from 3-4 months. I LOVE that idea!!

  4. I am pretty sure i saw this every month but you have the most gorgeous little boy I have ever seen!! Model material!!! Those eyes just kill me. So cute. Ok I am done gushing now. lol

  5. Max is absolutely ADORABLE!! To die for! What a precious little man. I love the pictures of him with the cow...and as always, I love the chalkboard updates! Love ya friend!

  6. He is getting so big!
    I loooove the one with his eyes closed hugging his cow!!!
    I wish I could give him a squeeze!

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