Friday, April 26, 2013

Max = 5 Months!

I'm getting later and later every month, aren't I...?
Better 9 days late than never, I guess!?

Between the poor little guy being sick -- and then our trip to DISNEYLAND, it's been a little busy around here!

But sure enough, Max flew by the five month mark over a week ago!  He is becoming less of a baby and more of a little man every week.  {sniff, sniff!} : (

He's still cute though! : )~
(I know, I know ... I'm his Mama ... I have to say that!)
But it's true.  :-)

And even better . . . he has a personality to match!
I'll do a Disneyland post soon, but this little guy flew to and from California, experienced his first HOT (over 80*) days, went on rides, sat through parades, loud shows/crowds, didn't get a decent nap in four days, and a whole lot more . . . and I can honestly say, he didn't even get fussy once.
Such a little trooper.

As far as his "stats" this month . . . five months is the first month that we don't have a doctor's appointment, so I don't have exact measurements for him this time!  I'm guessing (if he has continued to grow at about the same pace), that he is around 17 pounds though.  Give or take a pound! : )~

He's growing.
That's for sure.
Too fast.

Still sleeping about the same (although, unfortunately, most nights are closer to 8 hours now than 10 ... ugh!  why are we going backwards???), and not too many other differences from last month, either.

He continues to find his voice more and more - and his new favorite thing is a very LOUD screech!  I don't blame him, really . . . with his sister talking at him non-stop, he has to make a BIG noise to be heard!

He is rolling both ways now, still scooting all over the place (mostly on his back), and spinning in circles on his tummy.
We're most likely to find him on his back with his feet in his hands, rolling side-to-side like a little weeble-wobble. : )~
Oh!  And the jumperoo!  I forgot about that when I was updating the chalkboard. (darn!)
He is a jumping maniac now!  I don't know if he loves the jumperoo quite as much his big sister did (she'd stay in that thing for HOURS!. . . although, I'm probably remembering when she was a bit older than this, anyway!), but for 20 or 30 minutes at a time, he has a great time bouncing and playing. :-)

I know these next few months will be filled with lots of big milestones and changes though . . . teeth coming in, eating solids, and crawling are all going to be happening before we know it.  Ready or not!
(And I'm personally leaning more toward the NOT.)

And now, for your viewing enjoyment . . . (okay, probably just for my viewing enjoyment, really) . . . here are some more pics of my sweet lil' Max!

(He's even cute when he's not smiling!:-)

Annnnd, the five month laundry basket photo . . .

Definitely getting a little squishy in there now!  

Here are the first five months:
Oh, how I wish I could go back to the beginning and do it all over already.  
This mama is not ready for her baby to grow up anytime soon. : (

Stay tuned for a Disneyland post in the near future!


  1. Little Miracle Max!! What a cutie...miss you in bloggy land friend!! Hope you are having a blast!!

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