Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day at the Zoo

I figure it's about time for a blog post. 
I try. 

It's Mother's Day, and I'm feeling so blessed and lucky today, so I just felt compelled to share. :-)

We spent most of our day at the zoo! 
Maybe a non-traditional way to celebrate, but they put on an amazing brunch, so we started with that ... and then took a leisurely stroll around the rest of the zoo, too.
(And then Scott wished we could go BACK to the brunch buffet because he was hungry again!  HA! : )~

It was delicious and fun, all wrapped into one!  And perfect weather, to boot! (It's been pretty hot around the Pacific NW lately, so cloudy skies and 65* felt great!)

Oh!  And my sis and bro-in-law are actually home now, too . . . so it was extra-special to have them join us!

Here is my mom ("Nana"), my sister and I, and the kidlets . . .
(oh, and pardon the cell phone pics . . . they are unusually poor quality today, and I'm not sure why!?)

I saw these shirts for Lucy and Max at Old Navy last week, and had to have 'em!  
Perfect for celebrating Nana today!

Oh, Lucy and Nana . . . 

They love each other. :-)

I'm quite certain Nana is Lucy's FAVORITE person.

I just L-O-V-E this next set of pictures.  
They were watching the giraffes and didn't know I was behind them taking pictures (with my phone).  
Soooooo sweet!

. . . Do you think she loves her Nana?  Just a little bit . . . ?

I love the pictures because they show perfectly how those two are ALL the time.  
And I LOVE how much Lucy loves her Nana. (She begs to spend the night with her pretty much every other night!)  

And I try not to take it personally when Lucy tells me she wants to live at Nana's house.  : )~

My mom was a GREAT mom . . . and she's an even better Nana.
My kids are so lucky to have her!

Max might not be able to say it yet . . . 

But I know he LOVES HIS NANA, too!!!
(And yes, he's getting SOOOOOO big!)

This weekend, I've been thinking a lot about how thankful I am to be "Mama" to these two . . . 

They have made me such a better person and have taught me so many things.  
I don't know if I will ever stop being overwhelmed at the awesomeness of the miracle that they are.  

I know there are tough moments and challenging days -- and being a mom is NOT easy.
But I hope I never, never, never take the gift of motherhood for granted.  
I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!


  1. Oh so sweet!!! Your Lucy & Max are getting oh so BIG!!! What a fun way to enjoy Mother's Day :)

  2. I am so glad to see your beautiful face on Bloglovin among ALLLLLL of those Pin It!! Parties and Make a 4th of July Banner....NOW Because the 4th is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!!! You are a breath of fresh air. Ahhh.

    Now about your mom, these pictures made me cry so much because that was my Anna with my mom, her "mamie" when we lived 5 minutes from each other.
    And it makes me miss family so much. My favorite pic is the one where she is rubbing her hand in her hair. You can feel how much she loves her in that picture.
    Thank you for sharing it and happy Mommy day to you, dear friend.
    One of the greatest mommies I know.

  3. What a gorgeous and FUN day!! I wish my mom lived that close. :( I just adore your little ones...they are so adorable! I agree with you about the being a mom thing...I try SO hard to never take it for granted because I know how lucky I really am!!

  4. We spent Mother's day at our local zoo with my parents too! So fun!!

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