Monday, July 1, 2013

A Summer Bucket List :-)

Summer doesn't generally seem to arrive here in this part of Oregon until July.
So . . . now that summer is "officially" here (and boy, is it -- we're headed for 91* today!), I decided it was high-time we got our bucket list up!

(There are a zillion "Summer Bucket List" ideas on Pinterest . . . you must check them out!)

I used my old window-turned-chalkboard -- and my favorite chalk ink markers (I've raved about those things on my blog before, but seriously, if you haven't tried 'em out yet . . . you are missing out!)

Lucy had fun helping me decide which activities to add to the chalkboard.
Except that she wanted to do them all RIGHT NOW.  

None of these things are too "out of the box" or anything. 
In other words, i didnt go all crazy trying to come up with lots of super-creative and new things. 
These are pretty much just our usual summer staples -- things we will be sure to actually DO!
And I will admit, I thought of about a dozen more things (at least) once I had finished the board.  

Oh, well.  

There's no rule that says we can't have MORE fun than what's listed on this silly ol' chalkboard.  : )~
But we will have fun checking off the fun activities and adventures that are on the chalkboard, all summer long! 

So far, Lucy's spent a lot of time doing this:

Thank the Lord for kiddie pools.  
(Can I get an Amen???)
Hours of entertainment . . . in your own backyard . . . for less than $20! 
I vote YES!

I hope you like our little summer list -- and if you haven't already made one of your own -- maybe today's the day!? :-)
Have fun!

And now that Google Reader has disappeared, if you haven't already done so . . .
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  1. Hi Bec, your window turned chalkboard is super cute! Do the chalk ink markers erase well? Your daughter does look like she enjoys playing in her pool. I remember when my son used to spend hours in his kiddie pool. Now he's 13 and spends hours with his friends at the community water park. Enjoy those precious moments when they're young!

  2. I love this!!!
    Is this the Faith, Trust, Pixie Dust window??
    BTW, you got our summer.
    It is 73 degrees here in Chicago.
    You. Are. Welcome.

  3. That is such a cute bucket list board! So creative!

  4. LOVE this as always!! SO pretty and I just can't say how much I adore summer. Everything about it!

  5. That chalkboard is gorgeous!! I just found your blog from I Heart Crafty Things and am SO glad I did! Can't wait to follow you...on Bloglovin of course ;) I took a month off of blogging after I had my baby, came back, and totally forgot Google Reader was GONE-ZO ;) Really threw me off my blogging game :)

    Blue Skies Ahead

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