Sunday, October 27, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday, Lucy!

Five years ago on this day, the best part of my life began.
I became a mama.

If only I knew then what I know now . . . 
That I would love this little bundle of joy more than everything else combined -- times infinity . . . 
Then maybe I would have taken more time to enjoy every single second.  
Because now -- 157,680,000 seconds later -- I would give almost anything to go back in time to 6:20 a.m. on 10/27/08 and do it all over again.  


Deep breath.  

My little Lucy Lu (her middle name is not Lu, by the way -- it's Elaine) is my happy place.  
She is the happiest, most joyful, energetic, fun-loving, entertaining little girl I know . . . and I know a LOT of little girls.  
I know I'm her mama, and I have to say this sort of stuff . . . but the difference here is, it's TRUE.  
From the moment she arrived (in a BIG hurry), she has been nothing but a blessing.  
I cannot imagine my life without her, and there is nothing I am prouder to be than this child's mom.  
God may have made us wait an awfully long time for her . . . but she was SOOOOOO worth the wait.
And then some.  

I thought about taking a trip down memory lane and posting a photo from each year, but I just can't handle it.  

(At what point does one stop wanting to sob uncontrollably and/or hyperventilate and/or curl into the fetal position every year on their child's birthday....?  I'd really like some assurance that I will be able to HANDLE this some year.)

So . . . you get the five-year-old Lucy only today.  





And 100%, my favorite of things.  

I love you, Lucy . . . to the moon and back times infinity, and then some more.  


  1. Happiest of days to little Lucy!! She's so adorable Bec! I love each and every one of these pictures.

  2. She is as gorgeous as her Mommy! Happy Birthday to your big girl!! Birthday's and growing up make me kind of weepy too, but then I think of all the Lord has in store for them and that I get to be a part of each day and that makes me smile again and wait with great expectation!! xoxoxo

  3. She is just beautiful...a great mix of you and your hubby.
    I don't know what I would do without my Annie.
    I love my Ellie just as much but there is just something about the first little person to make you a mommy.
    Give her a big squeeze today from me!

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