Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Craigslist for Christmas!

So, let me explain that a little bit.
No, I'm not buying all of my Christmas presents from Craigslist (although that's another option, I guess!: )~
But I AM using Craigslist to HELP me buy Christmas presents this year.

Last week, my fabulous cousin Leanne gave me a GREAT idea.  She has been selling stuff on Craigslist for the past several weeks in order to make some extra money for Christmas presents.  When she said she had already made over $800 . . . I was SOLD!
(Mind you, Leanne has a lot more kids -- and presumably, a lot more "stuff" than I do, but still . . . )

This is likely a little late for all of you overachievers who have had your Christmas shopping done for weeks now.  But I . . . (SHOCKER) am NOT one of those people.

Just kidding about the (SHOCKER) part.  
It's no shocker.  
These days, I feel like I'm a day late and a dollar short just about every time I turn around.

Anyway, my point is -- the way I roll, there's still at least two weeks until I need to start worrying about Christmas presents.

Also . . . do you need more junk in your house?  'Cause I don't need ANY more junk in MY house.  But the problem is -- Christmas has a way of bringing more "junk" (especially of the kid-variety).
So, why not GET RID OF some "junk" before buying more!?!

Enter:  Craigslist for Christmas!

Here's how you play . . .
1. Post one thing on Craigslist every day for two weeks. (Ideally, I would have started this a couple weeks ago and would try to post something every day for a month.  I figure this is my first year trying this, so two weeks is a good "test".)
2. Collect the cash in a designated spot (like my cute jar).
3. Use "Craigslist Cash" to buy this year's Christmas presents.
4.  Problem solved!  Out with the old, and in with the new!

So far, there is $75 in my jar.  (And I just started a few days ago!)

I can't be sure that I will make enough money to buy ALL of my Christmas presents, but certainly I WILL make enough to but the presents for those living in THIS house, at least.  :-)  And that's better than nothing, right!?

And next year . . . totally starting this earlier!
Such a great idea! :-)

**NOTE:  I know several gals who have a crap-ton of stuff laying around that they could (and SHOULD) be selling, but they are afraid of Craigslist.
I get it.
You never know what kind of lunatics are going to show up at your house . . . and IF they actually happen to BE lunatics, giving out your address, phone number, etc. can be a little unnerving.
Here's what I do:
I meet at a public place, where there's sure to be people around.  Like the gas station down the road . . . or the local grocery store parking lot.
I make sure I park near other people where I can clearly be seen (and heard).
On the few occasions where the items I'm selling are too big to put in the back of my SUV (like the couch!), I make sure I actually SPEAK to the buyer on the phone before giving my address.  I don't know about you, but I tend to get gut reactions quite easily when speaking to people - even on the phone.  You can usually tell fairly easily if people are nice and "normal" while speaking to them.  If you get an uncomfortable feeling when talking to them . . . give an excuse and end the phone call!  No big deal!
I have sold DOZENS of things on Craigslist . . . everything from furniture to electronics to LOADS of baby items.  I have NEVER . . . not even once . . . had a bad experience.
Quite the contrary.
I usually end up spending 10-15 minutes just chatting with these people in whatever parking lot we happened to meet in.  Several sweet couples who have come to our house to purchase baby items (crib, nursery rocker, etc.) have been people we wished we actually knew, because we (my husband and I) so enjoyed talking to them!  Scott even ended up cracking open a beer with one husband -- while the wife and I chatted for almost an hour about babies and teaching and several other things we had in common!

I know it's a little daunting, ladies . . . but it's worth it!  You can do it! :-)


  1. what a great idea!! I have some stuff that I need to sell, I'll have to give it a try

  2. I love your friend for this idea!
    Ok but I have an admission....I am frightened of Craigslist.
    A story for another time or a long email......but I love this idea!!
    I need to brave up because there is money to be had and mommy needs a camera.
    Or the kids need gifts....pish posh...;)

  3. Already have 6 things listed and three appts to meet people! Let's hope it turns into cash : )

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