Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Little Pony/Down on the Farm Birthday Party!

I have the big double birthday bash to share with you!

My kiddos' birthdays are exactly three weeks apart.
I reallllly didn't want to have to throw two parties in three weeks, so I began trying to figure out a way to incorporate Lucy's infatuation with My Little Pony, with a little boy's first birthday!

The answer was My Little Pony, Down on the Farm!
I found these invitations on Etsy shop TweetPrints ...
…and I decided it was meant to be!
(After I just about fell over out of disbelief that such a thing existed! -- This was JUST what I had pictured!)

The party turned out great! (for an overwhelmed, working mom who had been dealing with a croupy baby all week, and was about ready to fall over from lack of sleep!)

Here's the birthday girl at the cake table . . .

This cake was SO STINKIN' AMAZING.
And no, I did not make it.
But fortunately, we have a VERY talented niece who makes cakes like this (you have seen them here before for Lucy's previous birthdays: )~
She did such an awesome job!
This was Lucy's dream cake, for sure!
And even though it was covered in My Little Ponies, it's still not too girly for Max. ;-)

The cupcakes were equally adorable!

I wrote a cute birthday message on my trusty old-window-turned-chalkboard, and made a simple banner out of rainbow colored card stock, die cut letters, and ribbon.  
(Rainbow Dash is Lucy's VERY FAVORITE My Little Pony, hence the rainbow color scheme. ;-)

I also made a super-cute torn fabric banner, which I LOVE!
Such an easy project, but SOOOOOO CUTE and whimsical! :-)

Here's the menu board . . .
I didn't do a very good job of taking pics of the food (because I was busy taking it out of the oven, setting it all up, and getting people to eat it!), but each of the things listed on the menu board had a little rainbow label like the one below, in front of "Farmer Max's Vegetable Garden".

Applejack is another of Lucy's favorite ponies, so I had a big bowl of apple slices with caramel and peanut butter dippers for the kids . . . and applesauce pouches for the itty-bitties. ;-)

For the FUN part of the party, I made a red barn beanbag toss.
I'll do a little DIY post on this in the near future (I hope), but it was simple to do, and the kids loved it! (And of course, we will have this to enjoy for years to come, as well!)

And for the little princess ponies at the party . . .
Hoof painting!
Lucy even painted great-grandma's "hooves" . . . :-)

Each of the cowgirls and cowboys got a colorful bandana when they arrived.
And each kiddo also got a rainbow-colored goody bag to take home at the end of the party. :-)
(The four babies in attendance got plush little farm animal puppets.)

Lucy had a GREAT time . . . and I think the only downer was Max being sick with the croup and having to spend the day with Nana instead of being at his own party! : /
Luckily, I don't think he knows or cares. : )~ 
(Next year could be a different story!)

I'm missing quite a few of the cute details from the party, but I have the HARDEST time remembering to take pictures of everything whilst in tine midst of a party!  I need to give someone else the job of taking pictures next time!
(Assuming there'll be a next time . . . someone just remind me to hire someone ELSE to do all the work next year - haha! : )~

Thanks for checking out our party!


  1. So many things I want to say!!
    First, that invite!!!
    It was KISMET!
    I love it so much!
    You did such an amazing job with this, the special little touches.....your kids will look back at the pictures and just love seeing how much LOVE you put into this party.
    And LUCY!!
    She looks so much older, how did you let this happen?!?!
    Max is absolutely adorable, I just want to give him a big squeeze.....sigh.
    I miss ya, my friend.
    I think I might go and send you an email.
    Like right now.
    Big hugs!

  2. Wow!! I am always so impressed with EVERYTHING you create! What a magical party. Every touch is perfect! Happy Birthday to your two "babies"!

  3. Beautiful pictures and amazingly captured I must say. How cute those moments are when kids get amused by such surprising birthday parties. Kids always love to receive surprises and gifts in such parties. By going through your blog, I am memorizing my little son Bob’s birthday party which was held in last month. It was fun to decorate the whole house with colorful balloons and hanging ribbons. There were also some party organizers by who managed all the things from decoration to dinning. They also performed some interesting activities and games. All the kids were happy to attend such wonderful birthday party.

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  5. The party looked amazing! Love the decorations, invits and everything else about the party!! How cool to combine such a fun party for both kids. To bad Max was sick, but you are right he won't miss that he missed it this year. Next year, yea good luck with that one! lol You did an amazing job on this party and Lucy will remember it for a long, long time. And you need to do just that, give someone else the camera and have them get the shots for you! Good job mom!

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